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The Appalling UK News Channels.

Now then, the main news headlines this week on our screens have been most revealing. Not actually about the stories they have featured, more about the complete absence of morals or sense of humanity that has been put forward. News channels are supposed to tell us about major events that are unfolding around the globe. The news channels of today are not short of resources, they operate on a 24/7 basis and have all sorts of modern gadgetry at their disposal. Nowhere on the surface of our troubled globe is beyond their reach. They have been able to link up with reporters in American cities at a whim, places in Africa or Australia regularly feature when it suits them. To be honest I cannot think of a location they would be unable to reach.

Being responsible for keeping us informed is a huge responsibility, they shape the thought processes of millions of people. They are supposed to be ultra slick professionals, the news industry, especially in TV media, is a race to first with the latest reports from "on the ground" at where ever the latest story is breaking. They have a responsibility to challenge power, to reveal injustices, to tell the world all about famines, political wrongdoing, threats to humanity, anything that warrants discussion amongst the public is the basic staple diet of any proper news channel.

In Greece this week a footballer got into a scrap after his sister was singled out for harsh attention in a bar, almost instantly we saw the pictures of him and his brother striding down the steps of a Greek court building. Hapless reporter asking him the obvious stupid questions, all beamed into our homes in glorious HD. We have seen coverage of riots/protests in America after the para military police force shot another black man multiple times in the back for nothing in particular, again, clips of this appalling incident have reached our homes that often you know the words used by the reporter.

Face masks are in the current news, as is some rubbish about the Proms, to be honest I see 24/7 news coverage as a low level excuse to fill airtime lately. The 2019 GE revealed that our media is a pale imitation of what a proper media should be. There are reasons for this, main one being they have all been compromised by domestic political forces and any thought of political neutrality has long since been abandoned. I have grown used to this now and sort of regard it as usual. That's how bad it has become. No point expecting fair balance or a fair hearing for any sort of socialism. Kay Burley and Robert Peston are prime examples of what constitutes being a hard nosed news hound in the modern age, they are just empty puppet mouthpieces of the Government. They played a massive part in the election of this Govt. That is all you need to know about them.

It seemed to me that they could not possibly get any lower or distant from good good independent news reporting. Well, they have managed it easily. Cowardice is not a word I use easily. Unfortunately it can now be used to brand the entire media of the UK quite fairly. Those at the top of the TV reporting tree are paid what I see as vast salaries. The budgets of such as Sky news are huge. What they churn out is shamefully inept.

You would expect that one country regularly bombing another would leap straight to the top of any news agendas. It has not. A footballer getting pissed and scrapping, face masks and the Proms have. Editors of our news channels have taken a conscious decision to remain silent about the ongoing brutal and extremely inhumane antics of Israel. Again the word COWARDICE looms large in my mind. Not one single mention anywhere of the Palestinians being bombed night after night after night. This is truly sickening. I do not care about the political leanings of any of these reporters (its perfectly obvious any way) I do have to ask where their professionalism has gone? Just how the hell can there be justification for this? How can any of them look in the mirror?

Let's put aside the rights and wrongs of any claims either of those involved in the Gaza slaughter may think they have to those lands, the bigger question for the UK public really should be, WHY THE SILENCE?. For God sake we are in the 21st century, War is evil, those who carry it out can surely never expect to operate with the absolute silence we are now seeing re Palestine. However, we are clearly (not) seeing that re Israel this is indeed the case. How has this come to pass ? I have some deep worries about all this.

It suggests to me that Whitehall in some way has direct control over the media. the press is not really involved, it is in its death throes in the UK. Not worth 10p.

So, the antics of the media in 2019 directly affected the GE, bad as that was, it was a mere taster of what was to come. What was to come is now with us. It is obvious that the Israel lobby tentacles reach far and wide and at very high levels. We keep hearing about alleged Russian interference in elections etc, seems to me that Israel interferes directly in just about everything in the UK. Obviously our so called Govt has given assurances somewhere along the line that Netanyahu and his appalling antics will be taboo in the UK. Not only that, Starmer and his self interested LFI gang are playing along. Not one single voice has spoken out. NOT ONE. What is going on in Palestine is actually the biggest story of the century. Just imagine if Russia or China were acting along those lines, what do you think the media reaction would be then?

This prompts me to wonder about the machinations that have resulted in Israel being such an all encompassing taboo subject? Obviously Johnson is involved, which then indicates that Cummings is along with Bannon, after all it is Bannon who is pulling the strings of Cummings and this then is the conduit by which the USA exerts its influence, so therefore it is fair to assume that Trump is also a Netanyahu convert.

The following clip is from the amazing Abby Martin, follow her now.

If as I suspect Johnson is indeed an empty puppet of Israel there would be certain signs, the absence of fair coverage of their inhumane antics would be one such sign, another could be Knighting the likes of Phillip May- HE JUST HAS. ,can anyone explain that?, maybe its for services to arms sales., well, there's a thing eh?

I still believe, despite everything to the contrary just lately, that the UK public is not on the side of such things as the Israelis killing Palestine and all who try to exist within it. The Govt also believe this to be the case, hence the news blackout.

It is therefore the job of every decent citizen of the UK to do something about it. Sure enough we live in strange times, we have a drunk who does not know how many kids he has in number 10. Him and his Bullingdon Club mates are whacking out the proceeds from flogging off the nations assets to anyone with deep pockets, our society is so very deeply unfair to the "have nots" and truth is we are stuck with that (and worse) until 2024 at the earliest, depressing stuff. That does not mean the UK public have suddenly grown immune to large scale cruelty and terrorism being carried out by a brutal apartheid regime. They just need telling about it. Do it today.

Thanks for looking in.

Society not Economy.

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