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The Biggest Shock Yet.

Updated: May 27, 2020

Now then, over the last couple of months the UK public has been subjected to many huge shocks. To some that means not being able to visit the pub or go to football. To others it has meant choosing between staying off work in the name of self preservation and falling behind on the rent and bills. I should know, my son and his young family are in that very trying position. They live sixty miles away, as i'm not a senior Govt adviser I have chosen not to risk taking any infections across to see them.

So, shocks and phones. Obviously shocks can come in all shapes and sizes. Huge shocks really should not be delivered via telephones. The current crisis has caused some very unsavoury consequences, especially for the more aged amongst us. To be blunt, the way the aged have been treated is nothing short of barbaric. They have been marked out as expendable. Not really a surprise, the current Govt makes a habit of treating the old and disabled as nothing more than a drain on society. There is much evidence of this. They have claimed in recent days that care homes etc have been at the forefront of their thoughts and efforts, we all know that is not the case. They have been running down health care provision for the aged for a decade, the crisis has exposed this in the harshest of ways.

You may not have heard of Kathleen Robertson, she is 81 years of age. Ms Robertson lives in sheltered accommodation in the Cambridge area. Living her life quietly and unobtrusively. It seems that the Govt has encouraged an environment where such people have their unobtrusive existences shattered by being contacted via the phone and asked point blank to agree to having Do Not Resuscitate orders placed upon their medical records. How barbaric is that? This beggars belief. Asking aged people to even contemplate this equates to mental torture in my book.

I was once asked by a Research Fellow in Anaesthetics if I would wear sensors during what was expected to be a five and a half hour operation because there is very little research being done into those with my conditions undergoing such lengthy operations, mainly due to the fact that they invariably die. Just imagine yourself on my end of that conversation. Any way, at least that was a face to face meeting and it actually went very well. I will never forget it. After all of that the Anaesthetist on the day would not sign off the operation and it never happened, the Research Fellow was very disappointed!

Back to Kathleen and her awful experience. She took a phone call from a Dr she had never met and had no knowledge of and was asked straight out to agree to a DNR being placed upon her medical records. First question I have here is how could any qualified medical professional do that? It stuns me. Absolutely definitely categorically I would NEVER entertain the thought of such a gross thing. It happened. An even bigger and more pertinent question therefore is, who instructed that Dr to make that call? I do not know who that person is but I feel they need removing from their post double quick. This all hints at the steady and systematic destruction of our NHS, via starving it of funds. We all know about that so I wont dig into it too deeply here.

People like Kathleen, bright, alert, jovial and a credit to themselves have been exposed to the same news channels that we all have. They know full well all about the appalling situations that have been going on regarding the aged and CV19. So there she is, no doubt very worried at the thought of falling ill, seeing all this stuff about the virus more or less wiping out the aged and her phone rings and she gets asked to sign her own death warrant! This is 21st century UK life for our senior citizens.

At this point I have to ask about all those Nightingale facilities that the Govt bragged about via every available channel. Why were they not used to provide proper health care for those who required it? We hear about these barbaric measures re the aged being implemented to ease pressure on our NHS, it just simply does not add up. I don't know how many alone and frail aged people "signed" those DNRs over the phone, I do know that one is too many. For this one issue alone Hancock really should be brought up on Corporate Manslaughter charges. The Tories created the NHS problems. Nobody else.

A woman by the name of Kate Masters comes into the picture here, she has launched a bid for a Judicial Review to be taken against Hancock regarding all of this. Her mother, Janet Tracy died in Addenbrookes Hospital in 2011 after a DNR was attached to her medical records without the knowledge of the family. This is truly appalling. I wrote a piece a while ago called "Culling the Diabetics" looks I should have included the aged as well. This is nightmarish stuff. It illustrates clearly the Tory mindset. Any human unit that shows signs of ceasing to be financially productive and becoming an economic drain should simply be earmarked for an assisted death. Not only that, they should phoned up and told about it. By a stranger.

Obviously there is a deluge of weighty stuff in the news at the moment and this particular issue will likely sink from view. I will keep an eye on it and report back with any developments. If you have any elderly relatives I would strongly suggest that you monitor them closely and ask regularly about this situation. You cannot trust the current Govt to have their continued prospects at heart.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by passing this piece on.

Society not Economy.

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