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The Corruption Race.

Now then, last winter the vampires were handed the keys to the bloodbank. A gutter level GE campaign boosted them into number 10. Aided in no small way by their PR arm - the BBC- they rode the anti Europe wave and crushed any semblance of a fair future for the population of the UK along the way. The BBC stands accused of abandoning all ideas of acting like a national broadcaster of impartial views, to emphasise that point, given that it so obvious that Kuennsberg knew about the postal result BEFORE she was legally able to do so, how come she is still employed in her role? You can work that out for yourselves. I will get to the sordid BBC another time.

What I want to put the focus on today is the unbridled corruption that has become the hallmark of Johnson and his gang of cash thieves. Before I go any further, let me point out that at the last Tory conference (won't be holding any in Manchester any time soon will they?) there was a stall for The Cayman Islands.

So, let me proceed. A global pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of deaths across the globe. An obvious and critical requirement for those in power everywhere to crack on with gearing up with the appropriate equipment to help to protect lives. All lives. The one and only objective to any sane leaders of countries , in the name of basic humanity, could surely only be life preservation at all times. The UK is supposedly one of the richer countries on the face of the planet. Believe me you would not think so if you endured living here. So, things started to unfurl. Spring in the UK was awful. We saw the growing lists of innocents perishing. Health care professionals, bus drivers, nurses, athletes, single patents, to a larger extent BAME people, ambulance staff, the old lady from up the road, Care Home residents, teachers, on and on and on. DEAD. Worse than that, many of them died alone. No visitors allowed at their bedsides as they slowly ebbed away. I watched Sky presenter Kimberley Leonard breakdown live on air as she struggled valiantly to get through a harrowing report about the growing number of the dead. It was tremendously moving to see, KL is the epitome of professionalism.

The virus has not been consistent. Not the one called Covid anyway. It has peaked and then troughed in different areas of the UK at different times. Reactions to it and the preparedness of the UK are questions which will never likely be answered properly. The usual PR machines will go into overdrive, and as ever these days it will turn out to have been the fault of everybody but the actual culprits.

Culprits. Interesting thing to dwell upon. Our leaders wriggle, accuse, lie blatantly, point the finger, but, always seem to come up smelling of roses. Added to that the UK has in recent years become so docile. That "docile" trait may be about to run out. In truth this is not due to the number of innocent dead. The UK public has been conditioned over the last decade to value CASH above all else. Hence the despising of anyone who they perceive as having got something for nothing. Or who may possess more than them. These particular seeds were sown back in the time of Thatcher. She conned the then "actual" working class into acquiring Mortgages. From that point on working class minds learned to fear any potential for a lack of cash. This drives the petty jealousies we see today. Hence the hatred of refugees and general reluctance to make a stand re working conditions etc. The Tories have carefully nurtured it for years. It now seems to me that this may be the thing that brings them crashing down.

Corruption. It can no longer be denied or mitigated. It is out in the open. You really do not have to look far to see it. It is being shoved in the faces of the very people who successive Tory Govts have brainwashed into living in mortal fear of missing out on the smallest amounts of CASH. Yet we see constantly evidence of high level and quite brazen examples of astronomical amounts of CASH being sent the way of the friends of the Tories. Coupled with this we see inexplicable examples of ten pence companies being awarded multi million quid contracts after there having been no competitive tender process! They really are taking the UK public for docile fools now.

A company called Randox received £133Million for Covid testing, it pays former Tory MP and Minister Owen Paterson £8K a month as an "adviser". The now infamous Serco- it is paid £108Million for running the idiotic Test and Trace system, along with £46Million by the DWP for running call centres. Health Minister Edward Argar was a senior executive and boss Rupert Soames is the brother of former of former Tory MP Sir Nicholas Soames. Dragontown Ltd was awarded a £675K contract to provide PPE to London Guys and St Thomas' Foundation NHS trusts, Lady Xeulin Bates, a director, is the wife of Tory peer and former Minister Lord Bates and has donated £30K to the Tories. I could go on and on, you get the picture. This is crass. This is why the word "scum" is used about the Tories. Actually, I can think of a few stronger words.

Imagine if YOUR gran was dying at home and you got together a few quid to buy her something with which her final hours would seem more humane. Then you saw somebody misuse that money by giving it to one of their mates who did a crap job with it. How would you feel ? What would you do about it ? Times that feeling by about 47K and you will understand what is going on in Govt re cashing in on Covid deaths.

Just this morning I have read about a small company that specialises in supplying carpet tiles for offices and hotels which has been awarded £5 Million in PPE contracts. Hotel Logistics Ltd has £20K in assets. These contracts were awarded without competitive tender, or indeed scrutiny. This raises suspicions in my mind.

This is not unusual for the Tories. It is reasonably estimated that £365 Million has been awarded to companies with links to the Govt.

As you and I continue to try and stay on an even keel through all of this, there is the icy cold realisation that there is nothing we can do about it. Or is there ???

Thanks for looking in, please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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