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The Damned BBC.

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Now then, our national broadcaster, a thing which it is illegal not to contribute towards.

A thing that has been there since the year dot. Famed across the globe for being commercial free. It used to be famed for putting out high quality stuff, period dramas, natural history, even sports events some years ago. All that is now gone. Sure enough the advent of Sky etc was always going to have a huge negative impact, however the Beeb still remains the main provider of television to millions around the UK.

Their sports output is poor, basically if it is on the Beeb it's an unimportant , or usually boring small scale event. Unless the event is protected by law and has to be shown via their channels. The fairness of that can wait for another day. The rest of their output is shockingly poor, dull and grey, look at the schedules on a week night and you will see what I mean. Yet, you HAVE to pay for it.

Let us move onto News. Politics, Current Affairs. Here is where it all becomes a bit worrying, or, dependant on your point of view, even sinister. It is a massive thing to comprehend the way the corporation has been turned into a cheap and dishonest PR arm of the Tory party. I do realise that I have just written something rather damning and graphic there. I believe though that it is fair. I did once tell a producer from a morning BBC programme exactly that, they wanted me to appear, and I put forward my view, for some reason they changed their minds about my suitability.

We go back here to the time of Cameron (Flashman) and Osborne (Gideon) , this is when the "Blue Anaesthetic" was administered to the patient. The patient that is kept alive by the cash out of the pockets of the general public. Flashman set about infiltrating the Beeb with hand picked chums. People from business, those who had attended the right universities and public schools. Basically sycophants who were Tory through and through. It wasn't even subtle, and truth be told, was a very clever way of ensuring one side of the political divide could do no wrong, whilst the other was endlessly painted as inept, Communist, or, in a master stroke of devious scheming Antisemitic. We all know how that has panned out. Make no mistake, people are still mulling over the recent GE and pondering why it went the way it did. I'm not here today to cover that, it is however obvious that the Beeb played a huge and decisive role.

This is a BBC "political pundit".

We have all seen the glaring ineptitude with which they carried out some of it. BBCQT being the obvious one. Week after week the same faces would ask loaded questions aimed at the Lefty panellist. All to the glee of the presenter who would then announce "we are out of time" when the Lefty started to make a positive reply. Another which springs to mind is the clumsy Photoshop effort on Newsnight, the one where they placed a certain hat onto the head of Mr Corbyn. I know a bit about Photoshop, take it from me, I definitely would have done a better job.

Flashman planted the seeds, over the years the mighty "Blue Oak" has flourished having been nurtured by successive inept Tory PMs. Prime example of this being Mrs May (The Cold Ghost). I clearly remember that footage of her being handed a bouquet of flowers in the sunshine as she visited the scene of a so called "Russian Atrocity" in the otherwise sleepy location of Salisbury. All clearly staged of course, beaming kids, beaming PM, beaming sun, beaming Beeb reporter, beamed into your home. !!

The list of the Tories agents in high level screen facing positions goes on and on, here are a few.

Nick Robinson, This individual is a former chair of The Young Conservatives Association. I will leave that right there. No further comment is required.

Andrew Neil, former high level employee of Murdoch, also is a former employee of the Tories, working as a Researcher. Nuff Sedd.

Laura Kuenssberg, This individual once described Tory racism as "on a different political scale", now then, I need assistance here. I cannot decipher that, I have no idea what it is actually supposed to mean, i'm not sure she knows herself. It is probably just another brainless attempt at shielding her idolised Tories. She was once an "Invited Speaker" at Tory conference. Even the Beeb itself has found her to be in breach of Impartiality Rules. I have to ask, what else does she need to do to be kicked out in utter disgrace ?

Actually, let me answer that one. Maybe she could act totally illegally by somehow delving into laws that have existed for ages to protect the purity of election machinations and results. Maybe she could work in league with a Tory Minister and act like somebody out of an espionage film to interfere in the counting of postal votes ??

Then , if she really was that dim/arrogant she could blurt out on air that she knew the result BEFORE the official announcements had been made ? Just imagine that !!

Things is, it happened. LK actually did do those things. It has been all over social media. The clip of her running off at the mouth was hurriedly removed from the relevant BBC website. In what other serious ways could any individual show their complete and utter bias and dishonesty ? LK stands accused of very serious and illegal activities.

Where is she now ? What has the PR arm of the Tory party done about it all ?

Exactly what you would expect them to do, that being N O T H I N G .

I could write a very long list, I have made my point. Robert Peston recently put forward his view that the BBC will now become the "voice of the opposition" due to Labour being too small ! Says it all really.

I have to ask, obviously there are many fair minded and altruistic people at the corporation. Where have they been ? This has been going on for years, surely we should have heard voices calling all this out ? Are there no Unions within that archaic dinosaur of a sort of uniquely British pantomime ?

We are hearing now that the Govt does not want the BBC anymore. They hold a large gun to its head. They have used it successfully, and now they rubbish it. The end does seem to be nigh. Lesson being, nobody likes an utterly servile and utterly soulless sycophant. Sadly, the Beeb prostituted itself to the most callous masters of all.


They day after I penned the above, the corporation axed the Victoria Derbyshire Show. This prog stood out like a beacon on a starless night, it took on such things as poverty and unfairness and regularly spoke out. It practised proper investigative journalism. Now it is gone. Official confirmation of all my deepest worries.

This piece has done well regarding hits, I do this stuff for free, all I ask is that you RT and share it far and wide. Please help by doing this.

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