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The Dark Side.

Now then, not much has got to me over the last 13 years. That is due to my son falling at Basra in the Iraq conflict in 2007. Everything changed on that damned day. My perspectives moved violently, my existence in this world took on a whole new meaning. Amongst other things my tolerance of the things that can annoy most people altered drastically, lots of things just didn't bother me that much anymore. I see people becoming almost spellbound by shite reality TV shows or football results. Such things are just miniscule to me now. My eyes see straight through the everyday distractions of most people now. I now take the view that the general public has no idea of the things which really should be important. Sadly, no strike that, tragically this has enabled a whole tsunami of weighty atrocities to go almost unnoticed. That mindset which has been drip fed to the national psyche has left many almost immune to harsh realistic assaults upon the ones who exist now rather than actually live.

Huge swathes of the UK are nothing but shocking examples of the failures of 21st century UK society. All around the North east, vast tracts of the North West, all over Wales, anywhere you care to choose, you will see housing estates and run down schools which have been neglected for decades. You will see town and city centres where the homeless huddle in the doorways of travel agents and those chains where they sell coffees you have never heard of for more than enough to buy the homeless person something to eat. You will see boarded up windows where the Sure Start centre used to be, or even in some cases the Foodbank. You can see hand carwash places where mainly young ones wash the cars of those who see doing it themselves as an unnecessary chore, ask yourself two things, how many of those unnecessary cars are on finance, and, how much is that hapless sponge holder being paid?

Maybe its my age, the UK becomes a little more depressing to reside in with every passing day now. I really didn't think it was possible for it to plummet with such force as it has this week. When I was at primary school I used to read about the "bad old days", days when kids were shoved up chimneys or worked down mine shafts. I read about the diseases which regularly wiped out many people, such as polio etc. I read that poverty was widespread, about appalling housing conditions, such things as men gathering in large groups outside factories etc to see if they would be selected to work that day, I read about Victoriana and actually believed that the UK was a good place to be.

I believed in the stuff which I read about the disappearance of those diseases, the advancements in medical care for all FOR FREE, the modern working practises which would generate much more leisure time for everyone, the fact that a council house was readily available for anyone who wanted one. I grew up on a council estate where everyone knew everyone else. Times were not particularly good, however they were not particularly bad either. Everyone had work to go to, basic things were always there. Food being one of them. Good healthy food. For all. As I grew older I formed my political leaning. I didn't know then that it could possibly be shoved in some pigeon hole which conjured up dark images of evil ones who existed only to hate the rich and despise those who owned more. I simply saw it as having an intense personal dislike of unfairness. Was I wrong then? Am I wrong now?

Let me make make one fundamental point here, I do not, never have and never will despise anyone who is well off. Nor will I ever want to take that wealth away from them or in any way compromise them. What I have always done, and always will do, is vehemently despise the smug "I'm alright Jack" attitude that some of them open display at every given opportunity. True Conservatism changed under Cameron and Gideon, at that point it became nothing more than a game of stuffing as much cash as possible into offshore accounts. For a while I had some sympathy with true Conservatives. No more. They are not making enough noise about the inhumane brutality of the current so called Conservative Government. In all my life I never dreamt that I would see the day when they would vote in Parliament to deprive poverty stricken children of food during a global pandemic. Those inhumane and brutal "I'm alright Jack" cash thieves have just done exactly that. By quite a margin. The same Tory MPs who posed for smiling photo ops at foodbanks have seized upon the chance to assist in the starvation of poor kids.

NOTHING can ever equal this in sheer cruelty. There is no other reasonable way to put that. Even if they climb down later on today, assemble their sycophantic lackeys in the UK media (there are plenty of them), get that little Lectern out in Downing St and announce under the bright lights of the news channels that its all going to be OK, the kids can eat once a day for the next month, get Sunak to flash his toothy smile and ask the nation to be grateful, it will be far too late. They have revealed their true inner selves now. It is still a shock. We always suspected they were this callous. I don't think many of us actually thought they would show it in such a shockingly brutal way. Those true Conservatives I alluded to earlier, when they gather in their clubs to sip their G&Ts how in the hell do they rationalise this? How does the conversation actually go? I have to say, that if they manage to mitigate this in between chortling then they are nothing but cruel and greedy bastards.

Some Tory MPs sort of gloat about the fact that some of these parents of poor children have Sky telly and smoke and drink. Well, fuck me sideways. What are they supposed to do? Sit in their poor quality housing with nothing to watch, do without the things which enable them to cope with being condemned to crap lives without the pleasure of watching the box? follow the lead of one particularly loathsome senior Tory and buy a bag of porridge a week for a quid? Should the great unwashed be subjected to vasectomies to prevent any more potential "poor" kids from coming into existence?

The real benefits scroungers in this country travel by private jet and hide their mountains of cash in the Cayman Islands. How far is that from some single mother who waits to see what the kid leaves on the plate so that she can eat it?

I have to admit, my eyes started to burn yesterday when I read of all those businesses who have followed the lead of Mr Rashford and stated they will provide the children with food for free. Actually tears burn my eyes right now. That used to happen a lot in 2007, then it slowly went away. The Tories have done that.

So, what next? I see no end to it all. Echo chambers are full of those who say "Get the Tories Out" etc. It will not and can not happen. There are no mechanisms for it. The UK public does not have the stomach for French style yellow vest protests. Those sort of protests seem to represent the only possible way to destabilise the Govt. I well remember the Toxteth & London riots. I am not sure they will ever be seen again.

Such is the appalling nature of our existence at the moment, I actually see that as a great pity. Am I wrong in saying that ??

From the end of this month the Govt will add VAT to the cost the PPE we all MUST wear.

Thanks for looking in, please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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