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The Darkest Yet.

The vice like grip of the virus is tightening around the throat of the UK, numbers on all fronts are soaring. The UK has rates which are outstripping the USA and are miles ahead of Germany. All around things are well and truly out of control. You can class this as just my opinion if you wish, a casual glance at the data will confirm my view. Strange how we never see any graphs etc on our pointless news channels anymore isn't it ? Also, if ever we have needed daily briefing slots from those in the relevant positions it is now, so why are we not having them ?

All of the above is more than bad enough. However, things are much much worse in reality. A very harsh almost unimaginable reality. One they absolutely do not want you thinking about. They are currently messing up rolling out vaccinations, messing up on a scale we have never seen before. We are now used to governmental ineptitude. They have shown via the PPE fiascos and the reflex reactions of giving contracts to their unqualified and inexperienced mates that the Tories are motivated by one thing and one thing only, that being the hysterical stampede in pursuit of CASH. Nothing else matters to them. Corruption reigns supreme, Jenrick being but one example. Zadawi was was on the box the other morning extolling the virtues of us doing as we are told. Him being the "individual" who claimed tens of thousands of pounds on his MPs expenses for heating his stables. I'm sure you get my drift.

So, vaccines, we have heard all the usual rhetoric, "A triumph for British science" etc. All the Tory party PR channels were full of it. In glorious HD reporters gushed as yet another guinea pig sat in the chair and had a needle inserted into their arm. They put forward that this was the beginning of the end. Unfortunately it really is the beginning of the end for many many people. They have decided to tamper with the obvious and logical vaccination schedules. SAGE warned them, expert after expert has warned them, CEOs of the companies who came up with the vaccines have totally disowned this crackpot plan. There is simply NO medical data which supports spacing out the double doses which are very definitely required. The Tories are, with this action, showing you clearly that they just do not give a toss about you or your families. Hancock has just been on and said that "actually it is possibly the case that spacing the doses out could actually increase the effectiveness of the vaccines", obviously the reporter did not question this dangerous lies. What exactly is Hancock basing this potentially fatal lie upon ? More importantly, and here is the thing, can we please see a list of which vaccines all our governmental friends have already had ?

Do you really think that those who swim in the waters of the upper echelons of our ultra Victorian society will be treated in the same way as me and you ? Even worse is this notion that the vaccines can be mixed and matched ! Where the hell did that come from and what exactly is it based upon ? NOT ONE medical expert seems to think that this is anything but an utter calamity. Yet the Tories are ignoring all of that. The Tories, Truss, Hancock, Raab, IDS, Johnson, etc, can you really expect them to know better than senior medical experts and seasoned epidemiologists ? Fool you if you do.

Schools are the current emergency which is hogging the headlines. Again, the Tories are graphically showing their seething contempt for the great unwashed. There was a plan to supply kids with laptops so that learning at home could become a viable alternative. As usual, it was trumpeted with maximum PR bull on the usual PR channels. It fell down. School principals complained endlessly about receiving a fraction of that which they were initially promised. That therefore opened the flood gates for millions of kids to be herded into what are actually "breeding rooms". Not only that, many of them will get on buses and help to spread the virus throughout the land. Again, expert after expert has complained loudly about all of this. The Tories, as ever, know better.

Teachers will have no PPE, many schools are already showing the stresses of coping with massive underfunding, many of those kids are susceptible due to existing on poor diets and enduring poor housing conditions. Many of those young people are fully aware of what is going on, they see the news, they hear the chats, these are supposed to be the happiest days of their lives. The current UK Government is using them as canaries and nothing else. For almost a year now they have had the chances to do the right things. Instead we have kept our airports open for every single day. The UK is now referred to as "Plague Island" across the globe. The list of countries that has banned travel with the UK is now long. We have Nightingale locations which serve only as an embarrassment to anyone who thinks about them. We were initially told that the military would be called upon to heroically step in and help with the effort. Instead those places stand idle, many of them lacking adequate power points and plumbing. They are infact, and always were, intended to be used as morgues. That time is now approaching. Heads should roll for this.

How many of the bodies that will require storage will be those of children ? I do not pretend to know that, nor do I pretend that the ordinary person on the street knows that. I do however believe that when faced with such appalling circumstances the experts should be keenly listened to and their advice strictly followed up. The Tories it seems think differently. Especially when it comes to the children of the great unwashed.

All through this nightmare the focus has been trained on the ECONOMY. How many business owners have you seen pleading for money ? Salons, chip shops, gyms, pubs, on and on and on. At the other end of the scale we have had Branson, Martin, that clown from Ryanair, EasyJet got their handout whilst paying out a dividend to shareholders. We have heard the vulgar and deeply offensive rantings of Hartley-Brewer and Oakshott. Rees -Moog has cropped up with his ridiculously out of touch Victorian outlook, our airwaves have been constantly filled with agents of the ultra hard right who have been enthusiastically trying to brainwash the UK public. It is to be hoped that singling out our children to be used as guinea pigs proves to be straw that breaks the camels back.

If it doesn't,, what else is there ?

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word of this site.

Society not Economy.

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