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The Dawn of our Sunset.

Now then, cash in desperate times. We here in the UK are very definitely in severely desperate times. Nobody is exempt from the ravages of Covid. Truth is there is far worse yet to come. The damn virus hit us in the warm spring months. The sun was beaming down and that by its very nature protected many in a psychological way from realising how appalling things really were. That is now no longer the case. Bitterly cold days and nights are on the near horizon, easterly winds, snow, frost, ice and the general lowering of temperatures will sap the old and the young alike.

I worked for years in the NHS, including in an A&E Dept, I know what it used to be like to look forward with apprehension to what they call "Winter Pressures". Queues of trolleys, people coughing and wheezing, death rates climbing in that annual inexorable way. All this was BEFORE Covid arrived to tip everything upside down. If you know somebody who works in that environment, be assured that banging pans on doorsteps in some sort of mass participation PR stunt will mean absolutely nothing. Just tell them quietly that you are aware of what they are doing on our behalf. And cross your fingers that you continue to see them every now and again. Fact is, you may well not.

So, given that unimaginable setting you would expect every available resource to be pushed with urgency into readying the country for what will be an onslaught the likes of which has not been seen in modern history. This is not a dress rehearsal, this is not a game, this is not a drill. This is massive death sweeping through civilisation. This is families, kids, the aged, the well off, the poor, the possible dawn of our sunset. NOW.

The UK is not a poor country. Sure enough it has far too many people who are already existing rather than living. The balance of the wealth share here in the UK is shatteringly disproportionate. Huge swathes of the UK have been written off. They are usually the places that used to have large industrial sites, now replaced with shiny shopping centres which illustrate perfectly a major error with the ideology that rules the UK. It really is that simple, how can you pull down places that made things and replace them with places that sell things and expect your country to be in good shape ?

Cash, much needed in the fight to preserve as many lives as is humanly possible. You would expect all announcements re protecting the population to come from very senior and very well qualified medical experts. We get business ministers. The sort of business minister who once claimed ten grand to heat his stables. Or we get a housing minster who is so corrupt that it is embarrassing. He has made no attempt to apologise or explain away his proven wrongdoings, it is in the public domain. Neither he or his cohorts in Government are in the least bit bothered. The public just carries on.

Here are one or two things which back up the view that we are actually being lead by a gang of cheap, cold, callous thieves. The Govt just recently gave a contract worth £70M to a small luxury packaging company which had £46K in the bank. That is a huge and damning indictment of all that the Govt represents. Thing which puzzles me being, where are the ripples? Actually, strike that, where is the tsunami of absolute revulsion?

This same gang of thieves recently procured 1Million home finger prick tests which are not safe. Health experts have rushed to point out that they should under no circumstances be released to the public. Prof Allyson Pollock, a member of the SAGE team " If these tests are not properly evaluated and used in the right way they are a massive waste of public resources", So, who is responsible? who authorised this complete waste of public money? Why is that individual not in the spotlight? Actually, we don't have a meaningful spotlight anymore. The reality is that person would likely appear on the dreadful One Show whilst the brainless puppet presenters enquire about his or her favourite shade of wallpaper. That is how the UK is now.

Let us look at a couple of individuals who are on our screens quite a lot just lately. Sir Patrick Valance, one of those who speaks up for science within the Govt. Or so we are lead to believe. His title is "Chief Scientific Advisor for the UK". Obviously given that impressive handle you can fully expect him to be whiter than white, a sharp analytical minded expert on science and nothing but science. A voice for reason and evidence based statements designed to cut through the fog and cut to the sensible options. His is a critical position. Millions of ordinary people hang on his every word. People are frightened. Mr Vallance has a £600K shareholding in a company that is contracted to develop a vaccine for the Govt. I find it difficult to find the words to adequately sum up just how repulsive I find that. It defines corrupt. But then again, so does Jenrick. Difference being, Vallance is not a politician. neither it seems is he honourable.

Andy Burnham. He is almost perpetually on the box. He has had the audacity to dig his heels in on behalf of the people he represents. Early on in this hellish episode the Govt outlined that anyone who did not immediately embrace Govt thinking would be classed as "playing politics" and despite outrages such as those outlined above, they have been given a relatively easy ride, especially by the Starmer lead LFI party. Burnham has bucked the trend. I don't know how things will pan out for Manchester, one thing I can say is Mr Burnham will be remembered for having the courage to hang himself out in the cold and risk an awful lot for his people. The Govt has dictated that with or without Mr Burnham more severe restrictions will be imposed upon the fine city of Manchester.

Of all the people to deliver that statement this morning in Burleys "Lions Den" (sic) they put forward the aforementioned Jenrick. Burnham or Jenrick? No brainer that is.

That NHS employee I alluded to earlier will continue to attend work, under funded, under paid, under immense pressure, and help to save lives. The others I have highlighted will continue to connive, plot, scheme, lie, line their pockets from the wages of sin. The public of he UK are so docile now that anything goes. I can assure you that anything really is going now, on a grand scale.

Thanks for looking in please help by spreading word for me.

Society not Economy.

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