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The Deeply Racist & Unjust UK.

Now then, the UK likes to think it is seen as a very fair and just country. We've all heard "best system of justice in the world" bandied about often enough. Also, it has long been assumed that the UK is a welcoming place for those who wish to come here and make a better life for themselves and their families.(sic) That sort of outlook would be something to be very proud of. Something to instil in your kids. In other words, something to feel warm about, to enable the UK to stand out like a beacon on an otherwise long and starless night. The entire globe is currently ravaged with divisions and armed conflicts. That orange idiot across the pond sticks kids in cages, talks of a wall, other countries are warring with each other based upon ethnic origin or religious beliefs. Some of these conflicts are driven by certain people accidentally existing on land which lies above petrochemical deposits. Some of those peoples live long and arduous lives due to "economic pressures". People still die today not knowing how old they are. Children are born into dust at the side of camel tracks. We watch Strictly Come Dancing in glorious HD. Or pay footballers £250,000 per week.

Something has been bothering me for a while now. A piece on the news caught my attention the other day. I don't watch the news much these days, due to how "sanitised" it all has become. You are not usually watching the actual news, more the slanted view of some executive who wants the real news put across in a particular way. Anyone who

has been exposed to BBC news over the last decade will know what I mean, Sky is just as bad. It's not news it saturation PR. Simple as that.

So, that item that caught my attention. On February 11th a "Deportation Flight" will leave the UK. Put simply a number of humans are being kicked out of the UK against their will. Who are they ? Why is this necessary ? Who is behind it all ? Will our streets be safe havens once that jet has taken off ? Will the economy surge ? Will the place they are going to immediately descend into utter chaos (like France) ? .

Two years ago the Windrush scandal exploded onto the UK public. This , to many, was a new low in policy of ANY Govt. Many serious questions were raised, the whole concept was reviled and outrage was huge. Seeing "go home" vans touring our capital was a shock, not something I ever thought I would see. Mind you, I also never thought I would see coppers with machine guns routinely touring the streets of Sheffield. Are these deportees we are talking about the reason for the armed police ?

Windrush, hard to quantify the damage it did. Lots and lots of horror stories surfaced. People who had lived here for decades suddenly served with deportation notices, even their children being given the boot, denied healthcare, losing homes and jobs, families ripped apart. Becoming an addition to the shocking number of homeless in the UK. Utterly shameful. But, a typical antic of an extreme hard right Govt.

At this point, I would like to ask anyone looking at this piece, does this really fall into the gamut of Politics ? By which I mean, does ones own political leaning distort the view ? Does it all seem fair and acceptable if you vote one way or another ?

For me, this not a political issue, it is a basic Human Rights issue.

Windrush harps back to 1948, thoughts of The Empire and utter white British Supremacy still fresh in the minds of the UK establishment, and concerns people mainly from Caribbean countries coming to the UK to answer an appeal to come and work here as bus drivers etc. It seems that somewhere along the line certain paperwork was not completed. Now, obviously the fault for this MUST belong to the officials of the day who allowed this to happen. There are endless legal arguments about this. Are these people UK citizens ? Commonwealth citizens ? To be honest I'm not actually bothered, to me they are people. End of.

It is now two years since that awful scandal, there was supposed to be a "Lessons Learned Review", What happened to that ? The Govt at the time basked in the "Hostile Environment" it imposed. Truly shocking stuff. You would think that whoever designed this was a few bricks short of a Hod, well, here's a thing , the architect was Theresa May. That sort of explains a lot does it not ? As the worst PM the UK has ever had the misfortune to endure she really should be hoping that history forgets her rather quickly.

In 2012 whilst serving as the worst Home Secretary the UK has ever had, she said this

" The aim is to create, here in Britain, a really hostile environment for illegal immigrants". The key word there is obviously "illegal", some of these fine West Indians had been here for decades, living and working with that laid back attitude they cheerfully possess.

I am not sure that the UK can ever be seen as a decent place again.

Lets flip the coin, lets list the obvious benefits to the UK of treating people like this, ermm, I need your assistance here, I cannot come up with any.

It is put forward that those on this flight on the 11th are "criminals", ah, here we go again, "Fear of all those foreigners fear of all their crimes". Criminals, so serious a criminal that they have to be kicked out, having been held in detention centres without access to a phone thereby having their access to solicitors greatly compromised. Is this the best Johnson can do ? Why all the secrecy, if they are such serious criminals why do we not know about their horrendous crimes ? Would I want serious criminals on the streets of the UK ? certainly not. I would however expect transparency in such matters.

The more I delve into this the worse it becomes. See the link to the story of Reshawn Davis. It is gruelling and demoralising. Is this the way the UK wants to be seen ? Do you want it to be seen in this way ? I DO NOT.

Those behind this stand accused of some very weighty charges. I will go with this one.

They are simply White Supremacists in powerful positions. They abuse those positions every single day. Johnson should think about the people he is bullying , if he can find the time between having "lessons" with Jenniffer Arcuri or trying to figure out how many kids he has. He and his like are a total disgrace. I am proud to be able to say neither me or any of my kids are or ever will be like that.

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