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The Definition of Defining

Something has been bothering me for ages, only last evening did I finally realise what it was. The meanings of certain words are being redefined all around us.

Not small words, actually quite large and weighty ones. How this can happen is beyond me, why is patently obvious.

I can't pretend to have been particularly sharp at school, wasn't really interested unless the subject matter was rugby league or Monty Python. Dinner time I was outstanding at, easily winning any challenges in that department. (in those days everyone was provided with ample hot food). Here's an ongoing sin that was carried out regularly, we soon discovered where the tickets were kept that entitled one to a free dinner,,,,?

Anyway, English was one of the few things I actually liked. Writing stuff appealed to me and I was enthusiastic about it all. Reading I have always enjoyed and when I wasn't being knocked around muddy pitches a book was a good option. One book that sticks in my mind from my school days is "Biggles Flies Undone ".

So, words and their meanings were important to me, can't really think of anything more important to a school aged human. Other languages were not for me, I was often asked to leave French lessons quite quickly. Wish i'd listened now.

My school days ended in 1976. Not really the happiest days of my life. I find the thought of being in the current education systems quite depressing.

Just lately i've noticed that certain words and phrases have been manipulated to suit certain political objectives. The English language is very definitely becoming a "toy" for certain people in certain places. This I find to be deeply worrying. Who gave these people the right to do such things ? All those youngsters working through the current education system at the moment are learning completely different meanings to the ones we were taught. This is not small stuff.

Let me start off with the word "Socialist", quite important as words go. Very definitely a hot subject currently. It may well mean different things to different people, and there are obvious reasons for that. I have just looked up the meaning of Socialism and Socialist on an online Dictionary site. In the first one these words appear -

" (in Marxist theory) the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles"

In the second one these words appear -

" egalitarian, constitutional, free, orderly, popular, autonomous, revolutionary, liberal, progressive, leftist, comrade, sympathizer, red, Marxist, pinko, Commie, apparatchik, Bolshevist, Trotskyite, Bolshevik "

I absolutely kid you not, the word "Pinko" is listed in "words related" to. I honestly never knew that until I just looked. It's official- we are all PINKOS baby ! Obviously whenever you try to reference anything these days you get an American view. Yawwwwnnnn.

I'm puzzled by all of this.

Socialist has always been perceived by me in a totally different way. Here is that perception, personal though it may or may not be. To me a Socialist is someone who believes in sharing out things. Be that riches or basic resources. Someone who is opposed to the hoarding of just about anything really. Also, I have always believed that a Socialist is basically one who will find time for others, especially those in a tricky situation or who struggles due to a lack of help from all other quarters. In other words, a proper human being who by reflex always wants to help others. Simple really.

All of a sudden this seems to be undergoing a rather deep and dark manipulation. It is starting to become glaringly obvious that certain sections of our society establishment want the new perception to be along totally different lines. Anyone who now does accept that this idea of hoarding is wrong is being painted as "Hard Left".

Millions of UK citizens are being exposed to this new definition everyday via the usual media outlets. So far being a socialist has meant being a PINKO or of the "Hard Left".

All this because you don't like the idea of the many having bugger all and a few having far too much. When I was of school leaving age the "Hard Left" really were just exactly that. Kicking off on picket lines was almost compulsory, laying siege to workplaces was common, even at workplaces that you didn't have any connection to. Flying Pickets they were known as. Quite a popular thing to do at the time. All this of course is now firmly consigned to the depths of history and is very unlikely to be seen again. So therefore bears absolutely no relation to the Socialists of today. Yet this redefinition goes on,, Why ?? To suit the damn hoarders, that is why.

Another thing that has taken a whole new dark and dangerous and truly awful meaning is antisemitism. This has been written about universally just lately and this article is not meant to be about that, i've done that elsewhere. It does though illustrate that definitions are being altered at the whim of various political groups. A quick dictionary check reveals the definition as being "hostility or prejudice against Jews". Simple enough. Or is it ? No mention there of any divisions among Jews, no mention of the Jew being from any particular region or country. Not how it is actually seen now though is it ?

Where does this leave the ordinary casual everyday Socialist ? Altruistic outlook, ready and willing to help anyone they reasonably can. Looking out for anyone they know who is on the edge ? sympathetic to those who need to know they are not alone.

Problems start to set in here. Due to the earlier mentioned redefinition they are being viewed as "Hard Left" without them realising it. Simple altruistic attitudes are being twisted. To complicate things even further, if this Socialist is by nature disgusted by events around the Gaza strip, and speaks openly of this they are liable to painted with a very different brush, one which daubs a covering which will last for a very long time.

Where do we go from here ? I really do have no idea at all, it seems as though the real meaning of words and phrases can be redefined when it suits. This makes me wonder about the next set of words from the English language that are ripe for redefining.

To drive towards that we probably need to look at those who are doing the redefining.

Seems to me it is the hoarders who are responsible. If not directly them, those who are eager to serve them by any means possible. Such as certain political groups, or, anyone who seeks to gain from destroying the genuine altruism that does actually exist in most human beings. Come to that, some of these shadowy political groups would actually , given the chance, destroy the human beings themselves ! You don't have to look far around this troubled planet to find an area where bombs are dropped on the brown kids playing in the sand.

Seems to me it is always those who have little who get bombed regularly.

That is another common trait of those who do not have much, they are usually willing to share whatever they have with anyone. Those who have nothing will give you everything, those who have everything will give you nothing.

So, Marxists, Commies, Bolshevists, stuff all that, Socialism = Altruism, today, tomorrow and every other day. Bollocks to anyone who disagrees.

So, PINKOs Thanks for looking, please help me to spread this site.

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