At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us

The Dogs of MORE .

London. Our centre of power. Our capital. " The finest city in world" , where tourists from all over the globe part with stacks of cash, the only place to be. Where The Queen lives. Where laws are made. Where knife crime is way out of control. Where gangs terrorise huge estates, where the police are very definitely struggling. Where in 2011 things got out of hand. Riots ensued. Overworked and tired duty solicitors watched on as judges sentenced youths to prison for nicking pairs of trainers or bottles of water.

The Establishment showed the iron fist and took its revenge on anyone who cropped up in front of it. Buildings perished and the insurance bill ran into millions. I will get back to insurance companies a bit later on. London exploded in a graphic ball of flames and dissatisfaction. Amidst the burning cars and smashed windows five people died.

Strangely it does not seem all that long ago.

London. Many pubs have quite simply refused to close. They are pointing out that if they shut of their own accord they cannot make claims for assistance from their Insurers. The fact that they have been paying premiums for many years seems not to matter. Just by coincidence, Insurance Company donations to the Tory party have climbed steadily since 2010. Obviously this has nothing to do with anything. Does it ?

London. They've been socially cleansing it for years. It is no longer a place where the likes of you and me can go and settle. It is solely for the well heeled, this isn't by accident. It has been planned for and worked towards meticulously. When you have a minute, Google "Balfron Tower". It is in East London. Tenants were turfed out, and the building sold to privateers. Now you can buy apartments that are beautifully filled with natural light, with a Concierge and everything. I,m not sure how many of the original council residents have taken advantage of this. Grenfell Tower. An appalling tragedy that will never be forgotten. It is in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. SEVENTY TWO people perished in a totally avoidable tragedy. For the cost of cladding that damn building properly all those poor souls burned to death. In the 21st Century, in London.

The Government blames the Firefighters.

Well, here's where "The Dogs of MORE " come into the picture. Thing is, companies who are involved in the still ongoing investigations into this terrible tragedy demanded of the Government that they be given immunity from prosecution or they would refuse to testify. Shockingly they GOT IT. Suella Braverman gave it to them. I cannot deal with this properly. They just said "NO" and it was endorsed by the powers that be. 72 deaths = Immunity for those who contributed. In the name of preserving money, for the Dogs of MORE. In this case MORE cash and the ability to walk away from any vestige of honesty and accountability. Actually maybe my term for them is an insult to dogs. In London. RBKC is one of the richest Boroughs in the land. I often say that the UK is now more Victorian than it has ever been, I defy anyone to take me task given that which I have just written. This country is being ruined by those Dogs of MORE, rapidly.

The news this morning is full of talk of 20,000 soldiers being readied to form the "Covid Support Force". Hmmm, they are saying these soldiers will be required to drive oxygen tankers etc to hospitals. I rather think not. Well, that really is an awful lot of trucks. Pity we don't have that same number of Ventilators. Or extra nurses. Or Mortuaries.

Those soldiers are being deployed to send a clear message to the population. Johnson knows he and his fellow Dogs of MORE are in for a rough time. Sadly, the ongoing unrest across the channel has not made our screens. Methinks gagging orders and the like are at play here. The public of France has been heroically resisting for well over a year. Teargas, firefighters fighting with the police, week after week civil unrest on a huge scale

has actually forced the French Govt to change course on retirement age policies.

Johnson lives in permanent fear of this. His cronies have already shown the nation that they are actually hopeless when push comes to a harsh shove. Never mind his shambolic antics re water canon, or the ridiculous Garden Bridge project, or how many kids he has, or the Russia Report, or Arcuri, lets keep it to the current situation.

He appeared , flanked by two "experts" and lead the country down entirely the wrong path. He flew in the face of the W.H.O. repeatedly. The entire world cried out for the UK to change direction. They were ignored.

Finally they capitulated. At which point they wheeled out chief media sycophant Kuenssberg who put forward that "the science had changed". It is quite fitting that this empty individual is employed by the BBC. Also, recently on our screens we have been treated to the father of our clueless PM telling us all that if wants to go to the pub to the pub he shall jolly well go. What is this garbage ? We already know what Johnson is really like, now we have been given an insight into why he is like that.

London. being prepared for the oncoming onslaught. It bothers me deeply. If/when the pin is pulled by the frustrated public all the wrong things will happen again. The wrong ones will be dragged into courts and hammered. Innocents will get caught up in the mayhem. The damage will take years to put right. A massive wedge will be driven between the public and our armed forces personnel. We already know that soldiers are looked down upon on the streets due to the popularity of peace movements (make your own mind up about that) and pictures of young squaddies flocking around right wing hooligan Tommy Robinson. Johnson has no idea what he is playing with here.

The real law of this land is owned by the people.You can have all the legislation under the sun, as many troops as you can muster, shut tube stations, impose curfews, shut down the internet,close boozers, ration bread, thing is, you antagonise the public beyond a certain point and you will not be able to control the reactions.

This a dark piece that I have written here. Last thing I want to see is the UK descend into the sort of stuff I have outlined. It is fair to say that whichever political party was running things at the moment there would be huge problems. Only one party owns the gradual run down of public services to 3rd world levels. The seething dissatisfaction and resentment has taken a whole decade to reach current levels.

The Dogs of MORE have been very busy.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by passing this stuff on.

Society not Economy.

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