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The Dogs of War.

They have been around for quite some time now. Learning, perfecting, sizing up their prey, honing their "hunter killer skills". They appeared out of the best elite educational facilities in the UK, steeped in the history of Victoriana and privilege, stalking and devouring all before them. First suspected as straining the leash beyond tolerance back in the 80s when Thatcher unleashed a huge wave of uproar upon the UK. They smashed all pretence of doing as they were told by ravaging the organisations who vainly tried to represent those who tried to hide behind fairness and truth.

The Dogs of War were on the rise.

Their evolution has been swift. Certain Dogs have stood out along the way. Tebbit, with his "Get on your bikes" callous dismissal of the poor trying to find work in harsh times. In modern times we have Rees Mogg ( with his wifes inheritance reckoned to be worth £150M )and his utter disregard for anyone who is not a multi millionaire, he lounges across the benches in The House with his Victorian gait and offensive attitude leaking out of every pore. Tebbit to JRM is a perfect snapshot of the evolution of these slavering hunter killers. The Dogs of War are now off the leash and rampaging through the weak and needy with their hackles raised by the spectre of untold wealth ripped from the defenceless. There are no challengers to this brutal pack of parasitical attack dogs.

The above pic is the Dogs of War registration group pic.

Their diet, upon which they are steadily becoming a more lumbering version of their former more agile selves consists of CASH that was not spent on educating the lower classes, or building 40 new hospitals, or increasing the numbers of Police Officers, they recognise no limits to their insatiable drive towards utter domination of all around them. At times, thy even turn on each other, like rats in a flooding sewer. Their first leader, Thatcher, was even ripped to pieces by them in the end. They know nothing of loyalty, they know all about survival only of the most brutal amongst them. When a threat appears from within, they gather in smaller groups and jostle to hide behind the strongest, they tear each other apart at times, much as they are plotting against Johnson now. You will see Gove and JRM starting to manoeuvre soon, with their whimpering colleagues wagging their tails nervously.

The current litter includes corruption as a means to bolster the arrogance that these Dogs of War learn to shove in the faces of the needy as a warning to anyone dumb enough to cross them. These hunter killers have realised that they have exhausted the ocean of intimidation that served them so well after the mess that was 2008. They had a leader in whom they saw a whole new dawn of voracious feasting on the rotting carcase of the aspirations of the proletariat. Cameron. He and his sidekick Gideon started a whole new hunt and devour phase. Nothing can calm a Dog of War once it has the trace of CASH wafting into its nostrils. The Dogs of War annexed he UK from its former friends across the channel. The smarter Dogs even gambled upon the whole thing turning sour and wrecking the UK. This again signalled the next stage in the evolution of these now out of control and crazed lumbering hounds of destruction. Such became their insatiable greed that risking the future of the country was deemed perfectly acceptable.

The new leader was even heard to say "fuck business" during one of his regular drunken binges. His surrounding pack of nervous poodles simply chortled and waited for some of the scraps to come their way. This particular pack leader is failing to live up to the billing. To be lead hunter killer requires the slavering pack to have a degree of respect. It is a harsh dog eat dog existence. The current leader is frittering it away. He doesn't even know how many puppies he has produced. The pack is becoming restless.

These privileged attack dogs do actually have masters. They are ultimately controlled by shady characters who do not figure in the political arena of the UK. The ultimate masters reside in that heavily armed lunatic asylum across the pond. They were first invited over by the Cameron pack, Bannon was flown over to show them how to uncover vast new reserves of cash on which to gorge. Bannon has returned to the place he calls home, and leaves a particularly ruthless Terrier dog behind to pass on his orders. Cummings, a bit different this dog. Has no particular breed. Not very obedient. Utterly self serving. Like all dogs who cannot be controlled he has slowly but surely gone too far. He is now harming those he was bred to serve.

The new pack contains the very worst of their evolution. Openly corrupt, low grade , it is as though over breeding has started to contaminate the newer puppies. They have over gorged for so long they do not realise that to stay untouchable they require that agility I alluded to earlier. Some of the newer ones will start to fall back into the pack when the current leader is devoured in a blaze of cannibalistic retribution by the more bloodthirsty challengers who are lurking and waiting. They have some easy targets.

The corruption gravy train is grinding to a halt. Abusing public money, wasting it on crap PPE or lining each others pockets with CASH that was meant for deprived areas , it is starting to annoy the public, the very ones who provide all that CASH which The Dogs of War are growing so obese upon. The worst of the Dogs are becoming known. They lost the ability to ghost from shadow to shadow that the earlier fitter breeds used to possess. Their quality really is declining. Now they are being adversely highlighted by Bullies ( Patel) the overly arrogantly corrupt (Jenrick) the clueless (Truss) the drug addicted and completely untrustworthy Gove) overly callous and utterly despicable (Coffey), not sure what day it is (Raab), one track parrott (Lewis), heartless money man (Sunak), it goes on and on. One particular brainless but totally servile Dog stands out amongst the infighting , he survives by running along obediently at the side of the leader of the pack, licking and cleaning the lead dog at every given opportunity, lapping up the mess, Hancock. Many of the pack are eyeing him up as the way to show they have ideas about one day leading this pack of evil hunter killers. His days are numbered. The race to supremacy includes his head.

Another pack of slavering animals is casting a shadow across the rampaging pack. Not much can confidently challenge this pack. They do exist. They are stalking the Tory pack, they are waiting inline to throw the stick whilst the hunter killer runs and fetches it. They are the "Captains" of the UK economy. You know them, not from the same pedigree as the Dogs of War, but equally as callous. These rival dogs have a hold which the hunter killers cannot shake off. This may explain the "fuck business" comment. The Captain Dogs are able to extract vast sums of CASH from the feeding bowl. Branson, Martin, any airline CEO, racecourse executives, anonymous Tory donors, Cayman Island bank shareholders, (the occasional cheap knock off pole dancing blonde), Russian oligarchs, Hedge Fund directors, all these and many others are fully aware that they have ultimate control over the flakes of gold which the Dogs of War roll and frolic in.

Things are becoming somewhat difficult for the Dogs of War. Desperate measures are starting to be called for. They rampage across this once green and pleasant land growling and slavering and terrorising. They have chased the weak and needy down into their self isolating holes and have had to look around for something else with which they can scare people to death. This is where they went too far. The thing which they prey upon may well be emaciated, living in fear, deprived of even any hope of realistic aspirations, shackled by the absolute need for survival in these hellish times. The Dogs needed to travel way beyond their tried and trusted methods of rule by absolute terror.

In true "bred for one purpose and one purpose only" spirit they devised a cold and utterly, ruthlessly evil plan. This puts even the early iteration Thatcher Dogs in the shade. Firmly in the shade.

The aforementioned clueless, drug addicted, brainless, greedy, not sure what day it is etc came up with the following -


There is only room for one pack. One will have to devour the other. These Dogs have grown used to a very rich diet. The spectre of having to look squarely in the face of the millions of UK people who are starting to stir is sending tremors of doubt through the entire pack. The unrest that is stirring in the once industrial north worries them. There is nowhere to hide. Soon it will be London, the rest of country knows it is just a matter of time. The news bulletins are getting to the stage where they should only be shown after the watershed. The vile corruption and seething indifference is exerting extreme pressure on the weakening back of the camel.

Soon all those emaciated UK folk, all those bereaved UK folk, all those UK folk who worry about feeding the child, all those UK folk who despise the cold heartless scheming CASH hoarding of The Dogs of War will reach the point of no turning back.

The hunters will become the hunted. The Dogs of the class War will feel fear.

Thanks for looking in, please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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