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The Empty One.

Now Then, Keir Starmer. So far as I'm concerned he is at best a bit of a puzzle. I don't seem to be able to actually figure out what he is or what he actually stands for. One thing I can definitely say he does not stand for anyone being found to have been speaking out against the apartheid regime that is currently destroying Palestine. At least that is the way it seems. To be honest it's difficult to know. He is like a rabbit that is being run to ground between the chasing headlights. Problem is those headlights belong to a heavily armoured vehicle that is being driven at speed without due care and attention by the extreme (small) right wing group that is know as the BoD.

That vehicle has been used to prevent a socialist government and along the way has been responsible for the removal of a huge number of good honest socialists from the very party that Starmer now leads. Yet all we hear are tales of him rushing to prostrate himself at the Israeli altar. Indeed he has issued a promise that he will visit that apartheid country when he gets a chance. Now, it is easy to assume that he is going there to ingratiate himself to Netanyahu and his brutal gang of bloodthirsty and racist dictators. Maybe I should not think like that, perhaps he is going there to air the views of the majority of his party members, even the majority of the UK public? I refuse to believe that the bulk of the UK public are supportive of that which is ongoing in that far away land. It is fair to say that the total media blackout regarding Palestine has left the UK unaware. Starmer is the leader of the opposition, he is therefore duty bound to ensure that the UK public are NOT conned or mislead in any way about such things.

His total abandonment of this fundamental part of his responsibility is very worrying.

Re the above, I challenge ANYONE to state publicly why they think that the situation for the average Palestinian should be so taboo amongst Labour, its members and especially its leader. I look forward to your replies.

The Labour Party has, since the year dot been closely linked to Trades Unions. Trades Unions have provided that party with it's lifeblood for many generations. In healthier times each was rightly proud to proclaim their respect and depth of gratitude to the other. Millions of ordinary working class people contributed their subs via wage deductions every week for years and years. They were happy and proud to do this. The responsibility of passing down that simple action to children was a reflex thing. Working class communities were the breeding ground of socialists and socialism. Massive advances were gained on behalf of all those millions of working class people. Now, we are in the age of NMW and ZHs. The UK has the most draconian anti union laws in the developed world. Where are the Labour Party on these issues? Where does Starmer stand re Union links? Given the current drive by Starmer to move the party towards some sort of corporate sponsorship I have to assume that he no longer sees Trades Unions as a useful tool. If that is the case why not come out and say so?

Coupled with his antics re Israel I am starting to see a pattern which suggests that Starmer has no substance, no morals, no conviction, no socialist leanings.

If so, why is he tolerated as leader of the party?

Again, I challenge every Labour member to put forward the reasons why being anti Trades Unions is a good thing for Socialism. At least with this issue you can speak freely, no need to bite your tongues for fear of recriminations as in the Palestine thing.

Starmer has done nothing to assure the UK public that he represents socialism. He is shaping a Tory tribute act. Some say he is taking the Blair model a stage further. I disagree, He has neither the intelligence or acumen to copy the Blair way. Blair did provide a reasonable standard of living for most people. Starmer shows no signs of anything other than providing the establishment with a pale blue alternative to the horrors the Tories are currently unleashing upon us all.

What sort of "Socialism" is this even meant to be ????

Thanks for looking in . Please help by spreading word of this site.

Society not Economy.

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