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The End of the End.

Now then, recent days and weeks have gone way beyond even the wildest of imaginations. Day after day huge developments appear out of nothing. Not that we are in ordinary times, we most definitely are not. Covid has, and is, leaving an indelible mark upon everything that happens from this point onward. The virus has most definitely exposed some things that we would not have known about otherwise. The serious levels of corruption in the UK Govt, the sheer ineptness of leaders right across the globe, it has also enabled one or two to cover themselves with glory, think the fabulous Jacinda Ardern for example. How far removed is she from the cesspit we have in the UK?

This is where the biggest single indicator of the truly rotten core of UK politics has been revealed and it was not down the Tories or yet another greedy executive cashing in on wholesale deaths in the UK. It actually is not down to Covid either. It has gone by almost unnoticed by the UK media, but then again, that is no surprise at all. The massive development I am alluding to has been instigated and carried out by the leader of the so called opposition, Sir Keir Starmer. As much as it is deeply disappointing it also explains a whole lot about the demise of that particular political party. Many of us already suspected that Labour had lost its way since it self destructed in 2019. Now we have official confirmation that it has been lead down a very dark path and should now be avoided at all costs. We all know about the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) which exists to exert pressure upon Israel with a view to the awful apartheid regime in that troubled country ceasing its almost daily human rights abuses of the Palestinian people. Labour can now be added to the list of organisations that should be targeted by BDS. Starmer provided hard evidence of this.

It seems that a more senior Labour frontbench MP -Stephen Kinnock- has been subjected to an "angry dressing down" by Starmer for speaking out against Israel. This is an extremely serious situation for those who align themselves with Labour. I can say here and now that I no longer support that party and will not until Starmer is gone.

Kinnock is a former chair of the all party British-Palestine Group. He put forward in Parliament that Israel was "profiting from the proceeds of crime", well, I have to ask, does anyone really doubt that this is the case? Kinnock went on to request that the UK thus banned all products that originate from Israeli settlements in (illegaly) occupied territories. There is nothing extreme in his views, nothing that warrants anything but measured response followed by open and honest support. Starmer responded with an angry dressing down for Kinnock.

It has been clear for some time that Starmer is being held hostage by the Board of Deputies of (some) British Jews. His reaction to the humane views of Kinnock are damning. Starmer is not a humane leader nor does he possess even the most basic level of political astuteness. Based upon that I really do hope that the BDS movement comes out and condemns Starmer in the strongest possible terms. I firmly believe that the overwhelming majority of the UK public is appalled by that which is taking place in Palestine. The rabbit between the headlights is slowing down.

Starmer has already shown that he has nothing but contempt for Unions. He seems to prefer a more corporate sponsorship based future for the party. So, lets look at that in the light of his tainted view of Human Rights. This then puts any company that steps forward to give cash to Labour in the indirect position of supporting the human rights violations of Israel. I do not see how that last statement can be viewed as unreasonable.

This then, puts any unions who are still giving mountains of cash to Starmer in the same situation. I refuse point blank to accept that any UK union leader will support Israel in any way. Sure enough you would expect most UK business execs to do it if they thought there was 10p in it for them. Unions are different. They have morals, they have no tolerance what so ever for bullying or discrimination of ANY sort. How can they now , with any real conviction , knowingly maintain any links with Starmer and his obviously LFI party? Starmer is clearly on a mission, that being protecting Israel from reasonable scrutiny. He is an enemy of justice and fairness for the Palestinian people.

It has to said here that there are many Israelis who do not support Netanyhu or his desire for the eradication of the Palestinian people. This MUST not be overlooked. It is too easy to assume otherwise. Humane people are Humane people. No borders or lunatic leaders can ever change that simple concept.

There is now an opening for a Phoenix to rise from the ashes. There are millions of people in the UK who crave a way to register their support for a party that stands on the ideals of fairness, truth, justice, sharing, honesty, caring, and above all else Human Rights. This damn virus is threatening to turn the entire human race upside down. It seems that many things will never be the same again. One can only hope that UK politics will never be the same again. We currently have an extreme far right group of thieves plundering the country. It is an enormous tragedy that the Phoenix I dream of will have to rise from the ashes of unarmed medics who were shot in the back.

Thanks for looking in, please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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