At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us

The Execution of The National Mind.

Now then, from bad to worse to unimaginable, thing is, we no longer have to imagine it.

Sadly it is all around us now. It is not just our national mind either, thanks to the latest buffoonery it is now apparent that Johnson and his merry band of cash hungry pigs are intent at having a tilt at executing a few other minds , those which belong to most of the countries across Europe.

I have been around for a long time now, I have seen a few pivotal things regarding the politics of the UK. The miners strike and resulting mortal wounds inflicted upon Trades Unions, the damn poll tax and the attendant riots, the steady decline of our NHS, veterans freezing to death on city pavements becoming the norm, smiling Tory MPs having photo opportunities at foodbanks, gunboats patrolling the waters around us incase any desperate people drift our way, our national broadcaster photo shopping pics of the leader of the opposition, the NMW, ZHs, Care Homes used as death camps, the London riots and utterly unforgivable reaction of the Establishment when sending kids to prison for nicking trainers and bottles of water, corrupt ministers greasing property contracts for their mates, pensions funds raided by Billionaires, Windrush and Grenfell, Iraq, the Amazon disappearing, Australia and America burning, Covid, a small right wing group wrecking Labour and starting a chain reaction that leaves us on a par with North Korea when even thinking about speaking of a certain brutal apartheid regime (Israel) in an open and honest way. The cesspit of shame and greed is now massive and shapes the thoughts and ideals of those who are going through their formative years.

How any QC could even consider representing the UK in an international court of law escapes me. This country is an appalling example of how to brainwash an electorate then gorge out on the proceeds.

It's now all credit and debt. Mortgages, cars, holidays, flat screen plasmas, even fucking funerals bought and paid for with money that does not actually belong to the idiot buyers. This is the UK in the 21st Century. NOTHING to be proud of. NOTHING.

We are in the grip of a possible extinction event. Thousands upon thousands of innocent senior citizens have been herded out of hospitals untested, shovelled into death camps (without even making the Care Home aware of the lack of testing) and left to slowly die, without even having the terminal comfort of their last vision being a loved one. SICK SICK SICK. Profit was made, yeah, from purchasing the wrong testing kits and PPE! From rubbish testing and tracing systems, profit made in buckets by the likes of a small T Shirt company in Turkey. Arrogant and corrupt criminal Jenrick still struts his arrogance all around the place. Johnson likely still dreams of Arcuri in her wet look body stocking, What madness is this?

One thing stood out from all this soul destroying mess this week, it seemed only minor at first, however as a few hours slipped by, it dawned on me that it is just about the perfect epitaph for the national UK mind. Back to Covid, and all that wasted cash and the ill gotten gains of the pigs involved. Covid is being touted as having "returned", here is the thing,it never went away. We stand upon the edge of a storm of death not seen since the World Wars. Mothers, brothers, sisters and all the others will be taken. Desperate measures are called for. You don't have to be a Mensa candidate to be aware that testing is the key. The golden key. NOTHING is as important. It is not unreasonable to class it as the potential key to life. All resources should be poured into it in the name of acting in a humane and civilised way. There is the problem. We are in the UK.

I have read a report concerning some people in York who have been trying to get tested. Imagine that, YOU HAVE TO TRY! Why is this so? Well, here is the final crushing hammer blow to any vestige of hope for a civilised and humane approach to preserving the lives of the great unwashed and their families. They are being impeded in their quest for a test because of their credit rating. Damning does not quite cover this. Taking steps to ascertain their health status re Covid and credit seems to determine the possibility of succeeding. The whole damn process is being outsourced to private companies. I can imagine the disembodied auto voice on the answering machine stating that "your call is important to us, please hold whilst we decide if your potential for earning CASH entitles you to live a little longer". I am totally stunned by this. Unequivocal proof of that which drives the UK society in the 21st century. Not enough cash then you get to die.

This has been shaped by a media that is a disgraceful insult to all those proper journalists of years gone by, by supposed political parties who exist only to serve us (sic), by an electorate that is more interested in getting pissed than it is in looking after one and other, by those hard nosed hard charging Execs and CEOs who share the idea that the path to heaven is lined with CASH, by the steady and expertly planned execution of the UK national mind.

Sisters, Mothers, Brothers, Children, The young and the old, line them up, let them expire out in the cold. Just ensure you have shares in the funeral companies. Tomorrow used to be another day, it isn't any more. It's just the same one over and over.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word of this piece.

Society not Economy.

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