At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us

The Fall and Fall of America.(MARA)

We have all seen those shocking and unbelievable scenes from Capitol Hill.

In all my life I never thought I would see anything like that. To be brutally honest though it was not completely unexpected. Those far right extremists that Trump has been steadily cultivating were always going to ignite at some point. What is truly shocking is just how many of them seem to occupy senior positions in the upper echelons of the security services. Make no mistake, they planned for a long time how they were going to assist those mob rule lunatics. If that sounds just a tad far fetched then I ask you to consider the appalling treatment that has been dished out to BLM protestors. Absolutely no way can the inaction of Capitol Hill security services be described as anything but high level white supremacy. Simple as that.

We have all seen the footage and photos from various places over the last few years of police officers and the like making that hand gesture which those people use to send messages of support to each other. America has been having problems with its para military police force for quite some time. It is clear that they have been infiltrated right up to the highest levels by the extreme far right. Maybe the family of George Floyd could clarify that if you have any doubts at all.

The way BLM protestors were treated came and went via news reports. It was flashed right around the globe, then a few days later it faded into the fog of endless and banal news coverage. This incident on Capitol Hill however will very definitely not be doing that. Five people, including a police officer died. Died at the hands of rabid domestic terrorists. The number of police on the scene was miniscule. The time taken for any meaningful support to arrive was way too long. Put simply, those in the relevant positions to positively affect that showed just exactly where their loyalties lay.

America stands today as the internationally recognised seat of white supremacy.

Trump has been exhibiting signs of going over the edge for quite some time (he even held hands with Theresa May) and he has been inserting his sort of sycophant into those positions I alluded to earlier for years. The cancer of white supremacy reaches far and deep into the political institutions of America. Many in The Republican party have shown themselves up as extreme and incapable of any measure of respectability. When one of those votes was objected to at the Electoral College vote confirmation ceremony dozens of them stood and whooped and applauded. Outside that building the mob was heating up. Certain Republicans made triumphant gestures to the gathering rioters as they entered the soon to be ransacked building. Even in the wake of a clear and obvious election defeat they were riding on the crest of a very dark and ominous wave.

That wave will not stop because of the demise of an orange lunatic. Years and years of meticulous culling will be required. Some of those rioters will never give in. Thing to remember here is that the general public of that country owns millions of guns. It has been a few weeks since a mass shooting took place. There will,be others.

It is difficult to imagine how life will be for the tens of millions of peace loving Americans. Trying to raise their families amidst all that tension and fear. The majority of Americans do not own a gun. That does not seem to have made much meaningful difference at all does it ? Trump has damaged America in ways not previously thought possible. He worked long and hard to install America as the beacon of the right. Backing all the other racists across the globe that he could reach. Netanyahu stands out as usual. It will be interesting to see how Biden goes about undoing all of that.

There can be no doubt that when the fog clears, the right will see that it has taken an enormous battering through all of this. The Republican Party in America, and the global extreme right has lost its deranged figurehead. It will be decades before any reasonable person can see anything but rioters and violent racism when they think of the extreme right. Sadly five people have died for that to be the case.

The Prime Minister of England- a small member nation of a small island group of nations currently known as "Plague Island"- once called for Trump to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Well, Johnson likes to dangle the carrot of a lucrative trade deal to his population when it suits him. "The Special Relationship" is often spoken of, usually to paper over the growing cracks in his political nonsense. Here is a thing, Biden sees Johnson as the UK Trump. Methinks that "Special Relationship" is about to become very interesting indeed. It really is about time for that to be the case.

All we can do is wish Biden well in his task of restoring the USA to the levels of respect it used to have. The people of America deserve that. They have been living through a grotesque nightmare. It really is hard to believe how far the USA has fallen. The challenge now, and for the next decade or so, is to Make America Reasonable Again.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

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