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The Greed of the Owners.

Now then, Sunak it seems is about to announce a reduction in the furlough scheme.

This is extremely worrying, that scheme is the only thing that has kept many ordinary people afloat during the current deadly phase in our history. There are many who find getting by on 80% of earnings virtually impossible. Renters are in a terrible position. This is without even mentioning the disabled who appear to have been left behind, or those who have children who qualify for free school meal vouchers. How that fiasco has been tolerated without civil unrest escapes me.

Word is that the reduction will take the payments down to 60% of earnings. How are all those people expected to stay afloat? This will bring unimaginable misery to many thousands. As usual it is those least able to cope who will be forced into this nightmarish existence. Obviously those who think they are well off will remain relatively untouched. Victorian UK in the 21st Century strikes again. The UK is already being seen around the world as a laughing stock due to the ineptitude of the Govt. MSM across the planet is holding up the UK as a disorganised circus. They are aghast at the goings on.

I often use the USA as such an example, it seems we are now in the same bracket.

This furlough reduction is designed to do one thing, and one thing only, that being FORCE people back into work. You be the person who is finding things extremely tough just now, unable to pay bills or get adequate food in. The phone rings and you are given the simple instruction to attend the workplace on Monday or your employment is terminated. You are basically having a loaded gun placed against your head. There is nothing to suggest that picking up where the country left off on March the 23rd is a sensible thing to do. There is no encouragement in the stats that suggests the worst is behind us. If anything quite the opposite is the case. The supposed lock down is being ignored. B&Q is open, even McDs are openly flogging their garbage, some place called "Five Guys" (burgers) in Sheffield" saw staff abandon their posts in the face of being overwhelmed and customers helped themselves. Aldi attracted criticism after customers reported the place being packed out. I could go on.

So, why is this happening? Sure enough there are many businesses which should be working through the deadly virus. Supermarkets, public transport etc. I really do not see why DIY shops and the like should be allowed to trade. We are now hearing garden centres join the chorus. On Sky the other day a particularly obsessed Gym owner was preaching about how they would offer a "much better experience", in a gym, where you expect people to be breathing very hard and sweating profusely ! What about the staff? These are the people who clearly put personal financial gain above the well being of others. Sadly, the media is only too willing to provide them with a platform.

This points to the UK inviting all that ridicule from around the globe. We have not, at any point had a proper lock down in place. The airports have remained open. This is just dumb. Workhouses such as ASOS have carried on regardless. How come?

The ideology behind the next Sunak announcement is driven by the insatiable need for CASH. That gym owner displayed the same disturbing trait. I call it greed.

Cash, the great altar at which such people worship. CASH. Lets consider one or two things. Things which at first may seem a little radical. Impending death on a grand scale does actually warrant being radical in my book.

The latest figure I can find re the cost of HS2 is £105Bn, quite a tidy sum that is. Contrast that to the young NMW employee hearing that they need to attend work on Monday or say bye bye. Construction work on HS2 is going on now as you sit reading this. How much longer could Sunak delay his indirect threat to our NMW friend if that CASH was diverted towards saving the lives of the economically illiterate? Sure enough we could well do with a shorter travel time to London or any where else in the UK. I am not at all convinced that people should have their wellness risked for it during a global crisis.

Along with that, lets look at Trident. Massively expensive to you and me and anyone else you care to think of. Arguments regarding the pros and cons of such things will rage on forever. My personal preference would be to scrap it today at about half ten. Anyway, Trident becomes a little bit contentious in another way. It all becomes a bit foggy. Assurances have been given that the UK would play its part in reducing nuclear proliferation. Stuff i'm sure we all want to hear. Well, here's the thing. Officials at the Pentagon accidentally divulged that a deal to replace Trident with American technology is done and dusted. Not only that, it was sealed BEFORE consulting Parliament.

Hmm, why should we trust these people about anything? I cannot find any stats regarding costs of all this. Never mind though, Liz Truss is on the Trade Negotiating Team that will give our American friends a jolly good kicking!

I have had the usual adverse reactions to the stuff I write, on this issue the gist of it is that if those like our NMW friend don't go back to work they will die due to starvation. I met many people with that sort of shortsighted attitude on the campaign trail. The only silver lining for me is that they all believed that it could never happen to them, that those on benefits deserved nothing better. Many of those are now seeing the reality as it bites THEM. I see the real culprits as being the likes of Sunak. The money is there, it exists. Problem being the likes of Sunak are fixated on one thing only, that being profit.

The UK could go on for a lot longer with the 80% in place, they would just have to adjust their priorities, burger joints or young lives? Where's all that tax that Branson has not paid? Why has that rancid cash monster from BHS Green not had every penny sequestered to assist with the effort? Seemingly his fortune stands at around £2Bn.

Branson is worth around £4Bn. Our NMW friend may well be financially illiterate , very definitely is not illiterate when it comes to morals though.

Thanks for looking in, please help by passing this stuff on.

Society not Economy.

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