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The Jewish Chronicle.(Thanks Audrey).

Now then, TJC, we have all heard of it. Indeed throughout the GE one had little choice, it was constantly in the news, usually taking aim at Labour in the way that the media now does during Purdah. There used to be a sort of code applied during Purdah re the awful BBC and such like to actually give the impression of trying to be balanced.

All that is now long gone.

These days Purdah fires a starting gun to some, which signifies crank up the lies, intensify the fantasy element, take aim, fire and destroy. Our politics here in the UK did not used to be as bad as it is now. I think Flashman and Gideon took it to a whole new low, and May and Johnson have added considerable ballast to the sinking ship of political decency. No point trying to contest that statement.

Main anti Labour ammunition was based around Anti- Semitism and the aggressive antics of "The Hard Left", note, not much re the policies of Corbyn. Actually the Tories have adopted some of those same policies and pretend they thought them up, see the taking back into national ownership of various rail companies. Usually the ones that provide another payout to the likes of Branson etc along the way.

So, TJC placed itself firmly at the front of assassinating Corbyn and his project. Why a paper that is actually small scale without it's anti Corbyn stance, got to play such a large part in all this is a mystery to me. It is at best a "minor" publication. However such was the establishment fear of Socialism that it got its 15 minutes of infamy.

Along the way certain individuals within the Labour party used it to assist in their own treachery and cowardice. One such being Louise Ellman. Or, should I say Dame Louise Joyce Ellman DBE. Funnily enough (or not) that well known voice of fairness and honesty "SideshowHodge" is also a Dame. Is it mandatory to have behaved in a certain way ?

So, Ellman decides to use TJC to put forward that she had received terrible treatment at the hands of certain party members at her constituency meetings. TJC ran the stories with gusto. These "allegations" centred on a party member called Audrey White.

The allegations were total fantasy. Such as AW had been expelled from the party and only got back in by lying about her date of birth on forms. That she had received numerous warnings about her conduct whilst a party member, these warnings having been for bullying other party members, that she was a former member of The Trotskyist Militant Tendency, that she basically bullied the Dame during a meeting along with her other militant colleagues. It goes on and on. Ellman put forward that AW had been unruly in a meeting and constantly interrupted her during a speech, a subsequent tape recording highlighted the utter fantasy of this.

Before we go any further here, Dame Ellman had plenty of opportunity to put a stop to all of this. She never did,, make your own minds up about that.

So, Audrey White, an uncontrollable lunatic bully, according to TJC. Maybe she should be employed at The Home Office eh ? TJC probably has a real circulation of about 12,000, in June 2019 it was facing closure due to its falling numbers.

Audrey White dug in her heels. Would not accept such awful smears. She complained to the Independent Press Standards Organisation. An investigation was launched. The truth was to be sought out. It was duly sought out, and makes very interesting reading.

It was all pure fantasy, made up rubbish. This stuff had been beamed into millions of homes during a GE run in. A poor Labour MP being picked upon by the "Hard Left", bullied and pushed to the very edge, forced to consider her future as a fine MP. An MP who would fight for truth and fairness for all. Truth is she lied and lied and lied, anything to try and damage the Corbyn brand. TJC gleefully assisting.

IPSO quite rightly took that "rag of lies" to task. Despite IPSO pointing out the errors to TJC they refused to answer certain questions put to them, and responses came very late. TJC were given ample opportunity to support the claims it printed, they could not , and actually did not make much effort to so do. IPSO stated that it was very disappointed that the conduct of TJC during the investigation was "unacceptable".

So there we are, a newspaper that ignored truth, conspired to wreck Audrey White, jumped to the side of a lying and conniving MP, did as much as they could to damage the opposition, and gave a virtual two fingers to IPSO.

Happily TJC had to fork out to settle with AW out of court. I am unsure as to the current financial state of that paper. It is to be hoped that if it survives it has learned the lessons. I rather doubt it though. As for Ellman, long term obscurity for her I hope.

Imagine being stuck in a lift with her and that other Dame I mentioned earlier.

We all owe a huge debt to Audrey White. She said "NO" and eventually won the day.

I hope she goes on and has a good political career. Thanks Audrey .

Thanks for looking in, please help by spreading word of this site.

Society not Economy.

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