At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us

The Lake ?

So, the heavy blue hammer has smashed the delicate red egg. No doubts remain, Labour has been shamed, humiliated, battered, like never before. I was in the Count Room as all this transpired, at a leisure centre in Rotherham, tired and worn out from six weeks of campaigning on the streets in the freezing rain.

Even on the day of the count we trudged through appalling weather to "get the vote out" meaning as I sat in that count room watching the votes pile up against us I was well and truly knackered and demoralised.

Watching the Tory lot strut around deepened the dark feeling as soon as they appeared, all carefully choreographed, smug grins and a a particularly unique "strut".

They were far too smug right from the off, the following cannot be proven or supported with any fact, I am however convinced, they knew they were home and dry. I make no accusation here, I observed closely from my position as a Counting Agent and can honestly state that nothing was amiss in there, it was all done very efficiently and openly. Nothing dubious was in operation. Yet, THEY KNEW.

This raises a huge and worrying problem in my limited mind. More of that later. My view on this has already resulted in me being told to Eff Off by a Labour candidate who was on the wrong end of a huge loss, not that being in that position was the fault of this particular person. Again more of that later.

Let us take a look at potential reasons for the disaster that unfolded in such an earth shattering way on that night in Rotherham. There has been much giggling in the media and recriminations have started within the party. All to be expected I suppose.

So, the party itself, Corbyn has never been given the time and space to have his way. The untrustworthy media in the UK has sniped at him constantly and without pause.

Reason for this being glaringly obvious, most of it is owned by Billionaires who hide their mountains of cash offshore to avoid paying fair taxes. That is a key point, the word "Fair" is the correct one to use. Corbyn had no intention of cleaning out these cash gluttons, just taxing them fairly. Obviously this energised the very well off and they directed that self interested energy with gusto. Nobody could have survived this onslaught as the media mined far below the gutter and conned the gullible UK public.

Corbyn was painted as a "Czech Spy", "Terrorist Sympathiser", "Commie", "Marxist" , I half expected them to go the whole hog and splash across the front pages that he was actually The Devil Incarnate. Sad thing is , those who read such tacky gutter comics would likely have believed it. This election has truly sunk UK politics to depths never before imagined. IT WORKED .

Also factions within the Party outdid themselves when it came to being sneaky like snakes in very long grass. New Labour relics relished the thought of preventing any hope of a new fairer outlook being even born. It is truly despicable that they actively conspired to disrupt the vision of Mr Corbyn. Point that needs making here, we do not operate along presidential lines in the UK, the voters should be considering party policies not the figurehead, this emphatically did not happen.

The biggest single factor was Brexit, again Corbyn was handcuffed on this issue, we all know that the original referendum should have been adhered to. Corbyn wanted to do this, others such as Tom Watson saw it as an opportunity to sink the Corbyn ideology.

So that they did with glee. Not even actually caring about the EU, just anything to stop JC. Clever or supreme Duplicity ? I think the latter.

Therefore, every one of those cowardly snakes in the grass actually derailed policies that were formulated at conference, by rank and file members. They know who they are, me and you now who they are, they also know what they have done and think it is a job well done. One particular group warrants naming, that being LFI.

Not one of these so called socialists has ever come out and condemned the obvious wrongdoings of the Israeli regime. Time and again LFI members have jumped upon the chance to malign Corbyn and even his huge army of supporters.

For me, every MP should have to declare memberships of any groups outside of the party they are supposed to be most concerned with. Even worse, some of these LFI people are trying to nominate themselves as future party leaders, whilst keeping very quiet about the real love of their lives, that being an apartheid regime.

I will probably be rubbished for saying that, just for the record, I have the same opinion of ANY regime that shoots unarmed medics in the back, its just that Israel wants to infiltrate governments all across the globe, and actively seeks to outlaw any criticism.

Just think of the antics of Margaret "Sideshow" Hodge. Enough said eh ?

It should be noted here that the UN has just asked Israel to quite the Golan Heights, let us sit back and see what LFI has to say about that.

There we have a potent recipe for abject failure. A failure that will be choked upon for five long agonising years. The Tories are off the leash now, expect hell, then some more hell, and after that, lots more hell. Hell, a cold pavement with drunk passers by aiming kicks at you, a long wait in an understaffed A&E , mortgage arrears piling up, kids in schools with no lunch boxes, more gagging orders on charities, those on In work benefits seeing those benefits decline, more and more Zero Hours, the likes of Asda not paying their fair share of taxes, large empty spaces where forty new hospitals have not materialised, The DWP operating out of barricaded buildings behind barbed wire as the death toll mounts, on and on and on.

Many of the UK public will see all this as for the common good, until that is it starts to affect them. The cash pot is shrinking, it is simple economics, those on in work benefits are taking from the pot AND not contributing via taxes - therefore the cash pot will run out, Asda and co will not bend, what happens then ?

Who bears ultimate responsibility for all this ?

Well, it certainly is not all those who embraced the "For the Many not the Few" ideology, not all those who went out and actively campaigned in support of that heartwarming vision, not all those who care for others, who want to help troubled people, not those who look forward to seeing their kids have an even chance of succeeding tomorrow.

It is the fault of all those small minded micro Tories out there who think that because they are saddled with a mortgage, have a car (or two) on HP, holiday twice a year on borrowed money, even the carpets are on HP, who add all this up and see themselves as some sort of "upper middle class" are the real culprits. Easily lead by the above mentioned overweight slavering cash fed sheep dogs.

Well, you got what you wanted, the job is done. The country is yours. These fine people who delighted in screaming abuse at those knocking on doors. One of my colleagues here in Sheffield , who is aged seventy two got his jaw broken. An elderly woman in the South was thrown across a car bonnet and sustained two broken ribs. I myself had abuse screamed at me a few times, by flabby purple faced "heroes" who dream of knotted hankies and spitfires while gazing at pictures of Thatcher that are stuck to the back of their bathroom doors.

The vision of fairness has been smashed. Or, has it ?

Things are bleak now for us. A terrible outlook is enveloping us all. Never been this down for such a long time regarding UK politics. However, though it will be frustratingly slow, the Tories will actually plant the seeds for us. Their inbuilt greed will eventually demoralise just about every one. The incessant lies from their inept upper echelon will grind everyone down, Patel, Hancock, IDS, etc will go too far.

In the meantime, where do we go from here ?

Is it back to the ???? (I fear).

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