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The Land of The Free.

Bit serious this post, not that i've been able to post anything other than serious stuff just lately. Been a long time since any thoughts of humour floated around my mind.

The virus is revealing quite a few things to us.

Any idea of The Labour Party being a socialist thing now gone, deaths in hospitals for CV19 now happening to younger and younger victims. Most people staying within the new restriction rules yet they will likely be punished for the actions of the tiny minority of brain dead idiots. The UK Govt is making an utter and total pigs ear of the whole thing. Yet they cannot see this.

Time after time their lies are easily exposed by proper experts. Having such a huge majority was always going to fuel complete arrogant excess. It now is.

The entire planet is on the edge just now, this really is a time for unity and pooling intelligence and displaying an enthusiasm for assisting others. Small countries, big countries, well off countries, very definitely the poorer countries, all of them need huge amounts of hands on help. They need it in amounts never before seen. This an emergency that demands the putting aside of political tribalism, long standing barriers, is critical to getting through this horrific period in the history of humanity.

As we progress towards a positive end to it all, ALL countries have their part to play.

There are regions on Earth that have virtually no chance of surviving if not supported. Africa, The East, how are the likes of India supposed to survive without proper hands on help with a population of that size ? Think about the sheer numbers of people who could possibly expire in such countries , it is worse than any sci fi film you can imagine.

Some countries are showing a magnificent desire to pitch in, that much maligned place that is Cuba has sent out medical staff to help out, this from a country which for many decades carried with it an awful reputation. Yet here they are willing and enthusiastic when it comes to pushing forward in the global effort. China, well there will be some recriminations aimed at them when the dust settles, as it is they are also sending out teams across the globe to offer help and expertise.

I'm just an old bloke on the side of a hill in South Yorkshire, many things leave me demoralised these days. Seeing countries shoving aside age old differences to try and assist is a marvellous thing for me to behold. I often sit and ponder about the evolutionary curve of humanity. Usually I conclude that we are in reverse, just every now and again I see things which offer hope.

Then there is America. When it comes to the global stage this huge country never misses a chance to illustrate perfectly all that is bad about humanity. Firstly it is currently run by a brainless buffoon. A dangerous one. America respects nothing and nobody but America. Foreign Policy consists of ignoring everybody else. Even worse they trample anyone who gets in their way. A country has within its boundaries something which America wants and they get it. Declare war? yes, that will do. Impose crippling sanctions via back door political means and yes, that will do, just ask Venezuela right now. America will not lift its crippling sanctions against Iran therefore severely limiting any hope of getting the virus under control. Whilst we are on that point, Israel is actively preventing much needed medical supplies form entering Palestine. I wonder what Hodge would have to say about that ? I don't suppose Starmer will be asking her.

Growing evidence is appearing that alleges that America is committing piracy. Now, in the 21st century during a global medical emergency. Can you think of anything more crass than that? Germany is a country which has a good standing on the global stage. In short, you can trust what they have to say as being legitimate. At the moment Germany is putting forward that America is hijacking medical supplies. Germany has stated that America has adopted "Wild West Tactics" when competing for much needed medical supplies. German Interior Minister Andreas Geisel states that America intercepted a shipment of 200,000 face masks in Bangkok which Germany has already PAID FOR !

Barbados, lovely country, lay in the sun, watch the cricket, enjoy the deep blue ocean, catch some big fish. Why would anyone want to malign such a place eh ?

America has just seized 20 ventilators heading for that small island nation. This isn't David versus Goliath, this is the one year old son of David versus Goliath. That orange buffoon has also just blocked a consignment of face masks from being exported to Canada. I could go on. I'm sure you get the point by now.

The next time I hear some suited clown on the box speak of the "special relationship" I will vomit profusely. The virus is revealing a lot of bad stuff is it not ? We have a long list of things which really should not be forgotten when we get through this terrible time.

For me, America sits way out in front .

Thanks for looking in. Please share this far and wide.

Society not Economy.

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