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The Lap of the (Money) Gods

With every passing day the death toll rises. Grim reality is now exceeding the sort of stuff you can see on one of those obscure Sky channels that endlessly show crap American sci fi C grade films during the day. Bad as those films are they do not even try to portray the levels of corruption now running amok in Covid stricken UK society. Think of those pics of the packed terminals at Heathrow that you may have seen this very week, ELEVEN months into the crisis. Even brainless American C movie scriptwriters haven't come up with any of that. The Tories have. And could not care less.

I'm not talking about the Nightingales warehouses or the vast amounts of cash wasted on purchasing the wrong PPE or inefficient ventilators, or even the BILLIONS that have been whacked out amongst the high flying social parasites who are on first name terms with the likes of Zahawi or Hancock,,, or even the fact that a very good footballer is now the leader of the opposition,, what is really infuriating me just now is the absolute fact that those who have at any point donated to the Tories can expect to be rewarded with a huge contract supposedly linked to aiding the Covid effort. Experience in the field in which they are to aid, ability to fetch expertise or actually make a telling contribution is not a part of the equation. Just being a financial backer, or even related to one is all that is expected. Tens of thousands are dying, the Tories are feasting. SHOCKING.

That footballer - Mr Rashord- forced the Govt into feeding the under fed kids, without his telling intervention they would not be getting fed. Seems the kids of the UK are a bit of a problematic news item to Johnson and friends. Until it comes to cashing in that is. We all saw the appalling quality of those food boxes that were costing thirty odd quid. Maybe you have assumed that it can get no worse,, well, you are utterly wrong.

Laptops became yet another sore point for the Govt. Voices raised all over the political spectrum about the dire need for our kids to continue being educated. Actually, the teachers themselves are being ignored, along with that their unions have been portrayed as servants of the devil. Make your own minds up about that !

So, laptops were to be the way forward for all the school aged folk across the nation. As usual with our ultra hard right Govt things turned very ugly very quickly. School principles all over the country complained loud and clear about the fraction of promised machines that they actually received. Expecting 60 odd and getting ten or fifteen was common place. By the way, why was nobody highlighting the fact that most under privileged kids may well not have an Internet connection at home ?

This sordid example of the dash for cash outweighing the acute need of the the kids gets far far worse, in the most unforgivable of ways. One of the companies given a fortune to supply said machines is called "Computacenter" , nice sound byte of a name.

It was founded by Sir Philip Hulme, this individual is a regular donor to the ultra hard right and deeply immoral Tories. Over the years he has given hundreds of thousands, and during the hard to recover from 2019 GE his wife even joined in the fun and gave £100,000. The total value of contracts awarded to this super rich thief via the company is estimated at £198Mn. Just imagine how many school dinners that would buy ?

Unbelievably this episode has another stunningly shocking turn to take.

Some of those machines do NOT meet DfE minimum standards. Some it seems are infected with malware. How the hell could this come to be ? This ranks along side giving a fortune to a small business in Turkey that pretended to manufacture PPE, that particular example of gross ineptitude was allowed to fade into history without any sort of repercussions for those responsible. I would imagine that Hulme will continue on his cash lined merry way and not give a shit. Actually Johnson and his band of cold immoral thieves will do just he same. The global media is starting to pick up on all of this. CNN has been highlighting the appalling state of things in the UK, the press in Australia has carried stories about the corruption, the world is noticing. Our reputation is dire. A once proud nation is falling into disrepute.

To Johnson and company this does not seem to matter. Singling out our children for such inhumane treatment is a stain on the entire history of the UK. As far as the Tories are concerned our young ones should be kept in large cages with a notice saying "Do not Feed" hanging from it. A longish moat would be dug out around these cages so that nobody could speak to them or indeed teach them anything. Now, maybe it's me, treating the children like this is way beyond any sort of mitigation at any time whatever the circumstances. The Tories are guilty of treating our children inhumanely.

YOUR young ones are under severe threat. Their wellbeing is in the lap of the (money) gods. It does not look good for them. PROFIT is more important.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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