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The New Grim Reaper (In Blue)

Now then, IDS used to hold the title of "Grim Reaper" on behalf of the Tory Party. He toiled long and hard to earn the prestigious role. Many deaths can be attributed to his time running that ultra efficient culling operation also known as The Department of Work and Pensions. (google David Clapson to see the sort of thing he oversaw). He was very proud of this fine achievement, strutting around with that confident air of one who is an undisputed champion, and even seeing fit to boast about how his Dept was doing such a fine job at every given opportunity. You would think his career was littered with glowing success. Just google his time as party leader and you will see what I mean. It would take a super human effort to outdo IDS.

A very strong challenger has indeed outdone him.

Matthew John David Hancock has mounted a concerted and consistent challenge and scooped the honour by many a mile. There was no need for the judges of this age old Tory award to retire. Even IDS would have to acknowledge the outstanding effort Hancock has been putting in. Even when the harshest of spotlights have been trained on him Hancock has maintained a stunning level of lies and feigned ineptitude to surely leave nobody in any doubt. The new Grim Reaper is with us.

Sure enough conditions were ripe for a new Reaper to be crowned. A bumbling PM who nips in to work between benders and porking gullible women, ( beats the heads of dead pigs eh Mr Cameron?), a cabinet of bullies and sycophants, think Patel and Williamson et al. Then along comes a tide of global emergency and Hancock was off and running.

The global stage would phase many a young pretender, not so Hancock. One of his finest moves was to announce to the putrid UK media that "some nurses had died", a truly stunning demonstration of his Schumacher like arrogance. His actual comment being "Four Doctors and some nurses have died", it is difficult for me to conjure up a more powerful demonstration of cold and disinterested rhetoric than this. This at a time when any nurse going to work must surely think about contracting the deadly virus and then taking it home with them. Thus the undoubted gravitas of the Hancock comment in terms of usurping IDS.

He has been Sec of State for Health since 2018, he fits nicely into the group of people who have worked their way up to the top of that party by being servile to a philandering drunk buffoon. There are quite a few of them at that level. Gavin Williamson, a former fireplace salesman sent shockwaves through the Westminster bubble when he was plucked form obscurity, even Tories at the time were very surprised. Thing is, the current crisis is exposing them all for what they really are, that being "toadies".

Lets just skim through some of them, Gove, backstabber and not one you could ever trust with anything. He has a long running issue with the PM and at some point or other it will flare up again. All Gove cares about is Gove. Could be interesting this one.

Patel, clearly out of her depth. An undoubted bully who has left several Depts in disarray behind her. Soon to be subjected to an outside investigation due to her above mentioned cruel habits. The internal investigation will reveal her to be the nearest thing to Mother Theresa. Left alone long enough she will finish herself off.

Truss, utterly clueless and a loose cannon, always pay attention when she is being interviewed live, every time she is anything can happen. You will not find many dimmer people in UK politics. She is the one who once proclaimed that a "bag of porridge only costs a quid". This last comment is likely the sort of thing that keeps her in her job.

Jenrick, well, here's a thing. Sec of State for Housing. This prime example of the Tory way is under fire for claiming £100,000 towards a THIRD home. That money is tax payers money. Jenrick crops up every now and again on the news and sits there all arrogance and forthright views whilst lining his own very deep pockets in the way pointed out above. He is wheeled out to tell us all how to cope with this awful lockdown.

Easy to see how he copes is it not?, oh and by the way,he stands accused of breaking those lockdown rules by travelling from his £2.5M London home to a country house he owns in Herefordshire !!

Sunak, appeared from nowhere in particular, and was immediately touted as a future PM. Then, he announced all ,sorts of grandiose financial measures to save the ECONOMY. First he overlooked the self employed. Self Employed people will receive no money before June.He also saw fit to omit renters, this is actually massive. No rent holidays for them. More damningly he has, to this day, completely left behind the disabled. One month into the lockdown they await financial assistance.

I could go on, there is no point. Just google Theresa Coffey yourselves and make your own minds up.

So, Hancock has shone out above the likes of all those mentioned above. Time after time he puts forward that he does not have the answer to the questions put to him. He came out with the infamous 100K tests a day rubbish. Then he was a part of millions of useless tests being purchased! Why do we not know how much that astronomical gaffe has cost us? He trumpeted the infamous "Turkish Airlift" garbage from the rooftops, we still do not know exactly how much non WHO rated PPE that actually netted us. He has put forward figures re PPE being distributed that are earth shatteringly insane, counting each individual glove as a piece of kit? Come on, you would chastise your kids for pulling that sort of stunt. He was part of opting out of the EU Procurement Scheme, where does it all end I ask you? For too many it ends six feet under the soil.

There is much that I have not touched upon. To be honest, I do not actually like being able to write this stuff. I would much rather it was not the case. However, we are now way beyond the point where a respectful malaise is the order of the day. Banging pans is not good enough. The Starmer like PMQs vocal paralysis serves nobody. He has chosen to model himself on the Blair approach, that is up to him. Thatcher called "New Labour" her finest achievement, STARMAGEDDON would have her smiling.

Smiling, how much of that do you think takes place in all those ICUs up and down the UK? Or in the too long overlooked care homes. Those poor excuses for public servants listed above show no understanding, compassion, willingness, or enthusiasm for at least being open and honest. Every last thing they do is about protecting the Tory brand. Where are the Tory statesman like MPs? The ones who will put forward the truth however risky or unpleasant it may be? They are there to do nothing but hand out their condescending corporate PR and look after themselves.

How they can sleep at night escapes me. After this, it is to be hoped that they pay the most terrible political price possible. They seem to think an 80 seat majority absolves them from any consequences. Fingers firmly crossed here.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by passing this piece on.

Society not Economy.

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