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The Parties Within

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

Now then, Antisemitism is becoming the everyday political issue when we are not being informed about Syria or Salisbury. This morning the news channels are spilling it out at every given turn. They are not on about this awful subject being too prevalent in work places, or night clubs or pubs,they are highlighting the prevalence within one of our political parties, that being the Labour Party. The focus has become sharper and sharper in recent weeks.

A biased news company

By complete coincidence, nationwide local elections are on the near horizon. Usually the aim of the news channels using this issue (rather conveniently for themselves) is to discredit the leader of the opposition, Mr Jeremy Corbyn.

By yet another coincidental convenience Mr Corbyn is far and away the most popular politician for many decades. Ignoring ones own political leaning, this all calls into question the motives being employed here by our media. It is my personal view that they stand accused of using this awful form of racism as nothing but a means of serving the current government and actually doing the antisemitic issue quite a disservice in the process. It has potentially been reduced in importance to nothing but a cheap political football, a news item between the weather report and a drunk celebrity crashing his expensive car again.

We are in the 21st century, all forms of racism should be the top of all our agendas 24/7, not just when it suits our gutter level media.

So, all we hear about is Labour and this form of racism. Hands up anyone who thinks that racism only exists in the Labour movement? I cannot be bothered right now to outline for you the obvious links between the media and the current government. Just do a bit of digging on the Net and it all becomes plainly obvious. This is enough to cast doubt upon the real reasons for this latest smear campaign. Quite shallow and infantile really. not in the least bit surprising.

Two Labour MPs stood up in the Chamber yesterday and gave powerful speeches re this issue, and very well done to them for doing so. The speeches were applauded across the house. I would like to add my personal respect and thanks to them for doing so.

"Applauded across the Chamber" suggests that some of our Tory friends indeed stood and added their support to these fine Labour MPs. All right and proper. Or is it?

Tories applauding people for speaking out against racism in the Chamber.That got me thinking, just to home in on that, we have Tories applauding Labour people for highlighting a problem within the Labour Party a few days before nationwide elections in which the Tories are expected not to do so well. Is it just me?

Singled our for continual appalling media bias.

I could at this point go away and trawl the Net for images of Tories and their backers and sympathisers attending "Nazi" themed parties, or posing for snaps while wearing Nazi uniforms and giving Nazi salutes. But that is the thing is it not? We are being constantly fed the "Labour problem", Just now they were the opening words on the Sky paper review. Yet another puppet earning his fee by attacking the Labour Party. Yawn.

So, why do we not receive the same constant barrage of constant media drivel regarding the right wing and its MASSIVE racist problems? The answer is rather obvious. Where are the Tory MPs brave enough to do what those Two Labour MPs did yesterday? When did one single Tory MP stand up in the Chamber and offer an apology for the abuse received permanently by Diane Abbott? Or, Mr David Lammy? Come to that, why do the Tory party and their poodles in the media not at least talk about this situation? Simple answer, they do not actually care about it, it would serve no political purpose. To their addled minds it would not carry any advantage to their ulterior motives.

If the Tories ever opened that particular can of worms it would do huge harm to the image they strive to project. Their main ulterior motive is to sideline the opinions of those outside of their privileged circle. It would do lasting harm if the huge problems they have with ultra right wing groups within their ranks came into sharp focus.

The ongoing treatment of that fine MP Diane Abbott alone proves this.

However, I will assassinate any pretence the Tories try to maintain of racism not being a problem for them. And I mean right to the very top, all of them.

A superb MP.

WINDRUSH. Need I say more. Systematic, sustained racism of the lowest order. At the level of the Home Secretary and the weak PM. Absolutely shocking, and projecting to the globe that the UK is deeply racist and heartless. Just ask the bloke who was denied cancer treatment. That opens the door for me to compare this current government to another group from history who did awful things to people based on colour or ethnicity, however common decency prevents me from exploring that one.

So, Abbott, Lammy and Windrush, Nazi themed parties, Hitler salutes. Labour has a problem? Yes it does. And it will strive to sort it out as best it can. It may take years, it might be impossible. Labour will make the effort, our Tory friends will not.

The Tories dark secret

As a member of both the Labour Party and Momentum I will listen to anyone with constructive things to say about this. Anyone who has the moral right that is, I will take no lectures from cowards who hijack this issue for political gain. You know who you are.

Footnote. Mr Philip May has made a financial killing from the bombs currently being dropped out in the East. Here

FOOTNOTE 1a After writing the above, this came out Here

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