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The Patel (slave) Labour Agency - UK.

It was always on the horizon. An ultra hard right Government and a desire to limit the numbers of "them" freely entering the once ( long ago ) mighty UK. Promises given for decades about reducing the numbers of "them", targets which were missed by huge margins. All very predictable.

I can clearly see Flashman squirming on the box when asked about it and blurting out that it would fall to "tens of thousands" obviously it never did. Or will. Despite the bloated rhetoric that you will hear form our bloated PM it will not happen.

So, "them", seemingly responsible for a multitude of serious ills. Rape, Murder, Theft, Drug Dealing, on and on and on. This amounts to the inbred and widespread racism that really does pervade throughout UK society. Time after time I encountered it on doorsteps at the recent GE when out foot slogging around South Yorkshire. No trying to hide it, late middle aged and flabby white males turning purple faced when launching yet another racially driven tirade. Quite aggressive at times. The important part of that last comment concerns the age group, younger people really had no problems at all. Were actually quite puzzled about all the fuss. Most people of that younger age have mates from far away lands, play football with them, go fishing with them, socialise with them. Regard them as FRIENDS. They do not sit in their armchairs with a can of lager seething about any foreigner who may be unwaged, they just wish everyone could get along. This I see as hope for tomorrow. I sure hope so.

Anyway, it is now happening. Permanent "smirker" Patel has just invaded our breakfast news screens to clue us all in on how the Tories are going to get a firm grip of immigration. All in the name of fairness and to boost THE ECONOMY ofcourse.

Actually the Tories have a different definition of "fairness" to me and you, their fairness = a very small amount of people making vast fortunes from the efforts of very many people. Just though it worth pointing that out.

On that point, I think what they are up to will actually be yet another nail in the coffin of the UK ECONOMY. It will bring a few problems, main one being a chronic shortage of pairs of hands that greedy employers can rip off mercilessly. I absolutely do not accept this garbage that so many businesses need to pay the least amount they can legally get away with to survive. Let me illustrate this from personal experience. I did a very short stint in a local well known hotel. As A Porter. Usual dumb and brainless stuff, hoovering up, cleaning toilets, refilling coffee machines etc. I like to work nights, and , my hourly rate on nights was £8-31. the hourly rate on days for the same job was £8-31.

This is why such sectors say they need cheap foreign labour. Why should anyone work nights for a derisory amount like that ?

Many sectors across the Victorian UK are like that. Think about all those youngsters running about serving drinks all over the country, at race meetings or festivals, think of those hapless ones in the bright jackets and shirts and ties providing security, or car park attendants, again, I could go on and on. I won't, you get the point. Chances are many of those doing that "pittance pay" work are "them". Purple face on the doorstep dismisses this as "them" dragging down "our" wages. as if there's ever any chance of the likes of Purple Face ever doing any of this demoralising work. This again shows clearly that the average purple face is nothing but a childish and actually quite thick racist.

However they are now getting their way, via a racist Govt. Here's a thing, what has happened to the Tory party Islamophobia investigation that has long been called for ?

Back to "them" picking cabbages in cold fields and the like, they are going to become scarce. Maybe even seriously scarce. How will these businesses cope ? Who is going to calm all those captains of industry who are starting to sense their pants growing warm at the back ? What miracle have the Tories kept back ?

Actually it seems quite obvious to me. Those who are unwaged will be forced to do it. It is the only logical option. It's all been done before. Work or no benefits. Simple as that.

This raises thousands of urgent questions. You cannot trust the current Govt to run the DWP, or other such things like the Border Agencies or Railways. So who is going to run an operation like the one I'm outlining here ? Let us not forget this nasty Govt once had youngsters working for nothing in the likes of Poundland.

Obviously business owners will stampede to offer "state of the art" training and free uniforms to those shoved their way. All in the name of just about keeping the businesses operating. No lining their own pockets involved obviously. All those hotels and the likes rubbing their hands together. All those unfortunate people being coerced into believing that NMW and working every weekend really is the way forward. Imagine the effect on the already heavily distorted unemployment figures. Let's not even start on all those people already in poverty whilst working. Only possible winners here are all those greedy and heartless employers, the ones the Tories love. I don't think it will be enough. Simply put the Tories just are not very good at economics. Their very driving force is a massive amount for a very few, it cannot work. Look at the current national debt and track its weary path towards another global crash. All our Govt is doing is making sure they pile it high along the way.

I've looked at the unskilled levels here, what about the other levels. The UK is now quickly becoming a place most sane people would want to avoid. This will start to show up in a shortage of skilled people within our (sic) NHS. Actually this suits the Tories, they want the NHS to fall apart as reason for flogging it off. It has already commenced and will now pick up speed. You'd be surprised how many things will falter once the supply of pairs of hands dries up.

One other important thing, if the system Mz Patel informed us about today had been in operation years ago, her Grandmother would not have been allowed into the UK.

Sort of says it all eh ??

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