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The Politics of Tomorrow.

Just lately UK politics has taken a sever battering, mainly due to UK politicians.

Damian Green personifies it. Guilty beyond any reasonable doubt of serious transgressions of even the most basic workplace laws. This I can say from the position of having been a union rep for years, and during that time learned that some things you do not defend, you represent your member and assist things to conducted properly.

Not so in the case of Mr Green, he has been quietly moved into the shadows to wait for a short while, then a very gradual phasing back into the spotlight will begin. Make no mistake, this individual should have been summarily dismissed on the spot, and no honourable representative would have bothered to make it difficult.

There are plenty of other examples, too many to list here, however, it is worth noting one common theme, they all come from one particular party,, Guess ??

However, there is also a refreshing sign in some younger politicians starting to appear on the far horizon, one such being Laura Pidcock. This young lady - born in 1987 - has , in her short time on the political stage got herself a deserved reputation for being a fierce defender of the rights of those at the lower end of the social scale.

This is not surprising given that she grew up on a rough and ready council estate in North Shields which has seen rioting in its colourful history. Has to be said that ones formative years are hugely influenced by ones surroundings. It is to some peoples immense credit they they never forget - Noel Gallagher take note- and Laura is a prime example of staying true to ones deep roots.

Laura went to Uni in Manchester and has worked for Show Racism The Red Card amongst other notable stuff, common link being, always putting herself in a position to help others and then delivering her immense intellect and energy.

Recently she was told to "stop it" by a C list nobody on BBC QT when highlighting the plight of homeless people on the streets during life threatening winter conditions. Everyone will remember Laura for this, nobody will remember the C list idiot.

Laura is also remembered for quite rightly describing our ultra hard right wing government as "The Enemy" and backing that up with her feeling that it would be wrong to socialise with them. Again, she is demonstrating honesty and that solid link with her upbringing.

Mr Green will indeed start to sneak his way back into our political landscape soon.

who will you have respect for, him or Laura ??

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