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The REAL threat to us all.

Now then, You may have noticed a subtle change in the flavour of your news channels.

Sure enough the virus rightly dominates, certain reporters are well out of their depth when trying to deliver truly appalling news yet maintain a glossy veneer on behalf of the Government. Peston is almost comical, more than once now he has tried to railroad experts and then been forensically cut to pieces. Not that it bothers him.

I have become rather alarmed by the onset of "Economic Concerns" coming to the fore. All of a sudden we are being told that schools could reopen in a couple of weeks, or, certain businesses could reopen, to be fair here, these claims are not coming from any MPs or experts. Time after time now we are seeing Professors and the like state the "bleeding obvious", that being that we are actually not even close to starting to consider such a dangerous move. So, why are the likes of ASOS still trading?

Anyway, the likes of the despicable ASOS are not what I'm actually here to cover, thought they do illustrate perfectly the mindset of certain CEOs and Execs. Those statements and claims that we are now being brow beaten with have to originate somewhere, so, where could that be? We all know that our current Govt is actually an extension of The City, and when push comes to a harsh shove, the Tories are infact the junior player. Most Ministers and MPs who make up the Govt are "owned" by the very rich. The likes of the owners of ASOS, or Wetherspoons or Virgin etc have their sticky fingers all over Govt policies. Truth be told, I can see the scenario approaching where certain "owned" Tory MPs and Ministers will actually quake at the thought of having to consider maybe saying "NO" to these selfish and heartless Billionaire types.

It frightens me that having a particular amount of money can enable such influence to be. Every Tory in Govt is crooked in some way or another. Now, let me qualify that last statement. You do not have to break the law of the land to be crooked. We all know that they employ accountants and the like to make sure that though what they do is shady it does not break any laws. Just for balance Hodge is rather good at it. "SideshowHodge" puts herself about as being fiercely opposed to tax avoidance etc yet she seemingly received shares from a family company based in a Tax Haven, (we will return to Tax Havens later), so this is the sort of thing that is seen as normal practice inside the Westminster bubble. With the Tories it is the only way to be. Couple this with the undoubted far reaching influence of being stinking rich and the potential is there for the UK public to be put at very great risk.

We in the UK have been steadily brainwashed into a sort of casual acceptance of this class motivated greed. It is seen as just being the way it is. It's called Victoriana.

Normally I would just be very demoralised by it, at the moment I am extremely worried about the likes of you and me and our children. I can say this because I know what it's like to worry about ones children because I do it every day. My son is a train guard, his other half a nurse. They live in rented property, no rent holiday for them, they have a toddler. Just imagine how many people they come into contact with everyday. The UK is NOT totally shut down as it really should be. Certain businesses are still operating. This is absolute proof that the likes of those super rich cretins mentioned above will/do put MONEY far above the safety of their units/employees.Never mind their immoral stance on paying taxes, apparently Branson has paid no Income Tax for 14 years, that is normal in the UK, and likely will be for some considerable time. Or will it ?

What is not normal is this drive towards influencing the Govt to get on with restarting business. They are playing with fire, a fire which is fuelled by our lives. These parasites move Billions about from one tax haven to another. Probably hardly ever set foot in the UK. The current crisis has exposed them for what they really are. It is to be hoped they are never able to walk amongst us again. In the meantime, we are in the precarious position of having to pray that cash hungry and weak Tory MPs can somehow resist the advances of the CEOs and Execs who sponsor them. I am not so confident.

Denmark. Nobody really thinks of that country. It never bothers anyone and just quietly goes about its business in an unobtrusive way. Not a place that makes headlines, until now. Not only that, Denmark is setting the standard in a most encouraging way.

Here is how.

In the UK business rules above all else. They have never had it so good. Successive Tory Govts have ensured the most draconian anti union laws on the planet, they pay out the least they can legally get away with. Tax is skipped, The Gig Economy is the new UK way forward, on and on. Nothing is allowed to hamper the stampede to greed. Just to rub salt into the wounds, some of these businesses have paid out huge dividends to the all important shareholders and at the same time asked for bailouts. Victoriana gone mad.

Denmark has taken a rather different approach. The Danish Govt has taken the following steps, Any business that pays out dividends, or buys up its own shares, or is registered in a Tax Haven will receive NO Govt assistance ! Just how good is that eh ??.

In the UK we have Hedge Funds making Billions from speculating that the UK economy will endure a spectacular crash. Sadly, this also is not uncommon. Victoriana on steroids.

Where do we go from here ? That is uncertain at the moment. I really am worried that in boardrooms across the nation plans are being drawn up to compromise some of those "owned" MPs and force a premature opening of UK plc. The world has changed forever now. Will the public show its vehement opposition to such things ?

I sure as hell hope so.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word of this site.

Society not Economy.

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