At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us

The Red Fear.

Labour, well where do you start ? For a very long time that political party could easily and almost by natural reflex be seen as the party that represented the rank and file working class of the UK. All over the country vast swathes of the population would unreservedly tell all and sundry that they were proudly Labour. They would also tell you that their parents were and that the same applied right along their family bloodlines.

This came about over many decades of Labour speaking up for and actively working on behalf of all those millions who made the wealth but did not get a fair share of it.

How times have changed eh ?

I live in a place called Orgreave. Quite a famous location in political terms. One that still today is all too aware of the splits that were caused amongst its residents during the infamous and brutal Thatcher assault on trades unions via the miners strikes. Memory has not faded and the scars are still evident. Well, here is a thing. I actively worked on the 2019 GE campaign. Putting in the hard yards in The Rother Valley seat for day after wintery day. All over this huge constituency thousands of doors were knocked upon, thousands of leaflets delivered, one of our campaigning colleagues had his jaw broken on a doorstep in a vicious assault. He being in his 70s at the time. Our candidate (Sophie Wilson) at the time was top class. Orgreave was not visited. Despite the importance and history of Orgreave no campaigning took place here. Orgreave now has a Tory MP. A Tory MP who once claimed 30 odd pence for a 100 meter journey by car.

Why do I raise this here and now ? Well, it signifies all that has gone wrong with Labour. There is a very evident disconnect between all those millions of working class folk highlighted above and what Labour has now become. Blair started it all off during his long reign. Starmer is looking to go the whole hog. All those working class people are no longer that which Labour wishes to be seen to be aligned with. Labour now wishes for it to be seen as the representative party of the middle classes. Almost as if it wants to be a diet Tory party. It has now committed electoral suicide by sacrificing the working class on the altar of some sort of "image projection" of being in touch with the upper levels of society in the UK, rather than striving to further the cause of the great unwashed. Look around you, the run down former council estate breeding grounds of Labour support are being hammered like never before. The desolation and suffering are now at never before seen levels. Everything is under funded. Schools, healthcare, even policing, all chronically short of vital support. This country should be thoroughly ashamed.

Here are a couple of harsh truths. And, before I go any further I offer a genuine and heartfelt apology to the tormented ones still in the Labour Party and still clinging to the socialist ideology. There are now TWO things which will destroy your future within that diet Tory party. One being mention of the racist and poisonous BoD and the other being any enthusiasm for what is commonly known as "The Left". Whilst all those who inhabit those former breeding grounds of Labour support are being forced to endure miserable lives Labour members are like rabbits in the headlights. One beam being harshly aimed by the Bod and other being aimed by the anti Left Labour Party hierarchy. Recently a Labour CLP was prevented from donating to a foodbank, yesterday Rayner voted against a left wing appointment to a key NEC sub committee. says it all really.

Sure enough you can fool yourself into thinking that you are making a difference by protesting or joining one of the many splinter groups that have sprung up. Each one of them is well intentioned and invariably populated by well meaning altruistic people. Thing is, all they are actually doing is exactly what the Tories want them to do. That being making miniscule noises which are not even coordinated or orchestrated. Sure enough they will make a difference here and there, mainly to the ones protesting. The Left is scattered to the four winds now. They are very good at telling each other how fantastic a job thy are doing. In the grand scheme of things it adds up to nothing. Which is what the Tories want.

To all those altruistic Lefties out there I say this, - If you really want to help all those former Labour folk who are living terrible existences then remaining in The Labour Party is very definitely NOT the way to go. You seem to be confronted with a rather stark choice, help the LFI Party or help the great unwashed. There is no other way to put that.

Something needs to happen. Starmer is not it.

I am staggered that Labour have appointed a former member of Israeli military intelligence to boss the social media output of the party. This is beyond tolerable now.

My only logical conclusion is that the BoD are running things, Starmer is definitely not.

Why oh why are there still many free thinking people donating to that circus ? Starmer wants his circus to be see as akin to Tory thinking, well, here is a suggestion. The only way to affect the thinking of any Tory is by hitting them in the pocket. It is time for mass resignations to do just that. Then Starmer will know what it feels like to be treated like a Tory by fair minded altruistic socialists. Sounds fair to me.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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