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The Silent Cold.

Now then, the silence really is still deafening. I will be publishing the final part of my "Careful with that axe Labour" series later this week. As some of you will be aware it's the story of my expulsion from what used to be the Labour Party. go here

The silence I mention above concerns current Labour Party members. Before I go any further, if you DO NOT see any problems with the Israeli Govt it is best you stop reading this now. I am only interested in views I see as altruistic. Views from those who wish to see nations striving to spread peace and justice across this troubled globe. Colour, sexual orientation, political tribalism etc are not important to me. Honesty is. Loyalty is, things such as speaking up for the underdog carry a lot of weight with me. These are the things I always thought separated the good from the bad, or even the very bad.

I do still believe that the vast majority of LP members carry those qualities with them naturally. It is not an assumed outlook. It is as stated natural. All sounds pretty good eh?

Well, no actually, it does not. Sound a bit odd? Here's why I say that.

The thing is, I also know that the vast majority of those who have been, are being, and are yet to be ejected from that Party also carry that outlook naturally. Many of them had been active members for years. Had been Union Reps, Safety Reps, donated via union subs or directly via Party membership. Even more importantly they had gone out on many campaign trails to further the great altruistic cause of Democratic Socialism.

Now, this is what really demoralises me about all of this. All of the above mentioned would stir themselves into action if they heard about any particular group being unfairly victimised. Be that in the workplace, or socially. I know of very few Socialists who would sit idly by and allow such stuff to go unnoticed. I have seen it many times, indeed I have been part of it many times. Yet all those current party members are currently sitting idly by whilst their socialist brothers and sisters are being summarily ejected from their midst and not only this, they are being tarred with the awful brush of Racism. Yet, as mentioned above, the silence remains deafening.

NOBODY is raising a voice to question any of this, let alone offer support or call for something to happen. Just to make things (in my view) worse, the whole subject of Israel seems to have become taboo. All those current members have opted for the easy route of keeping quiet. Meanwhile the daily human rights atrocities in Palestine continue to mount. The ejected members continue to walk the streets as Racists. Why the silence?

The only answer I can come up with to that question is self preservation, which can be put in a much simpler way = Fear. This is not what any political party in the UK should be like. Is it really the case that being a party member requires one to not speak openly about any particular situations? Many Labour members will at the moment have a very dim view of the way the Tories are making the serious sexual misconduct allegations against an as yet anonymous serving MP and Ex Minister taboo. This they are doing in the face of this Ex Minister being arrested for Rape. It is disgraceful in the extreme. So, how come it is OK for Labour members to go along with the inhumane antics of the Netanyahu regime being taboo? I could list some of those inhumane antics here, what is the point though? It is common knowledge.

At the moment Starmer is having the best of both worlds. He won't come out and declare his support for Israel, he just shows it by his actions in running to the BoD and promising to visit Israel. By their total silence all those members are then backing him.

Has he ever even mentioned Palestine? This is where all of us who have been ejected have something in common. Most of us have indeed spoken out to offer moral support to Palestinians. Out in the cold is where we now are. That is bad enough, I really did not expect it to be a silent cold.

It is fair, though unpleasant, for me to ask all you members "why are you not speaking out within the party on our behalf?" Where have those altruistic values gone? Do you all believe that we are indeed in the wrong, do you not see that your party is being killed off in front of you?, do you not understand that Pyramids have foundations?, weaken the foundations and the whole thing will come tumbling down. That fund that was set up to aid Mr Corbyn should he face any spurious legal actions has reached well over £300k, surely this shows clearly how much genuine feeling there still is out there for proper socialist policies. Sitting in the safety of the "Starmer Bubble" seems to be causing you all to lose contact with not only us expelled members but hundreds of thousands of the general public. Is it really worth it?

Sitting on the fence never pays off. Inaction never gains anything. It is tragic that so many have abandoned lifelong held principles by not lifting a finger on behalf of the victimised former members. Ordinary people will risk their jobs at times in support of others. They will go without wages, refuse to cross picket lines, you are not being asked to do that. You are being asked to show some solidarity with us, your former comrades.

It is time for you to do just that or explain why you will not.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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