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The Thin Children.

The United Kingdom. A green and pleasant land, a place where where the sun shines down on lush green pastures. Where anyone can make a go of their life and become something to be proud of. A place that is welcoming to all, gives the same life chances to all and sundry. Where a fair day of toil rewards with a fair amount of money. Where we have a system of health care that is the envy of the world, a system of justice that is also the envy of countries right across the globe. A political system that ensures that the voices of the many truly do control our fortunes, that is free from corruption. Where nobody is left behind. The weak, the sick and the strugglers are cared for and nurtured, the SIXTH richest economy on the planet, a place that conjures up visions of spitfires, knotted hankies, deck chairs and donkey rides on the beach. A place to be proud of right across the nation. Does anybody still really believe any of this crap ???

UNICEF is giving cash to voluntary groups across the UK to ensure that starving children are actually fed during this winter and the pandemic. The UK, in the 21st century. Taking money that really should be used to sustain the lives of people in countries that really are struck with poverty, TRUE poverty. The thin children in the UK are not victims of unavoidable poverty, they are the victims of corporate greed and governmental corruption. I read a quote the other day that put forward that corruption levels in the UK rival Chicago in the 30s. Actually, I think modern day UK corruption is far worse.

For the first time EVER Unicef has launched an emergency response programme to feed the starving children in the United Kingdom. I never thought I would be able to write those words. Everything that the UK has ever stood for goes right down the pan right there. Just take a second to ponder what sort of message this sends to the rest of the so called "developed" world. Can you imagine anything as shameful as this ?

The UK is the worlds second biggest arms trader. In 2020 UK arms trading increased by 300 per cent compared to 2018. In 2019 the UK sold arms worth £1.3Bn to 26 nations who are classed as "not free" by Freedom House. In 2019 UK arms traders exported £11Bn of arms, this set against a court order which forbids the sale of any weapons to Saudi Arabia which may be used in The Yemen.That figure of £11Bn is the second highest on record. I could go on like this throwing figures at you, what is the point, you all already know. I have to ask, what tiny percentage of those numbers would eradicate UK child starvation ? Here's another thing you already know, it will NEVER happen. Not only that, the ones in the positions within Govt who could do the right thing are likely the ones who stuff their pockets with cash on the back of all those WMDs being hawked to the likes of Saudi.Blood money, mountains of it.

Pick a location in the UK, Belfast, Leicester, Sheffield, Manchester, anywhere your mind wanders, I guarantee you will find homeless people, poorly clothed and hungry children, families who are scared to death of being evicted, people who are actually dreading the so called "season of goodwill" because they are unable to make ends meet. In true modern day UK style many of them are in work. Struggling on meagre handouts from employers who live a rather different life. The hospitality industry is a prime example.

You often see news reports which feature hospitality business owners pleading for cash. You never hear the reporters ask about pay rates do you or unsocial hours bonuses etc,, why would that be ? On Sunday morning I was part of a team of ordinary people who "visited" a scum landlord. The issue being a few hundred quid that this landlord owes to a former tenant. The young tenant works for a large burger chain on low wages. She needs that cash badly, parked outside the landlords home address three cars with a combined value of about £175K. A graphic real time example of the UK today.

A footballer has recently shamed our ultra hard right Govt into providing school meals to kids during the holidays. Without the intervention of Mr Rashford it would not have happened. Sales of weapons to all and sundry would very definitely happen though.

As I sit here it is difficult to imagine what the next new low for the reputation of the UK will be. We have the likes of Jenrick who is openly corrupt and beyond any form of being called to account, we have Sunak who has a wife who is said to be richer than the queen, we have the likes of JRM who will cash in big style on the UK crashing out of Europe. We have hedge fund managers who are gambling on the pound crashing and when it does will rake in hundreds of millions, on the other hand we have children who can't focus due to being hungry, fall asleep at night dreading the next day,

This the United Kingdom today, and everyday.

Thanks for looking in, please help by spreading this piece.

Society not Economy.

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