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The Trump Problem

It has been an awful time just lately. Seeing a bloke with no legs, in a wheelchair, whirling a stone above his head being shot to death by a sniper. Seeing drones dropping teargas onto unarmed (apart from the stones) civilians. Seeing a news report confirming that an 8 month old baby choked to death on that disgusting substance. Hearing that upwards of 60 people were killed in the space of a couple of days. By snipers. Not one of those 60 had any guns, or armour. They had nothing but hope, and determination, now they have a place in history. To be talked about in future years as possibly contributing to a huge downturn in our evolution. Maybe even being the souls who accelerated our way into global nuclear conflict. This is becoming more of a possibility with every passing day.The clock is ticking, when will it strike our death hour?

Killed by a Sniper

Whilst all that was going on, Ivanka and other expensively attired "celebrities" smiled for the cameras and applauded. If ever any image conveyed all that is wrong inside the mind of Trump this is it.

I am not going to delve into the politics of that geographical region, we all know it anyway. Fact is, as that clock ticks ever closer to our hour of doom, the politics of said region will not count for much. That region and its problems are not the problems we should ALL be worrying about. All the problems we should be worrying about are far more important than political tribalism, or social standing, or cash in the offshore account. Though that last one is very likely the real driver behind all of this.

When I say "we all" I really do mean just that. People in far away places, people on islands, people in deserts, people in sub tropical regions, people by the oceans, people in crowded cities. People who do not know what a micro chip is, or have never seen a dentist. There is a huge and very dark shadow crossing the sun that should be shining on every single soul on our mortal coil. That shadow emanates form a rather well known white building in America. That building has housed some very great people, it has also housed others, Ronald Raygun springs to mind. RR was seen as a figure of fun. A bumbling man who stepped from B movie mediocrity into the role of President of The United States. It says much of the American electoral system that such a thing could happen. RR was though, relatively harmless.

Where our evolution stopped

Today we have Donald Trump. A cold, racist, cash driven, out of control infantile tyrant.

I am reliably informed that his own security services try to keep him out of the loop as much as possible. This is why, periodically, we see certain high level security personnel being jettisoned and bitter legal proceedings being commenced. We have seen Trump ignore the frightening level of gun crime in his country, and even show complete support for the NRA. He has spoken of building a wall on the Mexican border, and making "them" pay for it. His comments about women are shocking. He has lied and been caught out a number of times now, the most telling of which concern a porn actress and secret payments. The list goes on and on. All of that is domestic stuff, which really should only bother those unfortunate enough to live in that ailing country under his rule. Also, there are many millions of decent Americans who detest him just as much, if not more than I do. Fact remains though, if America had another one of its ridiculously infantile general elections tomorrow, he would likely get elected again.

Which then leaves us with his antics outside of the shores of his kingdom. What he does at home is not a general threat to all of us. What he is doing outside of that damn country is becoming a very real threat. Could end up being the last threat we get to be aware of. Iran. Dark, secretive country far away. One which I have been taught to regard as a threat to the free world. I do not understand why all of a sudden Trump wants to actively goad them into war. He reneged upon the nuclear deal. Took back the word of America. Just ripped it up and wondered if KFC were still open. This deal took years to put together. It was signed by us, the Chinese and the Russians amongst others. Trump tore it up. Trump decided to relocate the USA embassy to Jerusalem. This single action signifies that all is not as it should be within his mind.I see no obvious advantage to America via this ridiculous PR stunt. Other than to appease Israel. So, up to now we have two extremely serious acts, reckless, and inflammatory, sabre rattling.

Running out of places to land

Trump used the tag line "America First" during his election campaign, what he meant was "America Only". Time and again he has now trodden on delicate things, things that hold together fragile relationships. Korea was making strides towards a new age of cordiality. The two leaders shook hands warmly, stepped across the symbolic divide. Then, one of Trumps Hawks intervened, along the lines of "we expect complete denuclearisation and nothing less" and now those steps forward are in jeopardy.

American foreign policy really is nothing but America only. It should be pointed out here that America has about 6800 nuclear weapons. America is many thousands of miles away from Iran or the Korean peninsula.

Our executioners?

If Iran, China, and Russia all engage in a full on nuclear conflict, our time may well be up. This is not an exaggeration. Millions would die. Countries would be wrecked for many decades. America would assume, as it usually does, that it would come out the other end intact, that the spoils of war would be world domination. It lulls itself via Trumps deranged words and its distance from the incendiary region.

Israel is being used by Trump as a way to start massive conflict in that region. Trump is trying to start a drive towards a new world order. A new world that will have one super power. One with many thousands of nukes, whilst everyone else has none. A world where every oil producing country comes under American rule, having been invaded. A world where Muslims have been driven into the sea. A world where only the strong survive. Europe means nothing to Trump, just an amusing small circus comprised of leaders who wish to beg for his crumbs.

Planet America by any other name.

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