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The UK from Afar.

Now then, things are getting a little tetchy here in the UK. The Govt appears to have botched the early stages of dealing with the pandemic. These briefings reveal nothing. If anything they complicate the picture to us on the streets (or not). Maybe its me, I get the impression Johnson has gone to do them straight from the pub. Those two experts keep giving out advice which conflicts with the W.H.O. advice ?

Anyway, the corridors of power are far away from you and me, we will likely never know what is actually said in the COBRA meetings so it all really boils down to trust. In our current Govt I have zero. That is not going to change. They have earned that rating.

I have started to wonder about the current image of the UK to the rest of the planet.

There is no denying the UK has a very high opinion of itself, sees itself as a "major player" on the world stage. It is not. It is a small island nation which even on the global military stage is now regarded as unimportant. The scaling back of our armed forces leaves us way down the pecking order- various ways of looking at that.

Kicking Europe into touch has added to the sinking reputation of Blighty. We are now seen as a country of massive inequality, where megga rich individuals can sit back and watch the cash pile grow whilst other starve to death on the pavements. To be honest, the UK is now far more Victorian than it has ever been in my 60 years of existence. I really do now worry for the futures of our young uns, it is bleak at best. I find the whole scenario of the UK sitting at the side of Trumps table, making puppy eyes and begging for his crumbs to be rather demoralising.

Anyway, this virus stuff is starting to show the huge cracks in our top levels of the establishment. The out and out greed is attracting attention. The pant wetting fear of maybe losing MONEY overriding everything else is jarring with the public. Chance after chance has been missed to do the right thing and sow reassurance and confidence. We should have been hearing that emergency places of shelter were being provided for the homeless who are stricken, maybe those empty houses or former pubs etc that we see dotted around. Assurances should have been given that NOBODY will be evicted during the crisis. Talk should be of rewarding those who voluntarily self isolate, not leaving them to worry about bills etc. It should be plainly said that the Govt recommends that any absences from work during the crisis will not be used later as justification for disciplinary measures. This is not complicated stuff. Macron has just done it.

Why are our captains of industry not coming forward to offer their services and facilities at the earliest opportunity? We hear about the NHS being charged a huge amount by private healthcare companies for the use of private beds. Or we get Branson who is worth £4Bn telling his staff to take 8 weeks unpaid leave. If he paid them £500 pw for that period it would cost him £34M,,,, out of £4Bn, i'm told that equates to 17p out of £20. This typifies the upper level of UK society. We must not forget this.

Johnson has opted not to take control and order small businesses to shut down. Instead he suggests to the public that they stay away from them. This seems very odd, even for a Tory. It got me thinking. Firstly, if these small companies were ordered to close, it would help them immensely, they could make claims to insurance companies and hopefully find enough to sustain themselves. So, why has Johnson not done this ?

As usual it is about MONEY. The Insurance companies donate large amounts to the Tories. As we are all aware the Tory Party is actually quite small, they exist on the hand outs of the megga rich who know full well they can then expect preferential treatment when it is needed. Due to COVID-19 it is needed now. So, Johnson does what he usually does and rolls over. Again. This is how the super duper American trade deal will go.

He will sell out everything to make a few quid. Not that me and you will see any benefits from that. Food standards will drop, we will become nothing but an island military base to them. As for the NHS, harsh truth time, forget it. No cash, no life. Its that simple.

The staff in our NHS are being severely battered. Drs are working knowing full well some of their colleagues will be lost. They work on. There are complaints piling up about the poor quality of Personal Protective Equipment hey are being given. The entire UK is way down on bed numbers compared to Europe, a killing disease is sweeping the globe and the nation, there are not enough Ventilators. Nor will there be.

Hers a thing, the world is watching us. They are seeing this Dads Army style ineptitude on their news programmes. This happened recently in Brescia, Italy.

The hospital there ran out of a particular valve that was desperately needed to keep Vents operational. Disaster loomed, patients WOULD die. At which point a 3D printer company designed and printed 100 of the valves within 24 hours. The cost of manufacturing each of these vales = 90p. They worked. Lives were saved. A bigger company stepped in to increase output. A second hospital made contact. A spokesman at one of the companies stated that "they really should be made under clinical conditions, we have not slept for two days, we are saving lives" !!

This is the bit that restores my faith,,, they are working for free.

We get Branson, Tim Martin, Lord Sugar, Philip Green, Rees-Mogg etc, these are the ones who shape the image of the UK that is projected to the entire planet. It is not at all good. The people need to do something about it all.

Thanks for looking in. Please help me by spreading word of this site.

Society Not Economy.

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