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The V I P. Lane.

This piece is that bad it makes me angry researching and writing it. We have all become sort of numb to the corruption and total disregard for the great unwashed that our current Government displays at every given opportunity. We see the seething arrogance of Johnson and JRM etc on our screens and just shrug inside. They were given an 80 seat majority and hell on earth was always going to follow. However the actual scale of it is breathtaking to behold. Things is, it is ALL carefully planned and expertly executed. As usual the victims in all of this are me and you and our families. Not so usual, many of the victims are actually dead or dying. All of the above mentioned corruption and scheming has , without question, played a large part in many of those deaths. One thing that I see as utterly unforgivable is the absolute silence of the UK media. It has fallen to media agencies across the globe to spotlight the extent to which the UK has become a cesspit of greed and corruption with the bloated schemers seemingly beyond any form of reproach. This is a very dark period in UK history and it's not over yet.

Whilst the above is going on, we have the absolute mess that is Brexit, "Oven ready Deal" etc, Hedge Fund managers gambling on the £ crashing and therefore set to rake in hundreds of millions, this alone has held up the UK as a laughing stock. Let's move on.

In 2016 something called Exercise Cygnus was carried out. It consisted of a mock flu epidemic ravaging the UK population. It made recommendations, drastic ones. They were all ignored. It would have cost money to implement those findings. No doubt this raised some chortling in circles high up in the Tory Party. Well, as we now are all painfully aware the Pandemic has arrived and taken many many innocent lives. This alone should be damning. Let me sharpen the focus a little. The UK was not prepared, PPE became the hot topic in the early days of the pestilence. NHS staff complained bitterly, the apathetic UK population banged pans on doorsteps, the likes of Hancock were shamed into doing something. Here is what they did.

Something called the V I P Lane was instigated. This was secretly authorised by Hancock back in April. It consisted of a group of "favoured companies". As things progressed it became apparent that any company who appeared on the V I P Lane list was TEN TIMES more likely to be awarded a PPE contract than any not on it. Well, fair enough you may think. That would be acceptable if the companies on that damn list were experts in the field, had years of experience of manufacturing PPE. Well, you see the thing is, that was/is very definitely not the case. Brand new companies, jewelry companies, a company that fitted carpets in hotels, a pest extermination company, another company called Ayanda Capital had Andrew Mills as a senior board advisor, who also worked for a Govt body The Board of Trade. This company was awarded contracts around £340Mn and it went on to supply 50 million masks worth around £200Mn , which turned out to be useless due to not meeting Govt requirements. Why the UK media silence ?, we are, for once, not talking about Israel here.

There are many instances like this, it is known that around £3.6Bn in contracts was awarded to companies who were set up on the spur of the moment, had no credit, and had tiny assets.Others had histories of tax evasion, human rights abuses, or even fraud.

Around 1200 government PPE contracts have been made public, totalling around £22Bn, of this eye watering amount, around half has gone to companies with connections to the Tory Party in one way or another. By connections I mean run by friends of the Tories, those who have donated to them in the past or gave money to support Brexit. Or even families of Ministers or MPs. This shocking set of damning statistics covers contracts awarded between January and November, many more are not known about. They are buried under many layers of Governmental bullshit.

All of the above prevented many UK companies with the relevant experience and expertise from being utilised. Only thing that held them back, not being in the "V I P Lane". In other words not being in bed with the ultra hard right Tories. People died in hospitals, families wrecked forever, highly skilled NHS professionals dead.

Believe it or not, everything I have written here is just the tip of a very large iceberg. In truth, we will probably never know the true extent of all this gorging at the trough. The upper levels of UK society will continue to chortle and send all of this ill gotten cash to the Cayman Isles. Elsewhere children will be fed by UNICEF during the 21st Century in the UK. People will freeze to death on the streets.

In closing, I give you this fact, in the first three months of 2020 the UK sold off its "rainy day" reserves of PPE etc. Making a few quick quid. Also, into the bargain, exacerbating the acute needs of ICUs all over the UK and thereby sending people to their deaths.

My thanks to The New York Times.

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In 26 days the Fallen Kingsman will have some questions for you.

Society not Economy.

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