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The Young (It just had to be).

Now then, there was always going to be a game of blame. After Grenfell they used the Firefighters, during the early stages of the virus the NHS was used, currently the pantomime that is the testing fiasco is being carefully phrased as the "NHS Testing system" it actually isn't correct to say that, every time you hear that on the news please substitute "Serco" for NHS. Whilst your at it, have a look into who owns and profits from Serco. Blame flies in all possible directions when it comes to the current UK Government. Victim blaming is becoming the default position.

So, very dark times are on the horizon. Awful times are racing towards us. You will soon start to lose relatives. Some of you reading this will be touched by the oncoming disaster that is Covid Mark 2. This time it will coincide with the usual winter pressures that stress our NHS every year. Only this time, the already cash starved NHS has been further weakened by losing so many staff due to Covid Mark 1. I worked for a few years in the NHS, including in an A&E Dept, believe me, terrible times are approaching.

Just recently I have noticed a not very subtle slant in the news reports, it is becoming the norm for the BBC to happily pump out PR on behalf of the Tories. This time I find the reasoning used in the newest "blame somebody quick" reporting particularly offensive due to its obvious political origins. They have singled out the young . We better define "young" before we go any further. In this case it represents 18-30 yrs old. Many of those in that age group will have grown up under a Tory Govt. They have known nothing else.

By coincidence they were also the ones who were particularly enthusiastic about the Corbyn project. They loved it, the thought of fairness energised them like nothing else ever has. Came out in their droves, made political gatherings noisy colourful and a joy to behold. They saw a better world ahead.

Many of that age group were born into an awful world where things were just starting to become vastly unfair. An elitist education system, post codes that condemned them to having no chance of making decent lives for themselves. NMW and ZHs the tools used to farm them into dull meaningless lives spent putting the round peg in the round holes for a meagre living. Social (Council) Housing about as common as rocking horse droppings, those things were all conceived and implemented callously. This was done to produce an entirely demoralised and therefore subservient generation of cheaply available worker ants. So, to a large extent it worked.

Vast tracts of the UK are nothing but waste lands. Poverty is common place. Food Banks are struggling to keep up with demand. Suicide rates are rocketing. This REALLY angers me to my damaged soul- Paupers Graves are at an all time high. This particular age group was produced by a generation that saw running up massive debts as ordinary, the mortgage, car, Television, Carpets, Holidays and all the rest of it on tick. As kids they saw their playing fields at school disappear, saw Libraries disappear, Leisure Centres, all becoming extinct. Inner city youth clubs, support systems removed, then the national media asks , in serious tones, why stabbings etc are mushrooming. The youth of the day are highlighted as unruly yobs, wreckers of society.

I read a quote the other day that went like this " The problem with the youth of today is that many of them would sell heir Grannies for a couple of Vodkas". Stunning arrogance.

There are indeed those out there who wreck society. None of them are young.

They wear expensive suits. They drive expensive cars. They own huge houses. They dine at the best restaurants, they answer the phone in a posh voice. They express the view that the youth of today should get their hair cut and get a job. Just to illustrate that, I was picketing a letting agent office on Monday with ACORN, great day it was, just the six of us, one podgy middle aged bloke came out of the office in question, screwed up his face and snarled, "you people need to get a job", ah well, see, amongst the six of us was a young woman studying for her Masters in Physics ! , that dumb bastard likely sits around all day plotting his latest way to fleece Tennants who are trapped by the previously mentioned lack of Social Housing. The arrogance of that class of middle aged people is truly staggering. Because the Corbyn project was killed off by several dishonest plots which were well executed, the middle aged arrogant pigs think they are home and dry. They are not. I think it will be the young who will eventually dig us out of the mess we are currently in. That Corbyn ideology is alive and well amongst the young.

The modern age is far different to how things used to be. The ruling right wing plotted long and darkly to smash unions, it is unlikely that any call for a general strike would be heeded today. They dismiss the young as a drunken unruly irrelevance. Well, all that frustration, the day on day battering of their aspirations, the outright disgust at that which they are being forced to endure by cold heartless employers, the ebbing away of any respect what so ever for the young is the major flaw that the upper class has in it's ultimate design for their plush futures. The class war has been too unsubtle.

Johnson and his Bullingdon Club gang have got carried away by that 80 seat majority. They always were going to go too far. Rees Mogg, Hancock and his Cheltenham connection, Harding and the circus that is Serco, Philip May being knighted for his services to arms sales, Europe, Cameron sticking his dick in a dead pigs head, Johnson not knowing how many kids he has and being perpetually pissed, the likes of Jenrick not giving a toss about being openly corrupt- and getting away with it, private schools being given charitable status, Therese Coffey and her quest to be even more inhumane than IDS (why have I never seen her and Johnson in the same room?), A known homophobe as a trade negotiator, old people being sent to die in Care Homes which are now death camps (it is actually the Tories who specialise in killing Grannies), to sum all that up, along with the mountains of other stuff I've not touched upon, the youth of today are actually fair minded. They are tomorrow, we are yesterday.

Sure enough they will party to excess, what else do you expect? THEY ARE YOUNG.

They are organising themselves, groups are springing up. The young are at the helm of the rebirth of what used to be British decency. That is what is lacking in the UK right now and has been for a decade. Common Decency.

The ultra hard right Tories have none of that, I firmly believe the youth of today are full of it, they are finding ways to channel it. They will quite likely dig us out of the carefully constructed shit hole we are in. Maybe not tomorrow, but it is coming.

Thanks for looking in.

Please pass this piece on.

Society not Economy.

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