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They will kill us all, for PROFIT.

Now then, things seem to be getting out of hand among the UK public. A massive majority of people are respecting the Govt request regarding Social Distancing and general common sense as they go about getting through this terrible phase in our history. I have a son 60 miles away who has problems, I have resisted the urge to ride over and see what I can do because it would, to my mind, be rather foolish.

Many people are hugely inconvenienced, many people are struggling with things like shopping, or picking up prescriptions, or even just passing the time away. It is easy to assume that everyone has a PC and access to the Internet, fact is, many do not. It must be a really awful time for those with youngsters starting to become irritable. Thank God we are not in the depths of a cold harsh Winter. By and large people understand the logic that has gone into implementing the Lock Down and as such are satisfied that it is the way to go.

A few things are starting to call that satisfaction into question. Mainly certain places of employment remaining open. It is illogical that online clothes ordering warehouses are still open, requiring packed buses to roll up and deliver many hundreds of employees who are then fed through a small number of "touch scanners" to commence their shifts. Round here there are businesses who are clearly operating who should not be. All very quiet, all sort of as unobtrusively as possible. Meanwhile older people or those without close by relatives struggle for stuff like food deliveries. There are those who do not possess a mobile or even a landline.

Most people are paying much more attention to news channels than they normally would. It is to many a vital link to the outside world. They have spent so long cocooned in their own little environments that seeing stuff about the rest of the country is like a release form the daily depressing routines. Therefore one cannot overstate the gravitas of the information that is fed to the nation, or, lack of it. Therein lay the problems that members of the UK public are starting to be puzzled by.

Over the last couple of weeks we have seen companies speak of getting the UK working again. Places like B&Q putting forward that over 150 of their stores will open tomorrow.

This follows closely on from research revealing that DIY sales online are rocketing. It seems that many people are whiling away the hours by doing jobs around the house.

So, the Execs at that company saw an opening, a chance set the tills ringing. As you would expect, to the high ranking business fraternity this could not be resisted. To Doris or Joe sat at home, doing without stuff due to not wanting to potentially spread the virus this all seems at odds with common sense. To be honest , it seems that way to me also.

This raises a couple of large questions to me, firstly, who actually gets to decide if a business should reopen its doors? I would have hoped that decision would lay with Government, NOT business owners or Execs. My reason for taking this view, simple, Execs etc are not capable of thinking about anything else but MONEY. Even to the point of putting lives at risk. Secondly, the term "key workers" is starting to be bandied about a lot lately. To me that means health workers, supermarket workers, etc. All of a sudden it is starting to include those who sell garden gnomes or saws. There was a report on Sky news last night about a restaurant in London that is busily selling stuff , we see crowds gathering on a bridge in London every Thursday night to make gleeful noises, these images are infact shocking. So, why has "key workers" never been defined?

I am deeply worried that part of that definition actually contains how much money the business concerned has donated to out current Govt.

There is even talk of Premier League football returning. Arsenal FC have arrogantly stated that their super rich players will return to training tomorrow. This is utter madness. Thing which again gets to me is this, why is nobody from the Govt picking up the damn phone and informing them in simple terms that this is very definitely NOT going to happen?. Same with B&Q, ASOS, and all those others out there who think they are above the Govt and the natural of laws science. By the way, the natural laws of science do not change. It's really quite simple, you go near an infected person you greatly increase the chances of becoming infected yourself. Even Doris and Joe sat watching the news understand this clearly.

We still have 15K people arriving in the UK everyday, not a single one of them is tested, or even asked any questions. They just breeze easily in. From virus hot spots. Then they get on the tube, which may well be full of people going to work, work which is not actually all that important. The Govt, so far, says not a lot.

It is not difficult to see why Doris and Joe are starting to doubt things is it?

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading my stuff.

Society not Economy.

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