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Time to decide.

Now then, it's been a very memorable week. A lunatic is barricaded in The Whitehouse refusing to entertain the concept of reality and Labour has had it's NEC elections. As for America, it's difficult to write honestly about that situation without being utterly negative about it all, so, I will not do that just now, I do wish Biden well with it though.

So, Labour and its internal election. Labour is not the entity I grew up with. It has changed dramatically, as has the universal political landscape. There is now no doubt that global right wing forces are creating an environment where from this point on, the electorate across the entire globe will be offered a choice of degrees of extreme neoliberalism and nothing else. Sure enough there will be exceptions to this "new world order" way of doing things, anyone who thinks the UK will be one of those exceptions is wildly off he mark. Let me try to colour that in a little bit.

Mr Corbyn represented a realistic chance for the UK to become a society based firmly upon fairness and equality. The establishment stamped that out with the utmost ferocity, and has not stopped since. Every dirty trick in the book (and some not in it) was efficiently utilised. It will take many decades for any semblance of fairness to figure in any successful campaigning again. To put it succinctly any MP who advocates anything like "For the may not the few" will be booted summarily out of whichever party they happen to be in. Simple as that. For proof check the current status of Corbyn, then, when you have done that send a nicely worded Email to the Labour Party asking them to point out to you which rule has been used to justify that appalling status he now finds himself mired in. Then, ask why? It sort of proves my point does it not ?

Altruistic people in Labour (there are many of them) have been proclaiming the NEC results as some sort of tumultuous victory which emphasises the fact that the bulk of members desire a Lefty approach from the party. Whilst I am GENUINELY pleased that all those altruistic socialists have at long last been provided with something to smile about -me included, I really am so very very pleased for Laura Pidcock- the result does raise one or two rather awkward questions.

To start with , it seems that there is doubt regarding how the vote counts (where have we heard this just lately) were conducted . I am hearing that 6K votes were ruled out for various reasons and had these been included a sixth Lefty would now be sitting on he NEC. As it is, Akehurst topped the poll. This staggers me, but indicates that Labour is now an organisation which simply cannot be trusted. I never thought it would come to that. Starmer really is just as hell bent on domination as the Tories, just not as adept at cheating or distorting the truth. He will, sadly, learn quickly.

The point of all this is, as mentioned above, a bigger train is in motion. The internal workings of Labour are actually miniscule by comparison. The plan to force neoliberalism on the entire globe is going very well. Starmer is assisting it and will not be stopped. He is an agent of it. So, what are the viable options for socialists ?

Time is going to be needed, and lots of it. As I see it, a clock is ticking. One that signals either the continued misery of tens of millions across the globe, or, all those condemned souls seeing the dawn of hope. The thing is, given that I can only really speak based upon my experiences here in the UK, to offer a realistic route to that new hope, one has to weigh up the potential time lag of waiting for any Lefty resurgence within Labour, or, the growing of any seedlings within a new entity. Either way, in all honesty I can only foresee no progress for at least five years. Thus, in one form or another neoliberalism will rule over the UK beyond the next election. By that I mean that even if a party called Labour did win the next election, neoliberalism would still be the ruling force. A very depressing thought.

Where does this leave the Left ? All those who espouse "stay and fight" are riding high on the NEC result wave. I hope they enjoy the moment and I have absolutely no doubt they will put up a tremendous fight. However, this illustrates that the neoliberals have Labour exactly where they want them. Fighting amongst themselves. A fight which the Left can never win. Sure enough they will have a marginal effect here and there, as long as nobody mentions Palestine or raises the subject of all those members who were expelled on a whim. That being the whim of the BoD. Most distasteful and may seem quite pessimistic. I am just trying to be honest.

There are many out there who share my position, looking for a political home in which they can have reasonable confidence. Confidence that it provides a realistic route to providing that hope to all those who exist but don't live. Would all those "stay and fight" members be better served taking their energy and altruism elsewhere ? Would they be able to have a more efficient effect on the malign forces that feed off the poor outside of Labour ? I honestly do not know. Neither do I relish the thought that Labour is so far gone that it really is now just a neoliberal tribute act. Again, I am just being honest.

Thanks for looking in. Please spread word of this post.

Society not Economy

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