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To B or not to B (or is it?)

Now then, the dreaded B word, BREXIT. I do not know about you, it has become a word to avoid lately. Seems to have been going on since petrol was a quid a litre.

Johnson with his bus that had a whopping lie on the side of it, and Mrs May being all tough and uncompromising at Lancaster House, all seem so very long ago now.

Claim and counter claim, wild and ridiculous statements, all sorts of promises, learned people showing us how very unlearned they actually are, it has gone on and on and on.

Meanwhile the architect, Mr David Cameron (Flashman) has scarpered from view, escaped, skipped, done one, where is he now ? Staked everything on the referendum and it blew up in his face, causing ructions all over the UK and right across the political spectrum. I cannot remember anything to rival this miscalculation, and I can remember when the ball had a lace in it. I would hazard a guess that he is sitting back somewhere pondering which Hedge Fund to invest in next. (he could always ask Mr May).

So, as is the modern way, the mighty B was out there, open to debate and comment by all and sundry. You may have assumed that this would be a good thing. The public provided with an opportunity to air its collective views, to speak, listen, think and adapt views to the surrounding debates. Has that happened then?

In my humble view the answer is firmly in the negative. It has proven to be nothing but a gateway to those who see the keyboard as a powerful sword with which to kill the establishment monster. Some of the rubbish which has populated social media is breathtaking,some people really do seem to have become obsessed with having their voices heard.

Anyone in favour of leaving who publicly stated that on social media would immediately be drowned with ridiculous torrents of garbage and even worse abused a lot. Is this really the best that we can do? Sadly, I think to some it is.

All we hear is STOP BREXIT STOP BREXIT over and over again. I may be wrong here, is there a green leather coated button under a desk somewhere that could do that? Do we have a secret mechanism for undoing it all? Is it just a case of agreeing with these keyboard warriors and acting as they wish?

Keyboard Warriors, re this issue the profile of some of them is illuminating. Many are the left overs of Flashmans brutal time in power. The ones who jumped at the chance to be in the spotlight at the expense of the well being of millions of us. They seem to think that latching onto Brexit will make us forget their cheap prostitution for power- Wrong.

Then we have Tories, sulking at the impotence of everything they try, mortified by the rising demand for fairness for all. They have started paying "Disciples of Doom" to disrupt Europes biggest political party with smears and disinformation, straight out of the American playbook. That worked during the bacon butty election. Things is, this is not America, the public has sussed it.

If an abrupt STOP did happen, what then of the majority who voted to leave? Forget them? erase them from memory? Say the Ref was just to use up some paper or give vote counters something to do?

A huge democratic problem with that. If indeed the Ref is classed as "nothing in particular" can any vote after that be regarded as right and proper? Imagine what UK politics would be like from that day onward. Every group that ever disagreed with anything would have the perfect card to play. We are already heading down that road, anything that is put forward is objected to and organised against. New runway, Power Station, Motorway, Cutting down of Trees, Fracking, tragedy with that being, somethings really should be subject to intense public scrutiny.Back down once on a democratic vote and every last thing would become a circus of noise and anti establishment venom.

i have no idea how you voted re the Ref, and you have no idea how I voted. I am absolutely fine with that, it is how it should be. There can be no doubt that leaving would have huge consequences for many, nobody should kid themselves that leaving would not also bring huge benefits to others. The way one votes is ones own business and I really do not think anyone has the right to be vitriolic about it.

I have an idea though, maybe it could still be implemented, why has this awful issue not been handled by a cross party committee? Seems clear that the current managing group are all at sea, and do not seem to want anything but a No Deal. How could a "Steering Group" be a bad thing? May gave herself away at Lancaster House, nothing has really changed since that empty chest beating exhibition.

However this all pans out, I regard myself as European and hope that the price our children have to pay to get back in is not too high.

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