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Tomorrow never comes

Now then, tomorrow really does never come. In this case tomorrow fetches with it nationwide local elections in the UK. Not usually much to get excited about. Those inside the political circle tend to make a lot of it, until it does not quite go their way, then they tend to play it all down. It is after all a mere warm up for the BIG event. Thing is, this time around, the lesser may actually trigger the bigger.

Please vote for common decency.

So, as we hide under our tables quivering in case the Russians repeat not poisoning anyone in Salisbury,we really should be looking at these local elections as different to any we have had for a very long time. This has been indicated by the antics of the infantile main stream media, and indeed the extreme antics of the current UK Government. Things have been quite fraught actually.

As far as I am aware, NINE Tory candidates have been stricken off for "abuse". This has been largely ignored by our MSM, make your own minds up about that. I have made mine up, and it sure as hell is far from acceptable that this should be the case. One of the cornerstones of a free and civilised society is a free press and media. We here in the UK do not have that.

The Muslim Council has been repeatedly requesting a meeting with our Govt to discuss the rising and unacceptable level of Islamophobia in the Tory party, needless to say the Govt has turned a deaf ear. Our MSM has pitched in by offering us saturation coverage of the antisemitic tide that is drowning anyone with any sort of left leaning ideas. Data suggests that there are only encouraging signs within the opposition, and they are the least guilty of this horrible curse. But, lets not have fact and truth getting in the way.

I do not exist within the political circle, and class myself as ordinary. I would have thought that having NINE candidates showing themselves to be so racist and determined to make that known would warrant some sort of outside interest. I am puzzled as to why this is not happening? Is our political system not supposed to set the example? What does it say to rest of the world that this is the case? click here

Many claims have been made as to the expected result of this election. Much of that is bluster, some people seem to think that telling the nation they are going to win actually means they will win. it does not. Over the last ten years campaigning in this country has become very off putting. Political tactics were dragged way down to American levels by Flashman as he drove his party to a win via a picture of a bloke eating a bacon butty. Our once highly regarded political systems have never recovered. Photos of bacon hanging from the doors of Tory candidates houses, to "ward of the terrorists" shocks me to my very soul. What sort of image is projected by that? and, how many times have you spotted that picture on your flat screen HD televisions?

A large win for the opposition would likely signal the end of May at the start of May. There is something ironic in that. Based upon the above alone I sincerely hope that this turns out to be the case.

Four racists dragging us all into disrepute

Commentators often claim they speak for "the people" , well, tomorrow is a chance for "the people" to speak for themselves. Supporting such a deeply racist and unpleasant set of privileged individuals really should be beyond anyone with any decency.

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