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Too Many Years of Being Puzzled

Something huge has taken place within the upper reaches of the UK establishment, and it has gone by largely unnoticed. Lots of things can be put into that bracket over here just lately. Think of Windrush, Leave cheating on a huge scale, Salisbury and all the obvious bull that has accompanied that. It is difficult to think of anything that could put all that firmly in the shade. But something clearly has. click here

Maybe I need to point something out here, I have a connection to this particular issue. I do not want you to just pigeon hole this in the way that everybody has for eleven years. I am sick and tired of my particular position being lumped in with all the tabloid headlines of the time, all the tea and sympathy, all the closed doors, all those who shook hands and said "if you ever want anything" and then when asked did not want to know. The ordinary people who immediately shut down and adopt the standard view of "here we go again, another grieving parent bleating". I see my personal position as being different, and here is why.

Heroes or Sheep?

For an entire decade I steadfastly kept my dignity intact by clinging to the need for actual proof on which to base my comments and views. I have done live television, live radio shows, written in papers, been quoted in papers across the pond without ever being asked, written a book. Stopped in the street and abused, I still get abusive stuff every now and again. I get asked to be the token "stricken parent" by morning television shows, last one who rang I accused of being a part of the Tory PR machine (it was the BBC) , strangely that appearance never happened. I did that because I have had enough of the tepid, facile, attitude of those who have not got a damn clue about what it is like being in my position.

There have been exceptions, and I will be forever indebted to George Galloway and everybody who was so very kind to me when I appeared on The Sputnik. So, what am I actually on about? Please go along with me for a minute, click here

In January 2007 my wonderful and funny son Alex bled out in a Basra field hospital. God I wish he was still with us. He is not, he remains DEAD. Me and a few others struggle to carry on as best we can. To carry on as best you can, you require certain things. I am not on about money, or recognition, or some sort of "celebrity status", or an award, or even adequate time off work to put your shattered soul back together (which is just as well because none of that will happen). What I need is a clear understanding of the machinations of that which took place to result in his death. Along with that I need to be able to accept that things were acted out properly, that there was a degree of honour and indeed integrity involved. That those in the relevant positions at the very least stayed within sight of the Law, never mind moral honesty. I expect this, because that is what my son did. And, bled to death for it.

We had the Chilcot report, which, though I did not realise it straight away, was a deep and long lasting hammer blow. That was the first actual indicator that all was not well. It revealed to me that those in high places had, at best, acted in a sloppy manner. I have not read that report, I need to know if Lord Chilcot was aware of that which Gordon Brown later revealed in his book "My Life our Times" just turn to the chapter regarding Iraq, you will soon get my drift.

Who to believe?

Then, another truly staggering thing battered me again. I have carried the scars of all of the above for a while now, I am in my Autumn years. I should be left alone without this mess continually clouding my days. It is revealed that Mr Tony Blair (who I have met) is granted immunity from criminal prosecution by Westminster Magistrates Court. This being in 2017. This again wipes me out. How can this be? I have to ask, were the people who took that decision aware of the words of Gordon Brown?, GB being a bloke of immense honour and not known for being anything but trustworthy. This leaves me being in a position of having two former PMs at direct odds with each other. I really do not understand this. Mr Galloway said on his show to me, that I have been naive. The more I think about it, the more I see that he was correct. He put it nicely, he could well have said I have been a complete and utter fool. I refer back to my earlier statement, fool or not, I still do require absolute proof upon which I base my views. Both GB and GG state that the proof exists, and copies of that proof are here in the UK in the form of documentary evidence. To cut a long story very short it is along the lines of the Americans (why is it always them?) concluding that "absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence" regarding WMDs. Did that Westminster Court know about this?

Apparently that decision re Mr Blair is to be reviewed. This interests me greatly for obvious reasons. Not because I have joined the "Blairs head on a stick gang" but because truth matters to me. It seems that the decision in Westminster revolved around there being no crime of "Aggression" in UK domestic Law. However there is in International Law. Interesting point that one. So, where will that leave us (me) if that immunity is indeed lifted? Will the dark shroud of secrecy be drawn back? Will truth seep into our awful press headlines? Will those documents finally see the light of day? Will I be proved to be a fool? or will I then be regarded as one who waited, struggled, and then based his view on the reality of proof?

An empty symbol

This not just about Blair. As you sit reading this, British Officers are masterminding the tactics out East, directing bombing runs. A British soldier recently died in Syria. Obviously there is a critical need for certain things to be classified as top secret, and this no doubt protects UK service personnel in war situations. Can we really have leaders being shielded by immunity at such times? Do those documents exist?

Big question for me, can this fool be educated by the plain truth?

I require help with this. It is too much for me to do by myself. However, I expect nothing to come of it. A news story for bulletins to insert just behind the latest fall in the value of shares or number of food banks closing.

That is the reality this fool lives by. Sleep well Alex.

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