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Toxic Culture ?

Now then, the media this morning is alive with fervent chat regarding the release of a report which states that Labour is bad. Shocking revelation that eh? Not content with playing a huge part in the Labour Party losing two general elections, the press still wants to have presenters struggling to stifle smirks as they endlessly go into detail about Labour being utterly guilty of everything from boiling babies to throwing blind nuns off buildings. Obviously it is , without question, all down to Mr Jeremy Corbyn and his most irritating habit of picking up global peace awards. It should be noted here that in 2017 the Labour Party came within less than three thousand votes of actually getting the job done. There was indeed a poisonous culture that prevented that from happening.

However, it is not the one the media are gleefully espousing.

Certain individuals spring to mind now that it is possible to look back on it all with some clear focus. Actually, "Toxic" isn't quite the word I would use to describe this collection of specimens. You can probably hazard a few guesses?

Lets open the innings with Joan Ryan. This one takes your breath away. Totally immoral, devoid of any sense of fairness, honesty, loyalty or even reality. She was not even bright enough to take any care when it came to covering her tracks. She actually got herself filmed whilst engaging in some very dodgy talks with one Shai Mascot, (Israeli Embassy official) which involved a million quid and bringing down Corbyn. Even once this shocking news had leaked out, she just carried on, at every turn never missing an opportunity to deride Corbyn and anyone allied to him. go here

At the time she was a sitting Labour MP.

Margaret (sideshow) Hodge. Yet another one who is more obsessed with the apartheid regime in Israel then she is with the plight of struggling families around the UK. Time and again she grabbed at any straw and frothed at her cavernous mouth as she stampeded to the mic to bad mouth Corbyn and his legion of followers. Such are her personal limitations that on one occasion in a Commons corridor it all became too much for her and she boiled over into a foul mouthed tirade against JC there and then.

This poisonous individual never relented and did much to deny the UK public a chance at a fairer outlook. Again, all this whilst a sitting Labour MP.

That she is a Dame demeans the level of that office.

Ian Austin, another prime example. Totally immoral, no comprehension of loyalty. Incapable of singing from any song sheet unless he himself has written it. He did as much as he possibly could to damage the Labour Party before leaving in Feb 2019 to stand as independent and has evaporated into nothing since that point. Once the hand that fed him, and which he so vehemently despised, was removed he very quickly was exposed for what he really is - NOTHING. It is difficult to forget him trawling round the news channels studios to put on his "deeply upset" act. Excruciating television, we can all take great comfort from his current status as an ex political player.

Luciana Berger. Another prime example. This one played the "poor downtrodden martyr" card. She was "ever so distressed" by all the criticisms, was carrying the unbearable weight of being roughly treated permanently. It was a truly heroic effort that she braved the terrible environment of a Labour Conference. Her bravery knew no bounds as she entered into that frenzied den of snarling animals who were very definitely all out to get her. It got to the point where Merseyside Police had to provide her with an armed escort, according to her that is. One slight technical point here though. It came out after that Merseyside Police knew nothing about it. This unequivocally shows that Berger is a cheap, headline seeking LIAR.

I could go on, and on and on. You get my point though. All down the years the same old faces and voices, loving the attention and regular appearances on network TV. I went through some of that for a while. It soon becomes tiresome. At least when I was sat on studio couches I was there to speak the truth on behalf of others, I could, hand on heart, think afterwards that I had spoken honestly about a very difficult subject and done my best to put improvements in place for others.The above mentioned cannot say this.

Starmer continues the onslaught. He is there solely to finish Labour off. He has seized the chance to eradicate socialism and replace with it a pale blue Conservatism. He will never release the now leaked report. He is more intent on hounding out the whistle blowers than he is dealing with the ones who spread the lies. Therefore he sides with the ones listed above. It is easy to write Labour off at this point. However, Burgon and his group of socialist MPs does provide a point of focus. I doubt whether they can effect positive change, I do not doubt they they will strain every sinew along the winding and dreary way. One thing which cannot be doubted, they will work openly and honestly.

I wish every one of them well. Along with offering them my eternal thanks.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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