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TWO Reasons to be Cheerful

Now then, the darkest of times are with us. None of us has ever known anything like this. The Isolation is difficult to cope with. Ominously, and despite the rubbish spilling out of our screens, it is likely to go on for quite some time yet. To be blunt, many trying months lay ahead of us. There is talk now of public transport falling over. That really is a very bad sign. The military will end up delivering food to us.

So, it is my great pleasure to fetch to you a couple of things to be VERY pleased about. Each of these things is an indicator of just how much the wretched employers of 21st Century UK were getting away with. Due to the attitude of our ultra hard right Govt certain practises and antics had become almost normal. As usual the ones who were struggling were the fodder for ruthless employers to grow fat upon. The current "BOGROLL APOCALYPSE" has exposed the greed of capitalism for ever more. Not by design, the immense pressure is wreaking havoc on those bloated pigs.

Bright House. The absolute lowest of the very low. A graphic embodiment of the age old "Pound of Flesh" mentality that the upper echelons of Victorianism were founded upon. Specifically designed and targeted at the vulnerable and needy. Exorbitant interest rates and ruthless when it came to applying immense pressure to anyone who for any reason couldn't make a payment on any particular week. When I say payment I mean highly inflated payment. That shit house company dealt with people who could not get credit anywhere else. Everyone needs a washing machine or fridge or decent furniture to sit upon. Turning up at the houses of the ones who had missed a payment THE SAME DAY as the payment was missed and hammering on the door. Demanding the cash there and then. I know, it happened to me. We had severe problems, feed the kid or pay that ruthless mob. It really does please me immensely that hopefully it has crashed. I pray that those who have profited from it find themselves struggling to keep the light on, wash the clothes, pay the rent, travel on the bus, get a tooth removed, pay the council tax. I don't suppose they will ever know how all that goes. But just for now I will smile and hope with all my heart that all those stricken people who still owe them money are allowed to walk away, for once having had some good luck come their way.

ASOS , For those who don't know that stands for As Seen On Screen. It has a large warehouse in Barnsley. Again I can speak form personal experience here. I worked there for a very short time. In that very short time I saw more than enough. What ever you hear about them it isn't true. It is actually WORSE. All it is is a mail order clothing company. Nothing special. A truly awful place to have to work. Anyone starting there very quickly got a huge shock. Like the other mob I have highlighted it is focused on desperate people, people with the desire to earn money. People who did not want to be seen as "Leeches on Society". The Leeches there the ones whom own and invest in it.

Terrible attitude to its employees. They will give a job to anyone. Lots of the time people were getting off coaches with suitcases and walking in to start work. I worked nights, they had this practice that if they needed you they would tell you you were working an extra night, I stress, not ask, TELL ! These "extra" nights would be paid to you at Christmas, this enables them to claim that you get a large Xmas bonus.

You were constantly monitored via a device on your wrist. If for any reason you were inactive for more than a few seconds you would be approached and told that if it happened again you would be on your way there and then. ( anyone who knows me can likely figure out how that went ). I actually saw with my own eyes people urinating in drinking fountains out of fear of being escorted off site.

This renegade company has chosen to completely ignore our current lock down situation. Fetching in hundreds of employees on very packed buses. Making hundreds of them swipe in at SIX terminals. In that workhouse you swipe a finger across a scanner.

A perfect scenario for the spread of a virus. Truly shocking. It is difficult to know where to go with this piece. Here's a few things that employees have put forward , being told NOT to wear masks as they are "not part of company uniform" should just about do it.

In one day recently three ambulances had to visit that workhouse.

Obviously management dismiss all of this. Their response has been to have a "flash sale" and increase the workload. Well, even the petrified and nervous have limits.

500 employees walked out on Saturday. Took the enormous risk and said ENOUGH.

I salute every single one of you. I can't afford to buy 500 pints, wish I could. This is madness on a huge scale. In a sane world the owners of that workhouse would be dragged into court and charged with Attempting Corporate Manslaughter. Then convicted and thrown in prison. That prison could have a specific wing for Branson, Ashley, Green etc. See the theme there ? Rich bastards with no morals.

What will happen to those gutsy 500 I have no idea. They need help. they need it now. At least if the worst comes to the worst they won't have to deal with Bright House. What can me and you do about it ? Not an awful lot at the moment. One thing we can all do, is simply this, DO NOT USE ASOS.

Just a couple of chinks of light there in this long starless night. The capitalist model is now smashed beyond repair. God only knows what the future holds for the workforce of the UK. The lessons are being learnt by the general public. Opinion is shifting. They now see those who mop floors, voluntarily deliver food parcels, bathe the old, fetch medicines, push wheelchairs, drive busses, stick envelopes though doors, nurse the dying, want to help the many not the few as the real heroes.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word of this site.

Society not Economy.

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