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Unprofitable Humans.

Now then, the virus has exposed one or two major issues with our ECONOMY. Time and again on our screens we have seen CEOs and the like making the case for either government assistance or pleading for the public to spend spend spend in their particular establishments. This annoys me greatly for a couple of reasons, firstly what they are actually saying is "please pay us to let you take great risk with your wellbeing" all so they can fill their accounts with your cash. Pub managers, airport directors, on and on. They could not care less for you and your health, to them, it's all about raking in some cash. My opinion, anyone who really thinks that you can sit for several hours in an aluminium tube and be perfectly safe from a virus needs urgent psychological help. As for "we NEED a holiday" well, actually, no you don't. People have and are dying in tens of thousands. I find the fact that some people see fit to complain about having to Self Isolate on their return quite offensive. There are those out there who have not seen loved ones for many weeks and months, who have ventured no further than their local estate, have been unable to attend funerals, and we get selfish idiots moaning about holidays ! Shame on every single one of you.

Secondly, some grown up nations stated months ago that no company which is based in a tax haven will receive any Govt cash. This ofcourse did not include the current UK Govt. No surprise there eh? The likes of EasyJet got a huge wedge, and Branson was also bailed out. Easyjet then paid out a premium to shareholders. As for Branson, need I really colour that one in? This country does not seem to understand the meaning of fairness. there is plenty of evidence to support this view.

It seems to me that a certain huge class of humans in the UK are the sacrificial lambs who are offered up to the great God profit on an ongoing basis. They are coldly, surgically, with great precision battered at every given opportunity. The thing that really gets to me is, the UK public seem to have been inoculated against any form of rebellious feelings on behalf of the victims. Walk along any high street in the land and you will see clear evidence of the great divide that exists between the "unprofitable humans" and those who supposedly are ECONOMICALLY viable. It is a shocking state of affairs. Countless times I see homeless people huddling by doorways outside pubs or travel agents. Why is this tolerated in 21st century UK society ?

Before we go any further it is likely a good idea if we look at what defines "profitable" in the terms I am trying to get at.

It seems to me that to be "profitable" in this modern age you don't actually have to have any real cash in your accounts. Actually it is more advantageous if you do not have much at all. All you really need to show is that you have the potential to earn some on an ongoing basis. This is actually the core of all that is wrong with the UK. Let's jump back to the moaning holiday goers. The ones who have already shown how dim they are by putting a few drinking sessions under foreign skies above the health of anyone who comes into contact with them for a couple of weeks after their return. Ponder this, just how many of these selfish idiots do you think paid out in one go to pay for it all ? My suggestion is very few. However the great ECONOMIC engine that pushes the UK ever further forward in ECONOMIC terms positively loves all of this. Cash is borrowed, some agent who spends all day on a PC pushes the buttons, checks the CREDIT rating, organises the transfer and hey presto, Brits on the piss all over Europe again.

Those same selfish people likely fly back to "their own home", the one they preen about when in the company of those who have not "bought their own". Thing is, the vast majority of them have not "bought their own", what they have actually done is commit to a huge debt for about 30 or 40 years. More buttons pushed on PCs in offices , more commission, more debt, more fuel for the great UK ECONOMIC engine. I would say most of them drive cars they do not own. This goes on and on and on. Is this really the meaning of being a "profitable human being?" We keep hearing about the massive ECONOMIC crash that is approaching at a rapid pace, I have to wonder how the establishment will manage to rope Mr Corbyn into all this?

A casual think about the huge piles of cash that have recently been wasted is truly staggering to behold. All that money given to the companies mentioned earlier, wasted on rubbish virus testing kits, frittered away on a "world beating" test and trace system, thrown down the grid on unusable ventilators and masks, this also goes on and on. Why the hell should we have any respect for those responsible for all this?

Who are the real "profitable humans?" They are out there. Thing is they are usually very quiet. They are the ones who feed off the unprofitable ones. The ones at the top of the tree. The ones with accountants, financial advisers, the ones who have expense accounts and PAs. You hardly ever hear from them. Also, you will very rarely see any of their money, nor will the UK ECONOMIC engine. Other countries will see plenty of it, such as The Cayman Isles or various others. Those financial advisers and accountants are well versed in moving cash around so as to generate maximum profit and UK tax avoidance. Mostly all legally, also mostly utterly immoral. Just exactly what the Tories like to see. Margaret "Sideshow" Hodge is another prime example of sharp business practice. These are the people who have designed a system which clearly needs debt, much debt, they desire this debt to be widespread in the population. This is what eases their worries about whatever tomorrow brings.

Obviously there are very few of these "profitable humans". They are becoming very fat just lately via ripping off pension schemes, bribing ministers and other assorted deeply immoral behaviour. Just go through the voting records of MPs to see who voted against protections for disabled benefits or firmer controls over rogue landlords. See how Philip May is to be knighted. Can any one explain to me why that individual is being honoured? Arms sales are indeed very profitable. The UK is a world leader in this field. Those bombs kill many many poorer people. Usually brown in colour. This doesn't seem to matter so long as more and more cash is generated. Where does that cash go? It goes into offshore accounts and serves NOBODY but the dealer. Wages of Sin.

I don't have a mortgage, nor do I have a car. I don't begrudge those who have money in any way at all. What riles me greatly is the injustice of it all. I cry inside when I think of all the children who have the life condemning misfortune of having parents who reside in the wrong postcode. All the children who may not be academic or are slow with a pen, let along those with disabilities who will require lifelong care. My soul is clouded when I see Vets freezing to death on UK pavements, or the awful imagery that we all saw of UK Care Homes being turned into death camps for political gain. Just how many "profitable humans" put themselves at risk in that scenario? I sigh when I think of all those medical professionals who KNOWINGLY went into hell on earth on behalf of the stricken and never came out. Just what sort of garbage is this?

Most of those death camps saw no financial help at all. Only explanation I can come up with is that a "profitable human" who was more concerned with ECONOMICS than morals took the big decisions.

Sadly the future does not offer much in the way of encouragement if those bloated people returning from holidays are any indication. Imagine if every single person in the UK refused to pay out another single penny to finance companies,,,, yeahhhh,, just imagine the pant wetting that would break out in certain places.

I can dream eh??

Thanks for looking in.

Society not Economy.

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