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Vive La France, baby.

The most popular - by miles - phrase on social media and the news these days is "We Need", it is used in relation to just about everything. From action, to resources, to money, to help, to more staff, to workers rights, to help staying alive to improved End of Life Care, that last one really does get to me. Here we are in the UK well into the 21st century and appeals are having to be made to provide adequate END OF LIFE CARE !

I have worked in an environment where patients had reached that stage. Time spent around the Teenage Cancer Unit had a profound effect upon me, I will never forget it.

It is a fact that End of Life care often relies on cash raised at village fetes or charity marathons. What sort of comment on our society is that ?

So we often hear "We Need". It is a bland and ineffective two word sound byte now. Every single time somebody is being interviewed about a concerning situation they say it. To me it is now very irritating. It has become a sort of mild protest signature. The person says it, the viewer/listener hears it, then nothing happens.

If I could I would have it banned, It is worn out and signifies to the listener/viewer that somebody is complaining about something they think they need. Two words which are now utterly valueless. the value of the words of "experts" like senior doctors, senior police officers, senior firefighters, MPs, judges, church leaders, all completely devoid of any meaning. Ignored every time. When people like those listed speak they should be closely listened to and then things really should happen. This is no longer the case.

Our current Government has developed the art of ignoring valid voices to being a very powerful skill. They plough steadily on driven by total arrogance. They not only ignore the huge problems within the NHS, they scheme quietly to maximise profit from them. Same with the fire services and police. This goes on and on, right across the public services sector, the story is the same. Voices are raised, they come out with the "mild protest sound byte" the report ends and onwards we go. It is working for the Tories, and at the moment working very well. To a large extent this is so because the reporters are there to represent the Tories, lies, untruths, wild unfounded statements are all OK as far as the media goes in general. There can be no dissenters, ask Victoria Derbyshire and her team. So, the ministers keep on keeping on, the media wheel turns and things that are actually hugely damaging go almost unnoticed.

Maybe all is not as it seems in the privileged world of the Tory party though. A public is being shut out, ignored, some would say "taken for fools", make your own minds up about that. I already have. Due to the arrogance I mentioned earlier the Tories are completely unaware of a creeping phenomenon, one which though barely noticeable just now, is rising. As the damning effects of all these myriad of serious issues are reaching ever wider into the various levels of UK society, more and more folk are becoming extremely exasperated. Nobody wants to see their relatives wait an hour for an ambulance having had a serious health issue in the night. Nobody wants to keep hearing about the next stabbing on the high street taking place on a Saturday afternoon. These are the things they are hearing about, regularly. It is starting to have an effect on the UK general public, not only that, now that the Brexit fiasco has , to the public, finished, they are thinking about all of the things I have outlined.

For Johnson Brexit provided a very convenient "one trick pony" which was then ridden to election victory. Thing is, that no longer serves does it ? Turning to ignorance will not appease the UK any more. Walking away from interviews having curtly delivered the Govt line and nothing else. Johnson spends little time doing spontaneous stuff due to being a liability. Most of his inner circle are the same or worse. Cummings is a total mess. All of this is starting to negatively affect them.

I wrote quite soon after the GE that things had become very bleak, but hope, though distant, existed because the Tories would sow the seeds for us. They are. It is happening all around you. False figures in relation to cash, ongoing fiddling of employment numbers etc. Every time the news is on something doubtful is put forward and nobody is contesting it. North Korean style media output is with us.

So what happens next ? Well, my view is though it may take a while ( we have a minimum of five years) the resentment at the exclusion from the truth will continue to build. Right across the UK it will fester. Not just in the tinderbox run down estates of inner London, but in areas for so long seen as being quite well off. All the Tory ignorance reaches well beyond the obvious places now. Altruistic people do not ask for much, one thing they all insist on is not being lied to constantly. Yet it is happening.

Not long back London erupted BIG style. It all came flowing out. The Tories reacted in the way that you would expect, the usual "iron fist" stuff. Johnson wasted a small fortune on water cannon, tired and overworked duty solicitors witnessed kids being given draconian sentences for nicking bottles of water or a pair of trainers. The full force of "The Law" was misused to show just how tough the Govt could be.

Am I advocating that here ? No, I am not. I have too much respect for those who would rebel than to want to see them battered by a cold uncaring Govt. This does not mean I cannot see it happening. I rather think it just might.

Just look across The Channel and see the (largely ignored by the UK media) mayhem that has been ongoing now for over a year. When I say mayhem I mean MAYHEM. All levels of French society are actively involved. Solicitors, Drs, Tax Officers, Rail workers, even Firefighters, Ballerinas, on and on ALL of them. There is much disturbing footage around of Police brutally fighting with Firefighters, sadly a Firefighter was shot in the back of the head yesterday seemingly by a French copper. This is real and shocking stuff. Look on Youtube.

It demonstrates an undying determination held by the average French person, to see fairness and to be heard when that fairness is absent.

Let me put it succinctly,,,France is on the street, the UK is on its knees.

Martin Luther King once said "Rioting is the language of the Unheard", fine bloke, fine sentiment. The immediate future in the UK does not look at all good.

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