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What exactly was Slain ?

Now then, the UK media is still not missing a single chance to associate Mr Corbyn with Anti-Semitism. We all know how that went, how it was carefully orchestrated and managed by the media and even far too many around the top of what used to be the Labour Party. It's been a while now since it actually served its purpose. Still the same tired old voices, "SideshowHodge" etc crop up every now and again to the delight of the presenters and spew forth the same tired old damaging rubbish. Why "SideshowHodge" should be given the time of day is beyond me, she is an embarrassing stuck record relic who should not be allowed out of the house. I am not here today to write about her.

Something rather unsettling has occurred to me. That being, just exactly what was wrecked by all those who conspired in the shadows to derail the chance of a truly Socialist Government from coming into being? All the focus has been firmly placed upon those at the very top of the money pile. The offshore bank account holders, the Hedgefund managers, the Millionaires and Billionaires who run for cover at the very thought of being taxed fairly. The ones (like "SideshowHodge") who can fork out £Ks on sharp suited and sharp minded accountants to enable them to exploit every possible tiny loophole to avoid tax, then sit there beaming at the cameras as they talk about such things as improving things for those who can't afford to feed the kids or buy a gas card this week. When all those shadow schemers put together their elaborate plans to frame the new Socialist optimism as a racist endeavour they completely overlooked the consequences for millions of people. Not just any people, the people least best placed to cope with another Tory onslaught. Those cowards in the shadows abandoned all compassion or concern for the weak and the struggling. They were seen as nothing but unfortunate side issues when compared to the ultimate goal-- Slaying Corbyn.

Last December is a long time ago now. The dust has settled. The no deal Brexit that the Tories wanted all along is careering towards us. There is a huge economic disaster speeding towards us. Reality check, Hedgefund managers will have gambled on all of this and will rake in yet more Billions. So, just exactly where was the great triumph on behalf of the shadow cowards? Who can look back and gloat about it? Let us take a look.

Joe Glasman is likely not a name many of you are familiar with. Well, he personifies the mentality of those who heroically fought Corbyn from the comfort of the shadows. He was a major player, a big achiever, or to put it another way, a sly coward. Glasman leads the political investigations team at what is known as The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism. That sounds quite grand eh? Well. actually it is far from that. What it actually is amounts to an anti Palestinian organisation. You see, you can have all the racism you want as long as it is not directed at Israel. The CAA came into being in 2014, with one intention, to deflect and neuter all criticisms of Israel murdering Palestinian civilians and unarmed medics etc. This they did by smearing all such critics as A/S. There is no dismissing my words here as biased or any form of racism, check out the facts for yourself, or go here to see the coward himself gloating like a spoilt child. That video has been around for quite a while, you would expect something as explosive as that to be all over the news channels. There is no escaping its contents, nor is there any way to mitigate it. It is damning in the extreme. All of which leads any reasonable mind to ask why it is so relatively unseen? The obvious answers to that are deeply worrying. Even more worrying is the fact that the CAA was registered as a charitable organisation in 2015. How exactly does that work? Mrs May was full of praise for them. "SideshowHodge" is one of its honorary patrons. Nuff Sedd eh? go here

What I am doing here is drawing an accurate sketch for you of the sewer within which the Corbyn project suffocated. You all know about my opinion of the Board of Deputies of SOME British jews, well now you can add Glasman and his band of cowards. Just for good measure, the BoD also has charitable status. go here .

What Glasman has proven beyond any doubt is that these rabid schemers will willingly heap years and years of misery onto the deprived UK population to achieve their ends. There are no limits to their fierce obsessions. There is spasmodic talk in political circles and the media of outside interference in UK politics. We hear about the ever convenient Russians, or, as Trump wishes it to be, the Chinese. How odd that we never hear Israel mentioned in the same breath. For Glasman to publish that video and then be able to carry on regardless is truly stunning. Why have UK political authorities not hauled him before an investigatory board to explain his antics?

At some point or other, all this fawning to the CAA and its like will blow up big style on the UK establishment. The gearing is all wrong. One thing will outlive its usefulness to the other, the timings will create friction. The masters will be bitten by the hounds.

We all ready know you can never trust a Tory. Seems that the Tories will learn that you can never trust a scheming coward. Either way, the poor in UK society will pay the price.

Parts of Palestine are now due for further annexation. UK establishment silence is deafening. Until Palestine is free, none of us are.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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