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Where's our Abby Martin ??

Now then, I've often written about our national media here in the UK. No other way to put it, it is GARBAGE on all levels. This being due to most of it being owned by Billionaires who don't pay fair taxes via offshore accounts. They leave that tax to be paid by me and you. No denying that one. Also, the media shapes how people think and lately how they vote. Obviously they get the public to vote for the party that offers most protection to them. Nothing deep and mystical about it, all becoming very demoralising really. Only silver lining being print media is rapidly on the way out. It would be of great help in this regard if you did't click on the websites of these newspapers. They are just about surviving on the revenue created by WWWs.

So, our publicity landscape has been devoid of anything outstanding for many years now. John Pilger stuck his head above the parapet and produced an excellent documentary about the real goings on re our NHS. In true dictatorial style our absentee PM ensured it wasn't shown until after the GE. North Korea seems to have caught the eye of Johnson.

All we get are biased journos churning out the same old stuff, or more to the point NOT churning out any remotely contentious stuff. Think of France and how the French public has been bravely taking on Macron for well over a year. How can Firefighters battling with the Police not be news worthy ? It beggars belief, Last week the magnificent Debbie Abrahams gave the best speech in Parly that I have ever seen, re DWP deaths, did you hear about it via any of our pointless 24/7 news channels ? You are more likely to have seen the awful K.Burley interviewing herself when any Labour guest was on. She does that, very unprofessional.

The epitome of poor journalism works at the BBC, I will get to her later. Bet you can guess ! It really is not too difficult.

So, a name from across the pond caught my eye, until last week I had never heard of her. Abby Martin. Who is that ? you may ask,, Let me enlighten you. Abby was born in 1984 in Oakland, Abby is a TV journalist, but not your run of the mill one. For a start she is massively intelligent, is an under graduate in Political Science and is fluent in Spanish.

There are mixed views about her in the American establishment. She held extremely controversial views re 911, view which she later changed. This proves to me that Abby Martin is more than capable of admitting when she has got something wrong. It also illustrates that she learns as she goes and will change her mind accordingly when circumstances/evidence dictate. Just how an honest Journo should be.

This will not help when it comes to the opinion of the American establishment, she used to work on RT, hosting "Breaking The Set" from 2012 to 2015. Abby does not sail along on calm and easily accepted waters. She also launched "The Empire Files" in 2015 via an outlet sponsored by the Venezuelan Govt, ! I'm not sure Mr President will be inviting her to The White House to share several buckets of KFC any time soon. I am also not sure that this keeps her awake at night. I love her !!

In 2019 she released the documentary "Empire Files:Gaza Fights For Freedom"

This is what brought her to my attention. On February the 10th of this year she filed a Lawsuit against the State of Georgias Law requiring her to sign a pledge NOT to boycott Israel. Due to her refusing to sign this pledge an appearance she was due to make at Georgia Southern Uni , to speak about Critical Media Literacy was pulled. This rings a few bells with me given the attitude to Palestine which is pervading through UK media circles just lately. Abby Martin stuck her flag in the sand and stood up to be counted.

There is an election running over the water at the moment. The Israel lobby is gearing up to try and ruin it, like they did over here. As you would expect that lobby has its tentacles everywhere, along with the full support of the right wing it will likely have quite a lot of influence. One difference to the UK though, Bernie Sanders is infact Jewish. I don't know enough about American politics, I can only hope that this makes the work of the Israel lobby very difficult indeed.

So, this started me thinking about the goings on over here and the antics of the UK media. Can you bring anyone to mind who could fit into the bracket that Abby is from ??

Do we have any high profile Journo capable of doing things along these lines ?

Now back to the BBC "Journo" I hinted at earlier, we get Laura Kuenssberg.

Do I really need to say any more ??

Please help by spreading word of this site.

Thankyou for looking in.

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