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Whilst You Were Busy Worrying.

Now then, everyone in the country is busy worrying about the consequences and effects of the virus. Not much else occupies the minds of the population. Time and again the news channels feed us the carefully vetted info that we base our everyday lives upon.

Those daily briefings where a politician is flanked by two carefully chosen "experts" have become central to how we conduct ourselves the following day. Most people don't actually understand the figures that are put forward, in truth, those figures are heavily spun anyway, much like the unemployment figures are. The whole thing is nothing but carefully managed theatre, how else can you explain some of the massive gaffes that have regularly taken place. For those briefings to carry any degree of actuality they should be given by senior business people because they are the ones who will ultimately decide when the country reopens, the likes of Tim Martin etc. Good eh?

So, here's the thing. The Govt has not been switched off for the last month or so. There is other business to be attended to. Would you expect them to act in a proper and civilised manner due to what is going on? Would you reasonably expect them to ease up on putting the boot into the lower classes or suspend any assaults on already paper thin workers rights etc?

Maybe take the foot off the austerity accelerator? If we had a proper humane Govt that would indeed be a quite humane course to take.

Here's something the Tories have sneaked through under cover of their appalling handling of the crisis.

They have shoved through a 15% cut to fire service funding. This is a shocking development at any time, let alone during a huge crisis that is threatening every single one of us. Any thoughts of implementing such drastic measures really should have been put on hold until we can have the huge collective sigh of relief that we are now starting to actually dream about. Its now Two years since the appalling Grenfell tragedy. The machinations of the causes of that still rumble on. As you will recall the Govt tried to lay the blame at the feet of the Firefighters. As usual. See how long it is until they imply blame onto the NHS staff. Lets not even think about their pay.

As for these brutal fire service cuts, didn't hear much about this on the news did you? Why would that be? The Cold Ghost (Mrs May) stated that austerity was over. Well, I disagree. Cutting back the funding for our protection from fire and all those other things that firefighters undertake is for no other reason than to save cash at the expense of lives, along the lines of scrimping on PPE in hospitals by ignoring WHO ratings for such stuff. It is a common theme. Next time parts of the UK flood, due to houses being built on flood plains and becoming problematic long after the developers have fled with their profits, who will be called upon to carry out duties they are not actually obliged to do?

You can rest assured the fire engines will indeed roll up and perform miracles. Again, these are the people the Govt looked to blame at Grenfell.

Let me just sharpen the focus on the relentless assault on the fire services that this Govt has been operating for a whole decade. The current cut is 15%, between 2010 and 2015 the cuts equalled 30%. Thus since 2010 the fire service has been subjected to cuts in the region of 45%. We all saw the reports on the telly, adding up to less stations, less engines, less crew members to staff them. We saw film of what were actually some sort of converted transit van with equipment crammed inside. The FBU and others warned us. Now we are seeing the scalpel plunged ever deeper into our ongoing safety. Homes burn, people burn, businesses burn. Huge amounts of money in bank accounts does not. There is no getting away from it, we are in a life or death class war. We are losing.

Worse, much worse is to come. After the crisis the Govt is going to want all that money back. Or, more to the point their megga rich city exec masters are. They announce all these financial support measure like they are reaching out the hand of kindness. If you really accept this then you are a fool. They will batter the usual victims, the forthcoming financial crash will make 2008 seem like a picnic. Nobody can, or even seems to want to, try and impede them. As usual the ones who exist but do not live will carry the heaviest can known in history. The ones at the very top of the social tree of importance will escape relatively untouched. This you will see in Wetherspoons pubs where poorly paid youngsters will be running about serving crap food and pints. Certain groups will talk about how successfully those staff are being organised and unionised. Well, what is the point of that if six weeks later they are becoming too ill to breath unaided?

Blunt I know, also entirely possible. Martin and his disgusting like will put profits first.

Thanks for looking in, please help by passing this stuff on.

Society not Economy.

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