At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us

Who Needs Evidence?

Been a huge week in many ways. One that will actually go down in history and not be forgotten for a very long time indeed. Not because of the usual political machinations, which have slowly but surely become more and more extreme.

Something huge changed in the very fabric of that which constitutes Democracy in the United Kingdom.

When you think about it, it seemed almost impossible to put recent events in the shade.

Cambridge Analytica, Salisbury and Brexit being just three almost "run of the mill" stories for the right wing media (which is most of the media in the UK) to play with.

This is what Parliament is now for.

It would take something almost miraculous to make those things look unimportant, well, yesterday that happened. I woke up to the shattering news that the UK has unleashed £800,000 bombs upon peasants out in the East. To say this got to me would be a huge understatement. It left me feeling very cold and demoralised.

Several reasons for that, main one being that it is still my belief that decent humans have far too much respect for other humans to do such a terrible thing. But, that is just my personal view. Who am I to talk like that? I will tell you who I am to talk like that, I member of the British electorate. Via a very long chain of democratic process I own a part of any decisions taken in our political HQ- Parliament. Or do I?

Every now and then we trudge along to ballot boxes and cast our votes. That is a huge privilege and one which people died for. One which, in far away lands people are dying for now. Nothing equals the value of that which we take for granted every single day. It gives us the right to have an opinion, enables our society to evolve in the right direction, and separates us from the cruel dictatorships which blight humanity. Or, does it?

It is easy to point at the likes of North Korea and speak with furrowed brow about how awful they are, how they rule by fear, how they ignore their populations . How they survive without bothering to involve the millions of people enduring sub standard existences. Actually, that view can be taken regarding the very people who endured "targeted and precise" bombing yesterday morning. Lets us pause here and compare oranges with oranges.

Remember This?

The UK could up until now be proud that it practises democracy correctly, with long, complicated but well established political mechanisms, which have been enshrined for centuries. You do not have to be a very keen political advocate to know this. It starts to seep into your young brain as soon as you can read write and watch the telly. Fair enough it also fetches with it life long differences with those who you may well agree with on just about every other life subject. That is the whole point though, to allow and indeed foster differing opinions, which then go into the melting pout, cool, and a result comes out which usually contains something for everyone. This is why I can sit and chat with anyone form any political tribe, hear what they have to say, consider, and make my own mind up. All rather grown up is it not?

So we elect our MPs, and expect them to do just that which I have outlined above. Thing is, on Saturday 14th April that died. We were smashed in the face with an awful example of ignoring the population, to the sickening degree of sending RAF bombers to deposit their pay loads upon a Sovereign country out East.

The current Government of the UK removed Democratic process from their thought train. Ignored it, not only that, the PM has since appeared on our screens and brazenly ignored questions as to why they did this. She is not bothered in the least by this massive and unforgivable insult to the democracy of this once fine country.

Oranges with oranges. North Korea, not democratic. When did they last bomb another sovereign country? Just for balance, the UK has not done it since yesterday.

Television news in NK, state controlled and used to brainwash the people?

I draw your attention to our very own state controlled brainwashing mechanism, the BBC, do I really need to say much more? And that is saying nothing of our appalling print media. Owned and run by Billionaires with off shore accounts and dodging taxes. Everyday profit from political bias and then hiding away the profits for a rainy day.

Democracy in the UK is now run by those with no connection to the people on the street, no intentions of making themselves accountable, no idea of honesty or morals.

I have always been content with our political systems, and often tell those with points to make (that I do not agree with)that they can, every now and again, help to shape the nation to become the way they want it to be.

Cry for the Nations.

I cannot honestly say that now. We are now ruled by a very small executive of extremely well off people. The sort of people who promise to fight "burning injustices" and then slither away to plot in secret, and execute their plans in secret to the very best of their ability. This particular "executive" is regularly rebuked in The House for giving out incorrect figures, also known as lying. What happens, they do it again. What then happens, they smirk and await the next time they can do it. Along the way, they waste time during debates to ensure that only the stuff they want to happen happens.

The Government crossed a huge line yesterday. They stuck Two fingers up to the population of he United Kingdom. In the process they subjected the population of Syria to some actual "burning injustice". Even Mr Blair did actually consult with Parliament.

It should not be forgotten that Cameron sent the RAF on bombing runs without consultation, which shows that in reality, this is not a Theresa May thing, it is a Tory DNA thing. No Tory can EVER be trusted to do he right thing. They can neither be expected to realise the error, for to them , it is not an error. What ever the topic, no Tory can ever accept the concept of the being in the wrong.

The Cold Ghost

These sleazy, corrupt, dishonest, self serving, arrogant , cold, cash driven charlatans have removed a fundamental right from the likes of me and you. The right to own our futures and those of our children. They are working frantically to remove another one, the right to reasonable health care if you are not well off. A house went long ago.

So, look around, hear the political conversations at bus stops or at work, because, you are highly unlikely to hear them were they matter.

Salisbury, Rail Franchises, Accidentally buying luxury apartments, breakfast clubs at schools,Sure Start Centres, In Work Benefits, all examples of things which will not be heard in Parliament.

I have not even touched upon International Law breaches.

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