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Who to Believe?

Now then, I am finding the wealth of different accounts of the Douma situation all very depressing. Everything has become so very polarised. I live on the side of a hill in South Yorkshire, and like everyone else I depend upon input from various sources to be able to form my opinions. That is where the problems begin.

I do not have any direct links with Douma or any where else in that region. I do have a keen interest in world politics, and a deep hatred of hostile military actions. Therefore the Douma thing occupies my mind a lot. I do not suppose there are many in the UK who have not been subjected to the saturation coverage of this whole sorry episode.

There are so many differing accounts of what has gone on there that it is nigh on impossible to be able to confident about the actuality. The future of more than one Government outside of the Middle East is on the line. This really should ensure that the information that we are fed is at the very least up to date, let alone based in truth.

There is no way that is actually the case, so, if like me you are an ordinary UK resident what do you do?

The Whole Truth?

How many times has that infamous video of children being hosed down been shown around the globe? How many differing views of the authenticity of it have been aired?

What is the actual truth of it? How the hell are we supposed to keep our faith in that which we are being told?

Probably best to dispense with the usual sources for your thought provoking news about developments. No point me singling out any particular strand of our news providers here. They are mostly the same now, and print media is just a joke. I really do not understand why people part with money to but it.

Regarding Douma, I would suggest using the Internet and conducting your own research. Even that is not straight forward, the Net is now falling under the spell of Governments and cannot fully be trusted. All part of manipulating the thought processes of the masses. I have sat this morning and carried out a simple analysis of the timeline of events. These are hard facts and are not in dispute. Please do he same yourselves.

If we jump in the Tardis and go back one week from today we see that the OPCW stated that it intended to visit Douma and carry out a full and proper investigation. Absolutely great news. Here was a golden opportunity to remove any doubts or politically biased interpretations, just cold hard facts for us all to mull over. This date being April 10th.

The next day the President of the USA takes it upon himself to announce to the waiting world (of which he sees himself as the undisputed champion) that "the missiles are coming". Make your own minds up about that. I would assume that Mr President was fully aware of the OPCW intention to go in and cut through the media fog and reveal the reality hidden beneath. You do not have to be very sharp to figure out that the only sensible course was to wait for the OPCW to do its stuff.

Like the UN, utterly impotent

This brings us then to April 14th and indeed the missiles arrived. Via the hands of the USA, France and the UK. This is four days after the OPCW announcement. I really do have no interest in your political leaning, it is not relevant at times like this. Does all this not seem a little odd to you? is it just me that sees this as being enormously strange?

FOUR days, what was the rush about? I absolutely see no logical reason for not pausing.

Fair enough there may be stuff we are not aware of, but FOUR DAYS. I struggle to get beyond this when trying to see the side of those who seek to validate the actions of the those who delivered the bombs.

There is ofcourse always the possibility that those orchestrating the hostile military action had something to hide, that they rushed ahead in an attempt to destroy that which would incriminate themselves. Again, my pondering such an "off the wall" scenario is caused by the total lack of anything like acceptable coverage to this point.

Now jump forward to yesterday, April 16th. Something appears, not on any news channel, but on the Net. The Net has many down sides, however, it does enable things like this to happen. It really is easy to see why Governments are mobilising to nullify the effects it can have on populations.

Trumps reservist air force?

A report surfaces from a journalist. Not your ordinary run of the mill tabloid hunting empty shell of a journalist, the sort we are now all so familiar with. This bloke is highly regarded across the world. Has won many international awards, he has been Foreign Reporter of the Year SEVEN times. This is not Kay Burley or some other puppet.

Robert Fisk is an expert on the Middle East. Fisk Bio

Mr Fisk fetches us an account of how it really is in Douma. Walks around freely, speaks with the locals, goes literally underground to reveal to us a world of tunnels and stockpiled weapons and the detritus of terrorism. Most importantly he speaks with a Dr from THAT hospital. His report shows us just how wrong the stuff we have previously been fed actually is. There will be many arrogant people in high places becoming a little twitchy over this.

It is becoming common now here in the UK for anyone who speaks out about their doubts regarding the current narrative regarding this to be classed as an "Assad Apologist". Is it me, or has the basis upon which truth and lies has up to now been judged upon moved quite dramatically? That Report

Chillingly , last night Israel hit a base upon which there were Russian military personnel.

The pot is very definitely boiling up.

I suggest you do not watch any of our news channels if you wish to stay reliably informed about developments.

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