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Why all the fuss?

Now then, Cambridge Analytica is top of the news. Takes our minds of the dodgy events in Salisbury I suppose. All this personal data stuff seems to be all the rage at the moment, with good old Facebook heavily involved.

I deleted FB a long time ago because I did not like the way they obviously made pots of money from our personal stuff. That would not be so bad if they asked first, but I have no time for anyone who does it on the sly. Also, I got fed up of the same old stuff, news that people had banged their toe on the door or had a tattoo just did not cut it for me. Basically it has become like a universal diary for bored 14 year olds, so off my gadgets it went. I have not missed it in the least.

At this point it is only right to give Channel 4 news a great big pat on the back. For far too long this sort of investigative journalism has been sadly absent from our flat screen plasmas. Very well done to them for showing up the BBC for what it really is, nothing but a PR outlet for the Tory party.

So, this awesome bit of journalism has highlighted a new trend for elections etc to be the province of sharp eyed executives who seize upon the chance to make a few million quid. Where is the surprise in that ? Some of the reactions border on hysterical. I have to point out that this is not America, I seem to be doing that a lot just lately. Things that work over there will not necessarily work over here in the UK.

Maybe it is more to do with my age, but I just do not buy into all this hysterical screaming that greedy execs organising the posting of messages on social media brainwashes us into voting in different ways. Are we really to believe that some people who initially intend to vote one way will go home, switch on the PC read a message and go out and vote in a completely different way ?

Ofcourse this whole idea suits a lot of people, namely those who have lost votes on just about anything. All of a sudden it is down to "corruption", from the USA presidential election to our GE to Brexit, it was because of what is basically advertising. Let me ask a question here, what is the difference between a message on a screen and a leaflet through the door ? Answer likely being it is cheaper to send a message on social media.

There are already a torrent of Remainers on SM this morning raving about how corrupt the ref was, last week it was because it was advisory, the week before it was all based on lies, week before it was because most people were too thick to understand, week before that it was because all those who did not vote really meant to vote remain! I wonder what it will be next week?

I have to say all of the above paragraph quite likely has some merit to it, point I am trying to make is the sheer hysteria in it all, any straw will be clutched at and screamed from the rooftops.

Lets step back for a second, the current flavour of the month is to demonise Russia. Latest wheeze is to make ominous noises based around them NOT using a nerve agent to NOT hospitalise 40 people in sleepy Salisbury. It will not be long before they are blamed for Brexit, our GE, and the Presidential election. Lets be honest, the USA election campaign is just a tad ridiculous without the interference of anyone. I find it all very demoralising, the way it comes across on our television coverage makes me wonder why any of them are allowed out of the house. This worries me greatly due to the fact that Cameron has very definitely sent us along the same route with his "tabloid" approach to winning. Sadly I fear that is a trend we will never be rid of.

Anyway, all this makes me wonder about what exactly people base their voting intentions upon? If it really is about tweets etc then I am well and truly behind the times, I prefer to think it is about policies,not cheap advert type screen messages, or, preferably honesty and well delivered verbal messages. Obviously I am wrong.

I will post again tomorrowish, unless I get a message from some Russian who is bored in the salt mine canteen so he sends me a message instructing me that I am risking the future of the entire human race by doing so.

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