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Why so Smug?

All of a sudden the Maybot seems quits smug about everything. A few weeks back she was even more worn out looking than usual, Johnson and co were dragging her towards the cliff edge and she seemed positively doomed. Her party was lurching from one disaster to another, Green and his pervy habits whilst at work just about summed it up. Needless to say he survives to "practise" another day, mainly due to the precarious majority they currently have. He is not the only one, but I cannot be bothered to run through them all, and anyway his sordid case is more than enough.

So why all of a sudden does she seem so smug about it all? It is not as though she has given birth to some winning policy that can reverse the revulsion felt on the street about her and her brutal ideas. This was demonstrated by that ridiculous scene in some Scottish Cow barn. Even the cows looked utterly bemused by it all. Since that PR disaster she has "toured" the country, in secret ofcourse, if it had been publicised she would have been treated to a reception rivalling that of Man City at Anfield.

So, why so smug all ,of a sudden?

Salisbury brought her some breathing space, nice huge dead cat to deflect away from her hugely infuriating polices. They are now quite clever at burying huge things, usually on the last day of the week or just before a recess. Along with that out and out lying is becoming the norm, They battered Angela Rayner for her condemnation of the inhumane taking away of free school meals from 160 00 impoverished children , they said she was utterly wrong and that it was a falsehood to say such incorrect things. Well well,shortly after this the IFS popped up and stated that indeed 160 000 poor kids would indeed be robbed of a hot meal. I have yet to see the Tories accuse them as they did AR, though it would not surprise me if they did.

Want to tell her NO?

From a distance it easy to spot that the Tories want anything but policies in the sharp focus of the public.

So, this sudden smugness, why, who is responsible and what is it based upon?

Being anti Russian is the current flavour. You do not have to dwell for long to figure out who that suits, remember the vomit inducing hand holding incident? I have to wonder if he whispered a few sweet nothings in her ear (does she in some way remind him of a certain Stormy girl?). As soon as Salisbury took place I thought there is no way that is a Russian operation. If it had have been it would have been faultless, clinical and precise. That incident in sleepy Salisbury was none of that. My personal view, our secret services are every bit as efficient as the Russian Bear, Just what exactly has the Maybot promised in return for the crumbs off Agent Oranges table? Draw your own conclusions. I think the Yanks are behind it.

Seems to me that as well as the USA, certain other well placed and powerful people will be trembling at the thought of the UK being lead by someone who openly states his intention to turn the world of politics upside down by giving it back to the people, you know, open and honest Social Democracy. There are groups of Billionaires across the globe who will be colluding to discredit JC at every turn. They live in fear of tax havens being shut down, of operations being launched to trace "dirty money", so, the picture starts to clear. Reasons to see why so many untrue smears and accusations are flying around are quite obvious really. Lord Sugar personifies it. He has nothing to gain if JC gatecrashes Downing Street but plenty to gain if the Maybot remains.

Cheap bit of kit. Cheap bloke.

A good move by anyone wanting to subvert the natural order of UK politics is to corner the media. Up to now the Tories have done this very well indeed. Cameron started placing people into high up positions in the BBC, much of the tabloid press is right wing and immoral, think Murdoch and Dacre and the picture clears even more.

Mr Steve Bannon entered the fray, giving hints and tips to our Tory friends. Typical of them to recruit a racist.His finger prints are all over much of the current Tory output. The media in the UK at the moment is dominated and owned by the right wing. This is a very powerful weapon for them, or would be if were handled correctly. Thing is, it is not being handled that well at all. Cracks are forming. Even Sky news has shown signs of breaking away and mining for truth. The Salisbury fiasco has tired even them. They have been placed in a no win situation, if they continue their unrequited love for the Maybot they compromise themselves as a news reporting organisation. Not an easy choice, but one they are having to make every single day just lately. The BBC are a lost cause. Forget them, there are plenty of other channels.

FaceBook and Google, two more powerful weapons, ones that are starting to pay a heavy price of all this American style ignorance of the truth. Throw in Cambridge Analytica and the picture is now becoming very clear. This is the garbage that has produced the sordid and disgraced BBC and the likes of Dacre. The public are wising up though. This is NOT America, it is starting to show on the street.

Thankfully, now just a bad memory.

All this smugness seems to be based upon ever shakier foundations, Bannon is used to barking our orders and seeing them executed perfectly, therein lays the problem. Our Tory friends keep messing up. Not surprising with the likes of jumped up school bully Gavin Williamson being allowed near microphones.

The water we now swim within.

So, we have the who and we have the why, and we have the how.

The Speaker of The House has pulled them up a few times now, they have been officially rebuked, lies are being spotted, untruths being highlighted. May shouted across the Chamber during a PMQs that "we will never let it happen" about a Socialist party leading the UK. She misses a rather important point, it will not be them and their corrupt and greedy friends who make that decision.

Let it Roll, let it roll.

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