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Worse than Magpies.

Here we go, the airwaves are starting to buzz with a new found crackling energy, the messages are of light and hope, trumpeting the beginning of the end of the worst period in our modern history. Beaming smiles and upbeat narratives from news channel presenters and reporters everywhere. Tonight our glorious leader (here in the UK) is to hold a news conference at which he will release the great news to the beleaguered public. Smiles, guffaws, an all round collective pat on the back to everyone who has contributed so heroically. The Government will expertly ride the wave.

Many questions are currently unanswered, even unasked regarding the vaccines that are about to be distributed to all and sundry. Before we go any further I should point out that I am likely to be near the front of the queue due to long term life threatening conditions. I thought long and hard regarding the rights and wrongs of actually having a dose, however, on balance, it is my personal view that NOT being vaccinated will put others at risk. I do not believe in doing that so my arm will be pricked. That does NOT mean that I class anyone with deep enough reservations to prefer to skip the vaccine as an anti vaxxer lunatic (though there are far too many of those) , having a dose is a deeply personal choice and to my mind nobody should be quick to jump upon those who see wisdom in waiting for a while.

As for the upcoming wave of ebullient proclamations I request that we stop for a few minutes and ponder one or two things. Serious things. Damning things.

From the start right up until today the Govt has demonstrated that the only thing that motivates them is raiding vast amounts of cash from anyone that they can. They have put on the most devastatingly appalling display of greed you could ever have imagined prior to Covid. Certain instances both beggar belief and also have served to cause the UK to become known across the entire globe as the most corrupt country on the face of the planet. This piece will require you to google one or two things, the first one being "Exercise Cygnus". Now lets remind ourselves of one or two things.

NIGHTINGALE A shockingly ill thought out PR exercise that has cost the public many millions of pounds. IKEA style partitions hurriedly erected inside conference centres and the like in an effort to show the public that things were in hand, decisive and well targeted action instigated to reassure the UK public that whatever Covid threw at us the answers were ready and waiting. We got to see Hancock beaming at the cameras, flinging out his shallow bull to the gushing reporters. The whole thing has stood largely idle and the number of patients who have troubled the non existent staff is more than enough to warrant instant dismissal of all concerned with causing this sorry state of affairs to exist. You can mitigate things, you can water down the truth, however, the truth will always exist, there can be no escaping this horrendous stain on the UK Govt.

A small Turkish T shirt company. Stunningly an Email from a Turkish T shirt salesman led to a contract being awarded to them to provide the UK with huge amounts of PPE. Needless to say the stuff they indeed supplied was rubbish. Expensive rubbish. That episode delayed the actual provision of suitable PPE and will, without question, have contributed to unnecessary deaths on wards around the UK. More than likely including the deaths of our truly heroic NHS employees. Super qualified savers of lives. DEAD due to high ranking ineptitude and that strain of pure greed that runs through Tory DNA.

Just a little aside to the above, those NHS staff have to pay to park when thy go to work, I wonder how many of those cars have not been moved due to their owners actually being DEAD ? Why is this episode not mentioned any more ?

LOCKDOWN Well the thing is we never actually had one. Maybe I have misunderstood what that word actually means. I see no lockdown existing if the airports are open, so, can anyone enlighten me and tell me for how many days our airports have been closed to incoming and outgoing travellers ? America is undergoing a total meltdown re Covid, the numbers across the pond are staggering, it shows no sign of abating. All we can do from here is wish them well and hope that Biden pushes the buttons that Trump chose not to. I have to ask though, how many Americans got off planes in the UK and sauntered though without being inconvenienced by a health check ? We all know about the antics of Cummings and the likes of the highly corrupt Jenrick. Why are they and their like exempted from high level legal actions ?

Remember The Cheltenham Festival going ahead and boosting infections in the region for a long time after, please google "MP for Newmarket".

BUSINESS Where do I start with this one ? I could write an entire book about the appalling mentality that has showed itself via the way the Govt has given away vast amounts of OUR cash. I will pick out two individuals to illustrate my point.

BRANSON He owns an island and operates spacecraft. His was one of the loudest voices screaming for huge financial assistance. The Govt gave it to him. I have grown increasingly fed up of hearing representatives of the airline industry screaming throughout the pandemic. One company, that being easyJet, was awarded a bailout as they were making a dividend payment to shareholders. Well, my honest view re airlines is this, the aviation industry will never go bankrupt. Companies within it may well do, however those aircraft and those routes and licenses will still exist. They will still represent clear opportunities for mountains of profit to be made. Do you really think it would take very long for others to fill the gaps and for things to carry on merrily along?

MARTIN The boss of Wetherspoons. A particularly loud voice at the outset who actually invited all of his staff to go work at Asda rather then face having to pay them through the furlough scheme. Again, the Govt rushed to give him our cash. This bloke clearly could not give a toss about the country or helping out his staff in the time of the direst of needs. He would not accept that having people into his average pubs to eat below average food could possibly constitute a health risk. He would, if he had been allowed to, have carried on regardless. Had his staff exposed to god knows how many infected people on a daily basis just to keep the tills ringing. If any one represents all that is wrong with the psyche of the vulture capitalists of the UK it is the above mentioned pair of cash driven ghouls. How can they walk amongst us ?

So, just a tiny snapshot of the antics of the current ultra hard right UK Govt. There are plenty more examples that are shameful and have contributed to the death toll. The Govt has seen to it that the figures you are exposed to are massively downplayed. Just think of the Care Homes fiasco and you will get my drift. Think about Dido Harding and all the other mates of the Tories who have been ridiculously given millions for nothing.

I mention "ebullient proclamations" above. I don't suppose we will get many of those down the back streets of inner cities where parents are besides themselves because they don't see how they can get through Christmas and look after the kids properly. From households who face eviction because furlough pay has caused them to fall into rent arrears. From the single parent mums who have seen the food bank swamped. From the nurse who comes home after a 19 hour shift during which a colleague ebbed away in ICU and opens the door to an empty fridge. From the children who fall asleep with hunger pangs whilst listening to mum crying.

So, the wave of enthusiastic optimism will be started by the media. I am appalled by the state of the UK these days. The media is now a control tool for the Govt. The usual suspects will trot out the usual Tory PR. The usual suspects will continue to die.

I really do hope that the sun shines, that winter pressures ease. That the new normal arrives in concert with sighs of relief right across this once green and pleasant land. As long as the UK is ruled by such callous thieves and ghouls I rather doubt that the ordinary people on the streets stand much of a chance. Benefit cuts, rising numbers of homeless, widespread poverty and misery, these are the old normal that will morph into the new normal.

Magpies are the hooligans of the bird world. By instinct they wreck and take any and everything they see, even when they don't actually need it, even when it serves no actual purpose. It is too easy to dislike Magpies. However, it is their nature. They know no better. Their instinct drives them. Full grown adult humans are not like that. When they wreck and thieve and pillage it is by conscious choice. Tories are worse than Magpies.

Thanks for looking in, please help by spreading word for me.

Society not Economy.

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