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Yet Another Tory Thief. Zahawi.

The headline above is bad enough. However this particular arrogant Tory thief has opted to follow his Tory DNA by shamelessly cashing in on the pandemic. At a time when millions are worried beyond belied this particular Tory thief has set his brain to the task of scheming a way to make money out of suffering by actively taking measures to line the pockets of him and his family.

Family, a thing which is critically under extreme pressure just at the minute. Many hundreds of thousands of families are bearing the brunt of losing loved ones, worrying about the children or older relatives. Families in fear, families in debt, families on the edge. All over the entire globe the stresses of living in mortal fear are obvious for all to see. The UK Government has not performed at all well through this seemingly never ending nightmare. The misery shows no signs of abating.

The current UK Govt is supposed to be offering hope, supposed to be taxing its collective brainpower to the absolute limits. The long list of cronyism and utter ineptitude includes massive errors such as ordering the wrong PPE from inexperienced mates of the Tories, ignoring the glaring problems outlined by Exercise Cygnus, keeping our airports open whilst the rest of the world openly refers to us as "Plague Island".

In other words the Tories have lots of form when it comes to sticking their snouts in the trough of public money. I wonder how many of them have had and will have the more expensive Pfizer vaccine ? Obviously me and you wont be getting it.

We have , in recent months had to endure the likes of Jenrick being caught red handed siphoning contracts to a mate of his and not giving a flying toss on any level. Not only that, his privileged bosses within his privileged party compounded this by also not giving a flying toss. Think Harding and the massively expensive and useless test and trace fiasco. Sadly, i'm only scratching the surface here.

So, how was it possible to drag things down to an even lower low. Well, Nadhim Zahawi appears to used his intelligence to find a way. Now, Zahawi has not (as yet) done anything illegal. I have to make a point here. At the time of a global pandemic, one which is killing tens of thousands of UK citizens should a Tory minister really be acting in this way ? Before you think about answering that perfectly reasonable question please consider this, Zahawi once claimed about £5K in expenses to heat the stables on his estate ! Maybe it's just me, I see that sort of behaviour as grounds for throwing anyone out of UK politics. MPs are rightly expected to set certain standards. Unless your a greedy Tory it seems.

What he has done now is , via his family, form a medical company. It should be keenly remembered here that he is currently the Vaccines Minister. Given that grand title why the hell should his family be even entertaining the idea of forming a medical company ?

Just exactly where does the arrogance and bare faced cheek come from that could possibly trigger such an appalling concept ? Well, as stated above it comes from the same place that the idea of claiming to heat the stables on ones estate comes from.

Pure, self interested , greedy , arrogant, Tory DNA.

This individual once claimed 30 odd pence for paper clips, 53p for a hole punch, 63p for ballpoint pens, 89p for a stapler etc, it goes on and on. This super arrogant individual has a house in London worth £13.75 Million and owns property worth over £25 Million.

He ladies and Gentleman is a graphic example of the ultra hard right Victorian attitude and utter contempt that runs straight through the middle of Tory DNA.

Shame on him and his silver spoon family, those who work with him, those who support him, and those who voted his sort into the offices they currently defile.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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